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Thread Started by #drs123

My previous company was closed 2 yrs ago and i am not touch with anyone from there.Since 2 yrs i am working in another company, now got a very good offer.
Will there be prob in background verification in TCS.
I have the appointment and relieving letter though and last 3 months payslips.And, if someone goes there and verify , the locals can confirm there was a small company there , till 2010.
Pls reply asap.Not able to decide whether put down my papers in the current company and proceed further or not!!!
I have heard TCS and Accenture does too much of verification compared to others.
Looking forward for your genuine advices and replies .
24th February 2012 From India
No need to worry if your previous employment is genuine and the company is not a letterhead company.Even is it is a fake company you will
provided with the time to justify your employment.Form 16,PF No.,Salary slips will help you in this regard.If you have the confidence in you put you papers and go ahead...
All d best.
25th February 2012 From India
Hi Mathi,
Thanks for the response, but i dont understand what do u mean by a letter head company?
And, we used to get cash in envelope , never had any form 16 concept.It was a small fir of 50 ppl.
Any issues?
Thanks ,
25th February 2012 From India
Kindly anyhow get the contact no. (either landline / mobile ) of your Supervisor / Reporting Manager or Owner of that closed company. Also try to get their email id either personal or official (current one) so that you can mention the same in application blank of the TCS while applying or even you can update the HR people about this. They will do the verification by themselves.

Practically the verification process is being done by Third party vendors. The New company after giving you the offer and taking all your details gives your application blank or information from your application blank to these third party vendors or Background Verification agencies. These Agencies after receiving the details verify by three ways 1. email / postal communication, 2. Telecommunication, 3. Company Name & Or Address Confirmation (of the existence) through 2 Ways - 1. Visit to that place by their consultant (on remote places) or employees (in their base cities) or Visit to Post Office /Big Courier Agencies and cross check for any Communication being done at that address on that name in past or not. Also they sometime cross check from local police station/ local people (someone big name locally).

Most of the times, the verification agencies just send an email or call directly the HR dept personnel for the verification or they call to your supervisor.

So if you have worked really at that company, just do it accordingly.


Abhishek Rajan

Manager HR
27th February 2012 From India, Bhopal
Hi Abhishek,
Thanks a lot..This was very much in detail.
Yes, i can provide the personal email id of 2-3 ppl, whom i am in touch with and the best thing was...
when i joined my current company 2 years ago.I have send them an email from my previous company email id ..that mail exist as a copy in my hope that would prove much that i worked there till 2 yrs ago.
Thanks a lot for the response again.
27th February 2012 From India
Well Abhishek, I have working in India since last 5 years (I have the offer and relieving letter) and now I got selected in interview with a large company in India and now the recruitment is in process.
My History :
I worked in Singapore (3 years) and then moved to US (worked for 5 years). I don't have the relieving letter from the organisation in Singapore and moreover the company has been shutdown. While in US , i moved to 3 companies who have done my H1. I dont have the relieving letter of those companies but i have W2 and Salary Slips. While I have the letter of Employement from the 3rd company but not the relieving letter.
Do you see any issues . All the work experience is genuine.
- Gopi
14th February 2013 From India, Bangalore
this singapore co might need any doc. but if you have any doc or even email from this co hr or your mgr it will work. you can list this to the hirig mgr. - Abhishek www(dot)abhishekrajan(dot)com
5th March 2013 From India, Bhopal
Hi all,
I am facing a similar issue. A company for which I worked about a month and half and quit without collecting pay has xlosed. I do not have any pay slips or form 16 as it was a consultancy job for two months. I have the appointment letter issued and that was the only official document issued to me.
I have an offer from a major IT firm and their BGV team has red flagged me as the company has closed and they cannot find any POCs from the old company. What happens next will they void the offer issued? I have already resigned and am relieved too, if this goes wrong I would have no job.
What happens in these kind of circumstances I guess I am not the first one with such problems. Please help with your inputs.
Thanks in advance
16th October 2014 From India, Kolkata
They haven't taken back the offer, that's what they say when I ask them If I wud have the job. My joining date has been postponed four times already and I guess they want to tire me out and move on. But no one has officially told me anything as of yet except giving the vague reason that my BGV is pending. It was not my fault that the company closed and I was being honest about my employment and yet I have to suffer.
13th November 2014 From India, Kolkata
i have problem in BGV,i joined in company in the year 2011 it was registered in 2006 but now company name was change but within under same registration due to that cause third party team say that it was fake. is it correct?
22nd December 2014 From India, Salem
Hi prakashkharshang, how old is this company for which your bgv is red , i mean it is just your last company..?
26th December 2014 From India, Ghaziabad
hi anilkumar,just explain it it happening in the current company you are already working or when you are trying to join another company
26th December 2014 From India, Ghaziabad
I worked for the company in question way back in 2010. Fresh out of college, I didnt find the work atmosphere conducive so left without even taking pay.
25th January 2015 From India, Kolkata
hi all
currently i working in an IT company. its my third company. i left my first company after one year and stay home for one year. and i got job i show 2 years exp of first compny.. after six month i join third company and in varification my first company supervisor not disclose date of resigning. but i got offer from tech mahindra bt i scare its bvarification procees. if the call in hr dept of first company . they got my tenure is fake. pls suggest me. what i do?
what is the process of tech mahindra.
pls guide me.
30th January 2015 From India, Nasik
I had strange experience with Accenture very recently. I had worked in one of the small company during jun 2010 to Dec 2010, later that company got closed. Accenture offered me an offer letter, I resigned from the current company, came out after serving the notice period. I had shared all docs with Accenture one month prior before they extended the offer letter. Before on boarding me, they started saying we are not able to find that perticuler company, I had submitted relieving letter, pay slips, contact number of HR, PM, and even MD and also the bank statement of salary account which is created under company head and the statement shows the salaries paid too.

