Dear all
I have query, we in process of finalizing the Agreement with union for 3 yrs. this is the 1st time we are doing the same. Now what i want to know is if both the parties are agreed with terms and conditions of the agreement and it is signed.
1) Does this agreement has to be registered ?
2) Do we have to involve conciliation officer ( Labour commissioner ) ?
3) If we do not involve him will this agreement will be sham and fake ?
4) and if what after 1 yr workers and ask for changes in the terms and conditions. ? Can Management refuse to do so ?
17th May 2012 From India

Manager (ir&legal)
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Dear Sir,
Thanks for your reply, but my 1 question remained unanswered that is if the agreement is settle between union and employer then do we have to registered the same with registrar office.
Is it mandatory ?
18th May 2012 From India
Dear Mr.Prahant If you read the Industrial Disputes Act you will notice that the Act does not refer to the registration of the settlements under this Act. With regards
19th May 2012 From India, Madras
No there is no need to get it registered from registrar office however you will send a copy of settlement/agreement to Conciliation Officer/Labour Commissioner of your area.
17th July 2013 From India, New Delhi
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