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I am working as a central govt teacher but not satisfied with my job. I have done MBA in HR and Diploma in Trg and Devpt, besides M.A. in Eng lit and B.Ed.
I am getting a job of content writer in a pvt ltd company but pay is less than my present salary.
I am confused as adm wise I am happy with the new company but if I look at the pay and list of holidays, then the govt school job looks good....
Please help me out and advise...

From India, Haryana
Govt job have not much pressure and neither much opportunities for growth but you get stable income and lots of holidays, so why dont you keep the same job and start some side business like part time content writer in this you will not lose your original govt job and also get some extra additional income and increase your nnetwork also.
MAny people working in government always look out for some part time job / income even im working in accounts and looking for some part time income, so that we can be updated with latest technology, and also earn extra money and increase our network.

From India, Madras
thanks Ravi but I am not happy working there.....
i am working as a primary teacher...
there r so many things like dress code, ur own work station, cleanliness etc etc which are better in the new company where as in my school we dont have any facilities for teachers.
moreover teaching policies have made teachers' life hell...

From India, Haryana
working as private teacher is hell also nowadays no respect for teachers gone are the days when teachers were respected a lot, almost all my ancestors were teachers, and in government schools not even toilets are there, if there in worst condition then what else to say, only in metros the offices of central govt BSNL, Income Tax etc are clean and have AC,,

so if you dont like the job dont do it but money? if you are worried about pay , then what or if you can manage with less pay then dont worry not every like the job which they do, even a killer who takes supari for murder does not like the job but have to do for livelihood sab ganda hain par dhanda hain ..

if you are married and your husband is main source of income then take a break and join this pvt co, this is all i can advise as of now. Also the location where u are now will give more inputs about your opportunities, are you in C or B class city or A class , the more urban area you are in the more opportunities you get.. you can even learn LMS and get into elearning development for companies, that is one hot field option for teachers, as now teaching has moved far from conventional methods, hope you are aware of latest technologies in teaching?

From India, Madras
Ms Simran
Dikhaave pe naa jaao !! Apni Akal lagaao !!
Grass looks greener on other side !!
fancy buildings, swanky offices, pretty dressed people, show and pomp of private sector will fizzle out once you face the office politics, unreasonable performance pressure, insecurity and feeling of being on razor's edge !!
Govt jobs may have its downside too as you mentioned. But what I read is, you are working as a teacher !!
Does your job, profession interest you ?? Do you have ambitions to become a teacher of highest order ?? Do you respect, enjoy and cherish your profession ??
Depending on the answers decide your path !!

From Kuwait, Salmiya
Totally agreed with u 101% i have seen more torture behind those swanky offices and pretty dressed ppls
From India, Madras
Hi Kavitha I have done my MBA from PTU Jallandhar and diploma in trg and devpt from ISTD Delhi.
From India, Haryana
Thanks for ur response.
I am answering your questions and based on that u can give me ur feedback.
1. Yes I am working as a Primary teacher in one of the KVs.
2. Does ur job interests you?
No it doesn't interest me coz I will continue working as a Primary teacher (so no scope of progress) and the curriculum is also very boring. I cant take any initiative to teach my students...for e.g. If I want to take them out in garden the headmistress does not permit thinking that the students may get hurt on swings etc etc.
Nobody wants to take chance and sitting quietly to save their job. They come and teach and go nothing new for the students.
3. Do you cherish your job?
No I don't cherish it. Though I am being paid 25 grands per month but job satisfaction is not there...

From India, Haryana
Dear Simran I am also 101% Agree with Mr. Hussain. Private Job is like Haathi(Elephant)Ke Daant Khane ke Aur Dikhane ke Aur

I m not understanding your dilemma !! You completed B.Ed course !! Did you have any aspiration to become a teacher ??
You have not answered my questions fully. If being a primary teacher limits your growth, you can pursue for higher / elementry classes.
Regarding introducing new methods and innovative teaching, you can be more assertive and take your chances under your responsibility.
First show the result and then contest for change...
I understand teaching is not an easy job, but if you are hansomely compensated, then you shall be thankful, because in private sector every penny has to earned by extraordinary hardwork or flattery !!
You have good set of qualifications, make use of it ... India needs teachers !!
Even commercially speaking ... teaching career has security, respect and good income flow

From Kuwait, Salmiya
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