After providing so many documents and proofs Accenture not ready to accept and made me to stand on streets. What kind of BG verification Accenture they only knows, what one can do if the companies got closed. If we are not providing sufficient information, fine they can say I am faking.... but even after providing the bank statement they are not agreing means I have no words to say what kind of stupid BG verification they do.
20th February 2015 From India, Bangalore
Hi.. I am New In Dis Group . and I saw some Important Discussion ... i have One Very Big Issue With me .. I Have almost 3 Years of Exp in I.T Sector .. Last Month I got Selected In One MNC In Chennai .. but Sudden I came to know that my BG Verification Is negative and i have Criminal Records ...
This is the fact that My Name was there In F.I.R . but in communal violence In My Hometown in 2013 . there Was so many people Like me who had wrongly Involvd in dis .. but after the S.I.T Investigation we arround 78 people Got the Clearence .
So what is My Mistake in dis ... and all that you know about Police how educated they are .. Dont know which record they have shown to whoever was doing the Verification ..
What should i do now .. Please Rply for this .. what should i do ..
9th July 2015 From India, Delhi
Totally I am having 7+ years of experience. 2 years in company A(small company and closed now) and Currently I have been working with company B(corporate) for more than 5 years and I got selected for TCS.
I have submitted all the required documents. During the HR discussion, I said to them my first company was closed and only I am having offer, experience and relieving letter from that company. Then they said, will initiate the pre-offer BGC since your first company was closed.
I agreed that and I explained them, back ground check was done by company B and those details are available in my current company portal. Even I took the screenshot of that and shared to TCS HR along with all the approved documents.
But still I haven't received any response from them.It is almost more than a month. I am on confusion whether they will release my offer..
13th October 2015 From India, Trichy
if you have worked in that company whether the company was small or closed down.if these information is genuine then there wont be any problem..You have not gt any offer letter yet? why dont you followup with the HR?
13th October 2015 From India, Mumbai
Still I haven't received the offer from TCS. 2 weeks back TCS HR called and asked me to my remove my first company experience which is closed now. But I denied that. I have the HR person contact number and I called her, But she didn't picked up my calls after that.
Even I am sending the mails every weekend to know the status of my profile. But there are no responses for my calls and mails.
15th October 2015 From India, Trichy

My wife started her career with one startup company based in Noida. there was only 12-15 employees in the company including CEO and MD.

