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Dear Moderators, Cant we have few more and quick instruction of "Not to post multiple threads/post" under "Posting Guidelines" below the text bar as we already have two are as follows :
(Posting Guidelines:
# Do not post anything derogatory about any company or entity.
# Do not copy paste - to refer to any article on the internet - post a link to the article along with a short excerpt and your comments.)
Request to add
#Do not post multiple threads/post
#Request to use "reSearch" option for your query & Question before posting anything

This would be the best solution for this and i request you all to please do not stretch this topic further..

From India, Gurgaon
Dear Anil
I and other moderators have already told CHR about the same. In coming times I believe things as above suggested will be included. Also I have not felt any comments in the threads above mentioned, highly derogative, its just that we are now going stern on requesting members to follow rules and regulation, and also on the concept of members helping themselves.
Thank you for your feed back.

From India, Mumbai
I agree with you,..!!
i was wondering about the new member who joins here, he/she will get lost in the site here and i have seen so many new members post the thread in wrong place...!! you cant ignore HR professional we carry high amount of positiveness and approaching in a right way...!!
and i believe all moderator should approach in a positive way and only few of them do it...!!

From India, Mangaluru
Dear Mr. Octavious,

I appreciate your reply and I am sure there is a specific reason for responding to my suggestion/advice posted is "INDIVIDUALS PERCEPTION LEVELS DEFERS". As said in my previous post, its just a piece of common advice and I am not targeting any moderator. I had learned many things from this community and i am still learning every day.

I want to share something with you all. Once upon a time, i use to be a very "SHORT TEMPERED PERSONALITY" because i love SYSTEMATIC APPROACH, all the time, i wanted employees to avoid committing even "SMALL MISTAKES", strictly follow PROCEDURES & PROCESS for better productivity. One fine day I had realized that, "HUMANS ARE BORN TO MAKE MISTAKES, NO MATTER THEY ARE EXPERIENCED/MATURED/TRAINED/HIGHLY QUALIFIED". Mistakes are part of our lives but, one shouldn't commit mistakes "INTENTIONALLY". Since then, i never educated anyone about the RULES & REGULATIONS, i only spoke about "THE BEST PROCESS, THAT COULD BENEFIT THEM, BY ALL MEANS".

I agree to your point that "change in Attitude" is purely due to prevailing situations & circumstances but one has to have "SELF CONTROL". Ever since, i started working with a DIRECTOR, well experienced/matured/down to earth personality, i had learnt only good things from him, because i haven't seen any other person in my life with "EXTREME PATIENCE LEVELS". He is still teaching us, "HOW TO HAVE TOTAL CONTROL ON OUR ANGER, IRRESPECTIVE OF THE PREVAILING SITUATIONS/CIRCUMSTANCES". Even though he is an AUTHORITY - "HIRE & FIRE EMPLOYEES", he never made us felt that, "HE IS AN AUTHORITY WITH EXTREME POWERS". My DIRECTOR is the best example of an EDUCATOR because he only believes in doing his best by educating his TEAM in all aspects. This is how, he is LEADING us in the RIGHT DIRECTION.

I knew that, moderators are doing a "VOLUNTARY SERVICE" and on "GRATUITOUS GROUNDS", the scenario would have been different if moderators would have been appointed with MONETARY BENEFITS. Please don't mistake me because, there lies a huge difference between PAID SERVICES & VOLUNTARY SERVICE.

You wrote "Please understand that it is not possible for any moderator on this forum, to send any kind of private messages to any person as and when his/her post is deleted". Would you be kind enough to let me know, what is the probability for xyz member to come to know, "which specific rule he/she had violated" because, there exist more than ONE RULE. Don't you suggest that, effective communication should exist between MODERATORS & MEMBERS of this forum?

I believe, there should be a much better way for looking into various things, rather just considering MODERATOR as MODERATOR.

Everyone is relevant in some way or the other because, he/she has information(good or bad) to share. Its only our perception that makes us perceive either NEGATIVE or POSSIVITE way.

Differences in OPINION, will always give us scope/opportunity to arrive at better solution.

