This is really important. I'm on my last round of interview to become a Communication Trainer. And I'm supposed to give a Powerpoint presentation on 'Being perfect'. And to make it even more interesting, I want some ideas on some classroom activities that can be done. Can you please help?
Any interesting story on 'Being perfect' or powerpoint presentation on this would also be nice.
Thanks & regards,
Smritilekha Chakraborty

From India, Mumbai


Perfection begins with the premise that we know the end result. If we clearly know the end result expected we can then aim to achieve it and then compare the outcome with the expectations and conclude if we have done it perfectly. E.g. If we have a packing list then ensuring that each package contains every item correctly listed out in the packing list is perfection. If 4 pairs of 2 inch screws are to be put in the packet and by error we put in either 2 pairs or 4 pairs of 3 inch screws in the packet we have missed out on perfection.

In a non structured environment like daily living, we must be clear about our goals if we want to come anywhere close to perfection. Since change is a reality in life, this is constant factor that will keep pushing us to continuously change our goals. In such a scenario identifying perfect goals will be near impossible and attaining it even more difficult. E.g. Let us say we are able to identify our financial goals and put a number to it. The reality is that while we can make efforts to pursue it, the changing economic scenario, our own assumptions on how to attain those goals and our personal wants and needs would keep changing and so meeting our expectations to perfection would be a subjective matter.

The world has progressed because people set out to achieve perfection and just when they neared their goal they realized that there were frontiers yet to be discovered.

I hope my inputs can trigger some more ideas for you to work on. In addition you can go through the following blogs got get more inputs that could be useful/ relevant

www.actspot.wordpress.com – Over 88,000 views and 600 followers

www.poweract.blogspot.com – Over 26,500 views and 160 followers

Best Wishes.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Ms. Smritilekha Chakraborty,
At the outset, you have to understand the true meaning of "BEING PERFECT". As such none is 100% perfect but still, we try our best to be AS MUCH PERFECT AS WE CAN. Its a continous process.
Kindly consider these words to prepare a short & informative presentation on "BEING PERFECT"
Its time for you to demonstrate your TRAINING SKILLS as you are trying to clear you final round.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Hi Smritilekha.. Hope this helps... you may call me for additional help...
From India, Delhi

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Dear Smrithi Lekha,
I am happy to hear from your about the communication trainer.
We cannot say anybody is Mr.Perfect and it is composition of majority good qualities like:
1. Problem indentification
2. qucik decision making
3.Problem solving
4.Priortization skills
5.Analayzing skills
6. Team building spirit
7.Non judgemental attitude
8. good prespective building
Try to explain communication gap with simple game.
All the Best

From India, Hyderabad
Hi Mr. Khadir,
Thank you for your profound mail.
I do not want to get into the hassle of reverting to what you have wrote.
Seems like you are way too straight forward. For your information, I hold a PG degree in psychology and pursuing my doctorate.
Kindly mail your comments in case you wish to, on my email id. Thanks.

From India, Delhi
HI dear friends,
Really its a wonderful ppt, thanks for sharing with us, u have to continue and start applying to your employees in the Organization rly it will wrk also help them to motivate and do right things in right time in any situation, hope u'll continue posting such ppts in future.
Thanks & Regards,

From India, Madras

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