She worked there for 2 years only and have all the documents from company like Offer Letter, Experience Letter, Reliving letter and Pay slip, But company was not deducting the taxes from the salary. So they have not provided Form 16. But she was getting the Salary credited to her Bank account every month. She has the Bank Statement. Now, When she left the company after few months, company was closed due to owner's conflicts. they don't have office at same location. One of the owner of that company has opened another company in another location of India.

Now my concerns is that currently my wife is in USA and she is looking for new job here. So What documents she needs to provide to employment verification ? If third party vendor go to their Office location and they donít find the company exist then what can be done? What other document she can provide to prove her employment.

Please let me know asap.


27th October 2015 From United States, Lake Saint Louis
hi...I was in one police case and its closed recently in can i apply any MNC??now i am working as system engineer in small software in MNC's did they check police verification??pls help me out
6th December 2015 From India, Hyderabad
get the bonafide / character certificate made from local police station and further attested by local magistrate (DM/ collector) of your home town and current location with all clearance on conduct and character and submit to the HR in response if they inform you of you being laid off.
26th April 2016 From India, Bhopal
simply she should write her last company name as formerly so and so and mention the current name of the company of the other director as last employer for her and when HR asks for proof she submit old reliving letter.
26th April 2016 From India, Bhopal
Man why are you rigid she is guiding you correctly. this is what happens. Accenture doesn't have good hiring practices. if she tells you to remove and she is then considering your profile what is the problem and also to let you know she might not be even from accenture she might be from some consultancy hired by accenture for bulk hiring process. she is just helping you better to peek in accenture and you are not understanding.
however, there is another view to it that she might be of accenture and have got your BGV done and its negative and as a person she understands you are genuine candidate and she is helping or she takes you not genuine and wants to double check if you agree to remove and she gets confirmed that you are actually a fake. you know we deal with people and situations could be anything. LIFE IS WHAT HAPPENS IN BETWEEN YOUR 1st TALK & 2nd TALK.
26th April 2016 From India, Bhopal
I got offer from one comany but they are asking documents for pre employement bg verification. they have sent formal offer letter also.
i am currently working in accenture and i was working with one small company. i provided all the documents to new employer.
but i am scared that the first small company verification whether they ll verify or not. i called to CEO of that company and told about this. he said he will do it.
what if verification fail for first company? and how mouch time it will take for pre employment verification?
8th May 2016 From India, Bengaluru
I AM Shunmugaraj.S working as HR in Jay Jay Mills at Perundurai, Erode Tamil Nadu. Please add me in this group My no is +918220051403
8th May 2016 From India, Madras
I have confusion that i m planning to switch other company. My question is that i have left company and currently have only experience letter, company was paying me in envelope. I dont have any pay sleep neither have form 16. Then when verification will be in process on that time what would be?
3rd August 2016 From India, Bengaluru
Hi ,
Our Back Ground Verification done by the following company. Talk to Mr. Amit P over there, he'll give the required information. Go through their website also its really good because previously we had problems like you now we are quite okay with this company and you no need to follow up with them regarding the status you can get all the required information in thie application it self right from the BGC initiated date to final report however they will send you the monthly reports also.
Amit P
Senior Bussiness Director
Screen Facts Services Private Limited
Phone: +91 22 40697000 (Ext: 7927)
Direct: +91 22-61809999
Web: :: Screen Facts ::
Let me know if this information is helpful to you.
5th August 2016 From India, Mumbai
Hi Team,
I used to get cash in envelope , never had any form 16 concept,Salary Slips.It was a small firm of 50 ppl.Email Id is not working, I only have Contact details of HR Person, but she already left the organisation an year back.
Please tell me the Procedure?
23rd August 2016 From India,
I worked in a company 'A' for a year and then next I worked in another company 'B' for one year and presently I am working in another company 'C'. Now I have got an offer from one of the largest MNCs, say company 'D'. I have submitted all employment related documents to 'D' for Background verification.

