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A ppt to learn from. Watching the features of a person has never struck me, nice to know that we can learn from these aspects too. People highly experienced in this area might have expery opinions however for beginnners it throws light into what can be looked at while looking at fellow humans of course perception varies and so does the methodology in which we interpret.
From India, Madras
HI Avinash,
Congrats on reading the article with wisdom and retorting to it with even greater wisdom.
As you again rightly mentioned, there are far too many people very gullible and easily infer things as the truth.
Your response is credible - firm, clear and shows wisdom!

From India, Mumbai

Dear All,
To me, the PPT is unscientific. All great men and women if you notice will fall in all categories. One cannot generalise an individual based based on the part of his body. Let members take their own decision whether to believe it or not.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Mr.Siva,
You are absolutely right my friend. Even while posting the PPt I just had this in mind. In fact, it applies to all who contribute and also to those who view and perceive the contents. My PPt is based on books I red, materials i came across and websites I visited. Initially I also set aside them as unscientific. However, when I applied this on people I met, most of these predictions interestingly found to be true. Hence I wanted to share this. No such cryptic and unscientific substances can be generalized and we cannot compel any one to believe for one single reason that I believed them.
Instead, a few friends became very wild and blamed me as if I mislead our learned and experienced professional friends here. My intention is to just share my thoughts and experience, as I have been doing, in this excellent site.
Thank you very much Mr.Siva for your fair comments.

From India, Tiruppur

My dear Somya,
To me... yes. One has to cultivate this art of interpreting the physical features correctly by ably combining a few factors. As contradicted by a few friends, unless we find these true for ourselves, we cannot believe. Please try this for some time and know for yourself.

From India, Tiruppur
Its really useful and more or less the same when people here talk about genetics so how did they get those from their ancestors so they should understand that their nature also is depicted from the same.
From India, Mumbai
Shefali Dinkar
@Ramanarg, this is a lovely article though I will have to agree with Avinash as well. There is no conclusive way to judge something like character from mere appearance as exceptions exist to every rule..:)
From India, Bangalore
I cannot discredit nor comment on what what you have experienced, but I can only gain some insight on it. However, what I believe is that someone shouldn't be judged in advance before they can proof their self-worth. I hope that everyone isn't clouded by the outer appearance or jump to conclusion that someone is of a certain character based on the genes that make them.
I do too agree with one of the commenter that some disclaimers should be included.
Thank you for sharing.
Best Regards,

From Malaysia, Penang
Firstly a simple thanks for your continued efforts to share tools in an effort to help others. This particular effort however, in my personal opinion, is not your best effort and really quite alarming. If we take for granted that most good organizations employ selection methods that ensure parity for applicants i.e each candidate navigates the same process and procedures allowing the recruiters to compare them against each other and of course in the final stages be subject to more subjective opinion regarding relationship match with line managers and other colleagues etc, I think your presented methodology has just put the industry back 50 years.

Having spent many years as a police officer and being drilled to not submit to my 'gut instinct' or 'stereotyping' and studied such academically, the content of the powerpoint is the equivalent to whichcraft, old wives tales and potentially the basis of a law suit should candidates discover that their failure in the selection process was attributed to one of the characteristics cited. Consider scenario:

Final three candidates, having successfully completed a 2 day selection process with equal results are presented to the panel of selectors. Each again score equally to the questions presented but you have only one position available. With this powerpoint in your toolbag you suggest that the first candidates eyes were blue, the second had a broad nose and the third a head that doesn't fit the inverted oval template. You make your decision on the only thing that you think sets them apart and you provide honest feedback at the conclusion of the selection process. Think about it!

Although our gut instincts and stereotypes cannot be ignored, for they are what nature provided us for self-protection, we should be happy that we have come out of the cave and have developed systems of selection that wouldn't dare include any of the characteristics shown in the ppt. I wouldn't have promoted you for your effort but found a suitable course of study that would harness your interst and benefit the company.

Please consign your atavistic powerpoint to the museum it came from and continue your valuable contributions in the modern light of day.

From Vietnam, Hanoi

Recently there was an article in Times of India as the research/study shows "people with embarassment will be much reliable and dependable even at bad times".
From India, Mumbai
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