hi I wanted to know in BPO if an person has absconded is he eligible to reapply for job in same company at different process
28th January 2012 From India, New Delhi

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AOD is one of the form of termination ..most of the organisation do not rehire AOD employees..... so it is advised never brake the bridges....and have a smooth and clean exit....
28th January 2012 From India, Hyderabad
In any industry .they never accept such candidate either for same or other position. It is a basic rool same in all industry.
28th January 2012 From India, Udaipur
Hi, it is good to hear about the process, can anybody tell me what is the full form of AOD and what does it means> Since I am a hotelier so I always face this type of cases. Warm Regards Javed Ahmed
29th January 2012 From India, Indore
Dear Xxxzzz
You can join the company by clearing your dues with interest, but if you join the company will you expect same respect from your management or from your coworkers.
Please think in that angle and reconsider about rejoining the same organisation.
Wish you all the best
29th January 2012 From India, Kumbakonam
may be Absconding On Duty — — — — — — — — — — — — — — pon
29th January 2012 From India, Lucknow
Yes pon is right AOD means Absconding on Duty....In simple term ...AOD means ...when employee is not coming to work for reasonable days (mostly 3 days) without permission and not contactable..then employee is considered AOD.
29th January 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Hi all,
There are two things ~ Convention and law. While almost all companies may follow a convention of not recruiting back an absconded person for obvious reasons, the law does not deny the opportunity to the person per se. The answer to your question, therefore, is ~ Yes, technically, a person IS ELIGIBLE to apply for a position to an organization where he / she worked in the past, but did not separate following (internal) process. If the act of absconding invited legal action (pending with the organization), beware, you will play into the hands of the organization to re-open the case!
All said and done, at the outset, try to always separate clean. No organization is that cruel to force anyone to take the extreme step. Remember that "Organization is always bigger than the individual".
30th January 2012 From India, Bangalore
Following a healthy and smooth Exit procedures is always advisable. Absconding from duties and leaving organisation without serving notice period or not following exit procedures is a bad system in HR. organisations may adopt different kind of policies or hire / fire / retire and resign. one has to follow the same procedure and respect the system to make a healthy exit without troubling organisational interests. in my view a person abscond from duties and effecting organisational interests or disturb a smooth work flow is a punishable one. companies should not produce a good feed back in his background check at any point of his career, and a companies should not hire a person without submitting relieving and service certificate. if you come to know he is working some where you just keep a mail to concerned HR of that firm and you should not rehire the same person at any cost. that will not build a HEALTHY HR practices in your firm. ------- one has to comply with organisational policies -------- anyone has to show the same interest in a job at entry and exit time / think about ethical part of job & value based work life :-)
30th January 2012 From India, Hyderabad
It depends on company policy & strategies. My company does not re-hire a person in any case, one can work only once in his/her lifetime for my company.
In general it is advisable not to re-hire a person you have already had bad experience.
30th January 2012 From India, Gurgaon

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