Forgive me, i am wrong. We all matured people and we can do things much better than before or expected.

With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Shaik Abdul

Whenever a post is deleted, moderators have to mention, the reason for deleting the post. If we delete a post without reasons, we are liable to answer for our act, when questioned about the same by other moderators and CHR.

I appreciate you shared your experience, with people in the forum, just as all five fingers are not same, so is the not every situation or people. So every situation requires different approach and methods depending upon people.

Instead of asking moderators to lower their norms of functioning, experienced people like you should ask members to upgrade their approach towards a system and procedure and importance of rules and regulation (only those members included who are not following the same).

Mistake of fact can be over looked, but mistake of rules cannot be. Believe me if there was no rule in this form and every person is allowed to make mistakes on the ground on the principle of to err is human, and no member is required to follow rules and regulation, then citehr would be a very very difficult place to be and to handle.

If moderators become paid, then the cost would increase, and if cost increases, the knowledge that is free today, will be chargeable, and I believe that is not the core idea with which citehr was started.

I have a different approach to life and work, and it suits me perfectly, you have different approach and it suits for you perfectly.

I suggest why dont you become moderator for citehr, it wouldnt harm to have additional hands and minds to help.

I believe you will very soon join group of moderators.



From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr. Octavious,

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your TEAM. Am i fit to be a MODERATOR for this community?. I know its filled with RESPONSIBILITY and for me "RESPONSIBILITY is a COMMITMENT". Unless i take "ACCOUNTABILITY & OWNERSHIP", i can't play a EFFECTIVE ROLE.

I really wonder and honestly don't know, what is that, i possess with me, which i can really share. But still, I would love to offer my services round the clock. I believe, i can do something without being a MODERATOR and i don't mind supporting this community, beyond my limits.

I didn't mean to say that, you experts to lower your approach. Everyone is aware that, you experts are doing something more than EXTRAORDINARY. I only want you experts to "COMMUNICATE THE BEST/TRUE MESSAGE". Its make a huge difference. I am sure, you experts can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

I understand that "RULE IS A RULE", but, there are members who truly doesn't understand "RULE IS A RULE". I only wanted moderators to make them understand from a different perspective. Believe me or not, It took me one year to bring desired/relevant changes in an individual. I am not sure, when he will revert. I took this as a challenge because, i was curious to know, what could make him change? I never expected him to "ACT OR BEHAVE LIKE ME". He only managed to accommodate necessary changes, only when my approach was "SOFT". Infact, even the word SOFT is not sufficient enough to describe my approach/efforts.

If we can succeed in making every individual "TO THINK, BEFORE THEY POST THEIR QUERY, THAT'LL DO WONDERS". Its a tough job, but, nothing is impossible when it is done with the "BEST APPROACH"

I am blessed to have such discussions with experts like you. I am sure, one has to travel a long journey to have such discussions.

Once again, kindly do forgive me if i am wrong. I want to learn and share as much as i can.


With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Skhadir
I am not expert, and believe that you can be a moderator. So now stop shying away, and be a moderator, you have so many ideas, why dont you use it as a moderator.
My ways of dealing with the things the way I do, has delivered me results, now why dont you use your methods and get results in citehr also. It would be great to have you as moderator. And in the process may be you can also learn to be effective without ownership.
I wish that you dont give me any more reasons, and immediately join as moderator. All you have to do is drop a mail to CHR stating your desire to be moderator, and rest he will take care of.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr. Moderators
Nowadays the technology has got developed and shall we think of arranging a auto generation of reply through private message to the concerned initiators can be generated while moderating or deleting the threads of any member. Due to which the work load will obviously reduced as well as such unwanted arguments can also be avoided. This act will avoid some ill feeling or misunderstanding between the friends in this forum.

From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Bhaskar Agreed, but then all the ideas require investment of money which is something that is not possible at this point in time. Any other idea. Regards Octavious
From India, Mumbai
Thank you Mr. Octavious for accepting our ideas. Not now, but we are having full of hope that it may get implemented in due course. God Bless you Mr. Octavious.
From India, Kumbakonam

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