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Hi All,
I am trying to implement TQM / Six Sigma Methodology in an education institution.
Ive aimed at academic achievement as my first project. I would like to get ideas from the members on what are the areas that could be targeted in such a setup and how to handle the repulsive behavior from the lecturers.
I am beginning with the aim of understand the delivery model of the lecturers. And then going to the students in order to understand their requirement.
Ideas are welcome .

From India, Madras
Learning & Teaching Fellow (retired)
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One of the skeptical views of the lecturersis that they know what the problem is and according to them it cant be rectified , they are blaming the student community.
Now my idea is straeamline the delivery system. If there are any HR associated with educational sector, in the forum can you pelase share the model used for selection of staffs and if there are anny principle that is used for delivering education to the students.

From India, Madras
Types and level of courses run are B.Sc ( microbiology, Visual communication, Electronics science etc ) M.Sc IT etc ..
2. I am an alumini of the same college passed out in the year 2007 . I dont have much influence, however college management, ceo and vice principal are in favour and are open to change, which i think is good for me . Moreover college is currently in the process of acquiring NAAC accrediation process .
3. As of now i don't know anything about learning theories . However i am constantly looking for sources over the internet.
Thanks Simhan for providing me with the above articles . I shall read them tonight and get back to you .

From India, Madras
My friend and I have been trained on six sigma lately in of the govermental organization here in India, after which we decided to take a project in the college from where we graduated. We are basically getting involved in this exercise so that we can deelop our management skills .
Most of our experiements are from books or google .
I do agree that most of the lecturers in higher educational insistution are not trained formally. they either complete their Masters course or M.Phil and then they continue teaching .

From India, Madras
Hi Simhan
I am not able to access the full documents from site , If you have access to those documents could you please mail me the pdf copy or word file of that document .
It would help me a lot .

From India, Madras

Please write to the authors. Though I can access the document as The Book Reviewer for the TQM Journal, and as an ex-Regional Advisor (India) for the Emerald Group Publishing, I am not allowed to distribute copies of the same.
May I also know as to where the institution in question is based and how large it is.
Have a nice day.

From United Kingdom
okay I shall do so .
The college is based in Chennai, Tamilnadu . Has about 1000 - 1200 (Co-ed) Students studying from various parts of india and about 2 -3 % from africa and Bhutan, Nepal etc .
From your experience as an educational proffesional , what do you think i should target primarily for achieving success of the project.

From India, Madras

From the exchanges that we have had here, I presume that this is a project you are undertaking to obtain certification of SS training (Like Green Belt and Black Belt) that you have undergone. If so, I would suggest that you try and concentrate on Administration or the Library units where it is easy to obtain quantitative data and draw process charts, etc. Please see and

Academics would be very reluctant to work with non-academics, especially if they do not have any knowledge of learning theories. As an academic, I have worked with fellow lecturers in conducting Gap Analysis (Similar to LibQual used in the article cited above, etc., without any problem. However, I have had no co-operation from academics in India whom I did not know. If the management is keen in obtaining NAAC accreditation then they may be able to influence academics to work with you.

I am still not clear about the objectives of your exercises and how many alumni will be working on this project, etc.

Have a nice day.

From United Kingdom
Yes Simhan , WE are trying t oget ourselves certified in SS rather to gain knowledge by applying SS. Which indirectly would help us to rise high in the career path. As of now the team is of just two people my friend and I .

The management is very helpful and they want us to drive SS . Its only few of the well learned lecturers whi are actually P.hd's showing little non-cooperation when pusing for data such as past years results .

At this point i would also like to tell you that both of us are employed in reputed IT industry and we are doing this project as a part time project. and we spent a day or two discussing this and spending some time at college.

Our primary objective :-

1. To find out current passing percentage year by year of the students for the last 5 years .

2. Finding ways to improve the passsing percentage to a significant extend , say for example from 65% to 68 - 70 % .

Our second project is on improving college placements .

Now we are in a situation to identify the CTQ's that are realy critical for imroving learning and hence getting good passing percentage of students.

Next semester is about start in december and we are planning to begin with identifying the planning model that is in place with the college that a lecturer uses to begin the semester.

From India, Madras
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