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Dear Jogeshawr,

Please understand that a teacher or guru can only guide you and the efforts must really come from the students/participants. . A cricket coach can only tell a batsman where he is wrong and show how to play a particular shot. That is guidance. But, the players, like the soldiers in the battlefield, must intensely, put their heart and soul into practice, make sincere efforts and get the results. All training is also like that. Management people want immediate results! The organisations must create a suitable and conducive atmosphere after training to see that the participants produce results. They have this responsibility. Likewise, in AOL also what is given is the guidance and the technique is demonstrated. But the participants must practice (what is given) at home and wait for the results to come in. But, alas... in this fast moving world one expects fast results. Who has the patience to practice sincerely? Showing mere statistics and asking me what is the results, is not going to help. To get results, students personal qualities also count. Mind is to be attuned, disciplined and detached, things should be practiced regularly, at the heart there should be deep, abiding interest in what one does, should have an infinite patience in the mind and heart. Some may get results fast, some other slow. Adi Shankara, whom you are quoting, was a real dynamo. He was a scientist, artist, logician, psychologist, thinker all rolled in one. By mere intellect, things cannot be understood. One has to go beyond the intellect, and to dwell on this is beyond the scope of this site/discussion/arena. Hope I have made myself clear to you, Mr. Jogweshwar. You must have by now known the things in a clear way.

In fact, refer to Vishnu Sahasranama, where in the last stanza this is explained beautifully. Kaya, Vacha, Manasa, Indriya, Buddhi, Prakruti,Swabhava, one must practice. Foreigners limit to only Kaya (Physical) Vacha (Words spoken), Manasa (Mind). That is their depth. But Indian mind goes beyond that and says even your nature, senses, intellect, innate nature, all should be involved to get results. Do the trainers, including me, tell all these to participants? No.Because time is short, fear they may understand or not, fear that I may be dubbed as old, etc. But what is important is the essence of success so beautifully told in old scriptures. Kalidasa has said that an intelligent man will keep his mind antenna wide open and absorb even if it is old or new. We should be like sponge absorbing old and new to get our understanding of the world.


From India, Bangalore
Good One. Philosophically, our life is a microcasm and the Universe is a macrocasm. Our soul has come to this Planet Earth with a clear purpose & unique mission & has assumed the form & be it called......x....y..z, etc for the time being. This soul is governed by its causes made in the past. If you want to undersand what causes existed in the past then look at the effects manigested in your life presently and if you want to udnerstand what effects will be manifested in future then look at the causes being created presently. Our life is a temporary integration of many components and death results when disintegration of those factor takes place.
The explanation may go on..
But rather than worrying about who am now or in future, let's create value in the present moment so that when we leave..we leave without any regrets.

From India, Madras
LOL.I see that all the participants are overwhelmed by the story.It is a story and not a fact but it appeals so much.Now here is the jarring question.
In day to day life what is true?satyameba jayate or satyemeba parajayate? Asatyameba parajayate or asatyameba jayate

From India, Delhi
Dear all,

Here the story tells the following.

If the question is who are you? then the answer given by woman is correct and all related to her.

But the question is who you are ?. It means the answer will be soul related which cannot be identified in a normal living. The answer can be her character and habit in personal.

Every situation we act differently in order to meet our victory / necessity. But we donít think the real.

Let us find out the real character and habit in personal, not with the situation occurs.

Thanks & Regards
M. Balamurugan

From India, Madras
Ultimately the participants of this thread lack collective conscience but have common emotion-enjoy phantasy .
From India, Delhi
its all wrong,why to ask such irrelevant questions?Buddha said,'don't west ur valuable time,on solving,asking,such answer-less questions.(why am westin my time,a question arises)the all faque spiritual guruz arise such confusing questions,to run their spiritual lets cocentrate on present and let the people leave happily .thanx.
From India, Pune
Reply to dsksatara Good. So from confusion to clarity and NOT confusion to further confusion. Again NO customer in spiritual super market henceforth then?
From India, Delhi
hi madhumita, much inspiring story ..thnx to share this ... will like to share with my freinds if u gave a green signal.. self consider the same and proceed :) once again thnx for sharing ...
From India, Mumbai
Hi Mini,
The one word answer i would give will be-
I am only a consciousness or a peaceful soul. and i will give many thanks to the god that he has given me this body costume to live this beautiful life.
Thanks and take care. :)

From India, Udaipur
Hello Dear Friend Madhumita,
Thanks for the Beautiful Conscious Awakening story. What I'd say combined with what Mahavirsinghji has said and I'd put it as "I am a Human being onto this earth to fulfill the task of 'HUMANITY' for which I should be Loving, Caring, Hopeful & optimistic". This is just my opinion with an open end for others to opine on it with positivity. Thanks again.
Harish M. Mody,
BPP Co-ordinator,

From India, Surat

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