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Please tell the foll. definition refers to which training method from below:
development of awareness and sensitivity to behavioural patterns of oneself and others refers to
(A) In-Basket (B) Case study
(C) Management games (D) T-Group

From India, Madras


1) In-Basket Exercise: - Also known as In-tray method of training. The trainee is presented with a pack of papers & files in a tray containing administrative problems & is asked to take decisions on these problems & are asked to take decisions on these within a stipulated time. The decisions taken by the trainees are compared with one another. The trainees are provided feedback on their performance.

2)Cases: - present an in depth description of a particular problem an employee might encounter on the job. The employee attempts to find and analyze the problem, evaluate alternative courses of action & decide what course of action would be most satisfactory.

3) Management Games: - The game is devised on a model of a business situation. The trainees are divided into groups who represent the management of competing companies. They make decisions just like these are made in real-life situations. Decisions made by the groups are evaluated & the likely implications of the decisions are fed back to the groups. The game goes on in several rounds to take the time dimension into account.

4) T-group:- It is a technique of off the job training methods. It is a group experience designed to provide maximum opportunity for the individuals to expose their behaviour, give and take feedback and experience new behaviour and develop awareness about self and others. The t- group training is also known as several names such as sensitivity training, action training, human capacity movement, group dynamics, and awareness expertise and as forth.



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