Company 'A' is run very very unprofessionally. It's run by unethical people. THEY ARE VERY POWERFUL PEOPLE AND ARE NOT AFRAID OF ANY LEGAL CONSEQUENCES. I have the offer letter from them signed by the then General Manager of the company who has also moved out recently. I have the Relieving Letter signed by the MD himself. Out of one year of employment, I received salaries in Cash for just first 2 months, May 2013 and June 2013. From 3rd month i.e. July 13 I received through Bank Transfers only. Again, although I received Cash in the Second Month i.e. June 13, they deducted TDS and deposited in my name. So, on my PAN Ledger for June 13 it shows a tax credit from company 'A'. That is also a proof that they paid me Salary. I had an EPF Account also there. Apart from first two months i.e. May 13 & June 13, they deducted my PF and also paid every month to the EPFO from July 13 till last month of my employment. Although Company 'A' deducted Income Tax from my salaries regularly I do not have the Form 16 from Company 'A' but again my TDS are reflected on Form 26AS which can be downloaded any time from Income Tax Website. That was the background of my employment in Company 'A'.

Now my questions are:

1. What to do if company 'A' ignores or denies to certify the details of my employment in 'A' when Background Verification Agency on behalf of Company 'D' visits there?

2. In case, company 'A' does not provide details or provide some false information that do not match with those given by me to Company 'D', will the Background Verification Agency or the Recruiting Company 'D' let me know about it? I mean will I be provided an opportunity to prove myself by providing other supporting documents like Salary Account Statements? Or they will simply put Red Mark on my profile and dismiss my appointment?

NOTE: As per initial requirement of Company 'D', I have just provided Offer Letter and Relieving Letter of company 'A'. As of now, I have not provided any extra supporting documents like Salary Account Statement. I thought I should give those documents only if they ask for and not before that unnecessarily.


Sam Singh
24th August 2016 From India, undefined
Dear Sam

I have gone through your query. There is nothing for you to worry. An ex-employer can not jeopardise someone's future, as the apprehensions reflected by you.

Moreover, I agree that Background Verification are carried out in a very shoddy way by people who do not have any experience of corporate world. BV serves no practical purpose. as past behaviour is not a guarantee of future acts.

There is always a first time when every offender commits anything wroung, and it may not becessarily have happened in the past.

What is the guarantee that a person with clean and good record will always perform well all his life or not do anything wrong ???

With AADHAR and so many advances in Police work, an offender can not hide forever and will always be caught, whether he remains in India or flees abroad ;ike so MANY HIGH-PROFILE OFFENDERS !!!!

So Background Verification is just a means so that the concerned consultancies can earn money, by scaring the Employers about the dangers of similar offences.

A successful BV is not a guarantee of future performance. A KYC system, as employed by the Bank is good enough.

What can an employee do, or where he can run away after a fraud, if the Employer has COPIES OF HIS AADHAR CARD, PAN CARD, BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS, PASSPORT, VOTERS ID etc etc etc.

Please relax, and if any discrepancy is put forward by the BV Agency, fight your case. Since you have NOT done anything wrong, NOR committed ANY frauds; why are you worried ???

Warm regards.
24th August 2016 From India, Delhi
I got an offer from the top IT firm.I am currently working but my previous employer has closed his business recenlty.....
I am having offer letter,experience and relieving letter but the I used to get my salary via envelope....
pls suggest me how to manage during Backgroung verification..will it have any impact as my previous employer has quitted from his business....I am having all the contact details of my previous employer including my supervisor,HR manager etc.....
22nd March 2017 From India, Hyderabad
The background verification software is generally used by the big firms and organization who wants to keep a record of employee's educational track, where he/she resides, criminal record, CIBIL score etc. There are many<a href="> background verification companies in India</a> who are tied up with the organization to verify their employees. Due to this process, they sometimes have wrong information about the employee, which what happened in my case.
22nd June 2018 From India, Mumbai
I would like to know if a person has to leave his/her job in difficult circumstances like mental harassment or false allegation?What he/she would say at the time of background verification because obviously the previous employer will not give any favorable feedback.
Then eventually it become very difficult to find good job?
19th July 2018 From India, Mumbai
Hi Priyanka,
If you had received relieving letter then you are on the safer side because you can always convince your future HR team that you do not have any pending legal issues/liabilities with the previous company and that you were issued NOC.
Be positive, many employers are aware that in some cases ex-bosses give negative feedback to effect bgv for their resigned employees.
Do not worry, focus on good jobs.
Thanks and Regards,
Akash Sharma
21st July 2018 From India, Delhi
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