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there is a problem within the team with team lead, 2 guys the left the company by fighting with him with manager approval just before 2 months of my resignation . but am not involved with them for any issues and i am quite calm and working nicely & with team lead. now i got offer from and good company. I told to My manager that i need quit but my manager blaming me that i also joined with guys who left the company and to take revange with TL doing this.. is not acceptable and said he will not accept my resignation. but any way i requested him but at the end i applied resignation sent mail to manager and hr. but they have not replied from past 5 days. Is there any clause to make me forcely to work continue. Team please suggest..
In Addition to above.. I have served 60 days notice period as per my appointment order. Team Please suggest me how to proceed further to get relieved properly from the company.
Give a leeter in writing. If they are not accepting, send the same with a covering note that Since they are not accepting, you are forced to send the same by registered post Send by registered post addressed to HR and a copy to your Manager
But wait for another five days Ask your Manager Thay normally react to put pressure. After some time, they will reconcile to the fact
They also take such opportunities to projevt to Top that salary levels are low and need corrections
I do not think you should rush to any action atleast for next ten days. Keep politely reminding your manager

Hi Sivasankaran,

Thanks for the suggestion & Appreciated ... i will wait for some days for the response.

These are the things are bugging me and giving worried, Please read with patience to understand my concern.

1) Since Other Team mates left the company because of the Team Lead and they escalated to Manager the same and to HR. But Manager could not solve their problems as well as they don't have other project to push them into and agreed them to leave the company within the notice period time one guy for 55 days and another guy for 40 days even though their notice period is 90 days.

2) My Interview phase time i got the Job Description for the position is completely relevant to my experience, so that i got impressed and joined the company, but my team lead with planned he was giving me the work related with my experience to do in internal test lab where it is not related with Customer, and he was requesting all to support for until 2 yrs since the project is critical, after some time T.L & Manager offered for other project i agreed and forwarded the resume to manager but some how, they did not get the project.

3) Unfortunate thing is My Manager is involved with so many project, so he trusted the Team Lead and he don't know what is going on in my team, work wise and issues wise... only because of other guys fighting he came to know the internal issues. Team Lead is giving false information to Manager. All they fighted through Mails by keeping all team mates in CC. So Manager got irritated and relived them early, i think.

4) Who has problems and reasoned for the issues they left the company without any issues... Where i did not involved any where, but they are giving problem to me now by not accepting my resignation.

5) I have send resignation through E-Mail to Manager and CC to HR. Is it enough or do i need to convey in different way ???

6) In my resignation E-Mail i have added like this (As per our contractual agreement (2 Months) kindly consider my notice period with effect from June 08, 2012 to August 08' 2012 and kindly releave me on or before August 08' 2012.)

is this enough to inform regarding my relieving date.

7) In the Notice Period do i need to support for work since the manager is not replied to my final schedule work/ transition tasks to my resignation. My Concern is if i do work in case any issues will arise they may blame me that i did voluntarily.

Please Advise.

In continuation to above:
(2nd Point - adjustment) Interview Phase time given Job Description is System Administration and Networking relevant to my experience, but the project is application support which is completely not related with my experience and in this environment i am not at all interested and comfortable. After 7to8 months i came to know that My current position is not what it was represented to be during the interview phase. I have the mail proof.

MY TL guy is planed is avoided us to meet My Manager frequently, Every thing i use to report to TL and even i don't have any escalation and complaints but I do not have good and healthy relation with manager, looks they are not co-operate with my resignation. I have served My notice period as per my appointment order 60 days and even i am ready for 90 days in case they say as per company policy. But they are not replying to me... I am completely not interested to work in this company because of wrong profile and cheap politics of TL and i don't have trust on the Manager and the people, Could any kind hearted person .. Please suggest me how can i proceed further. My New Company HR is following me for resignation acceptance mail to be forwarded. Please suggest....
In Addition:
After i sent Resignation mail to Manager & CC to HR... HR just spoke with me face2face telling that she will speak with me after some time. But next day i tried to meet her she said she is busy with work and she herself will call me. But not happening..
Can i Ask for Resignation Acceptance to HR OR Manager ???? is it advisable or do i need to keep on follow with Manager & HR to get resignation acceptance.
Please advise...

Can i Ask for Resignation Acceptance to HR OR Manager Through MAIL???? is it advisable or do i need to keep on follow with Manager & HR to get resignation acceptance. Please advise...
I spoke to My Manager.. He is said that.. They have informed to Sales team to speak with customer whether they can replace the candidate for filling the place. in case customer accepts then they will accept my resignation otherwise my resignation will not be accepted and he said as of now my resignation status is "NOT ACCEPTED" and he asked me to come and meet next week for the update.

Please advise how to proceed further. I am serving company notice period and that to am not project dependent resource only for them head count and revenue is the point. I lost my interest to work in this company. i got good work profile in new company and i need quit. Please advise me in proper way.

In case they don't accept until their project runs then i could not relived it seems, some situations if the company lost the project they will terminate the employees by paying settlements there employees are taking risk.."IS IT". I dont understand on which basis they can hold me and forcefully can make to continue.

Please advice me professionally and legally to quit the company by receiving all documents properly from the company.

Please.. give me suggestions.

As I keep saying you need to wait patiently. Such pressure tactics are used by most of the bosses who are not very professional.
Legally when you give your resignation letter, you have given notice and you need to be relieved on the close of business hours.
They will keep you on tenderhooks for 70 days and very close to the close, they will tell you.
Do not make any mistake at this point of time. Keep documents of what you do.
Be very patient as they are testing your patience. This is very old pressurising tactic they are adopting. The man with patience wins

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