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I was recently invited by the prestigious Jaipuria Institute of Management to deliver a talk on entrepreneurship. Here is a 10-part video series on YouTube of my talk. I hope that you like it.

Part 1: On Entrepreneurship, at Jaipuria Institute of Management - Part 1 - YouTube

Part 2: On Entrepreneurship, at Jaipuria Institute of Management - Part 2 - YouTube

Part 3: On Entrepreneurship, at Jaipuria Institute of Management - Part 3 - YouTube

Part 4: On Entrepreneurship, at Jaipuria Institute of Management - Part 4 - YouTube

Part 5: On Entrepreneurship, at Jaipuria Institute of Management - Part 5 - YouTube

Part 6: On Entrepreneurship, at Jaipuria Institute of Management - Part 6 - YouTube

Part 7: On Entrepreneurship, at Jaipuria Institute of Management - Part 7 - YouTube

Part 8: On Entrepreneurship, at Jaipuria Institute of Management - Part 8 - YouTube

Part 9: On Entrepreneurship, at Jaipuria Institute of Management - Part 9 - YouTube

Part 10: On Entrepreneurship, at Jaipuria Institute of Management - Q&A - YouTube (Q & A)

I am a motivational speaker & corporate trainer. I offer corporate training programs on the following:

a) Programming on the .NET platform (using C#, WCF, WPF, and all .NET related technologies)

b) Programs on public speaking, communication skills, goal-setting, time-management, leadership, hiring and sales.

c) I also conduct open workshops independently (Where will Sathyaish be next?). These are open to all to attend. They are very reasonably priced.

You may get in touch with me by emailing me at sathyaish at gmail dot com. I look forward to being of service to your business or organization.
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Thanks for the appreciation, AVS. Caught you on another thread. :-)

lokendra, my advise for you is very practical.

1) All accomplishment starts with an intense desire. You have to want the thing you say you want badly enough that it hurts not to have it. It must be an obsession, a passionate hunger, alike that of a bloodhound/police dog chasing a criminal. You have to chase success like that, to have it. If you have that drive and passion, then don't ask anyone for advise. Everyone will give you differing opinions. Only listen to your inner voice.

2) Save up enough money to make sure you never run out of cash for your living expenses for at least 2 years. The start will always be tough. Very tough.

3) Pull out a piece of paper and pen. Now, think. Ask yourself, "What are the core skills that I am good at that I can teach others that will be very valuable to them in building their organization or business or in helping individuals by building them into strong personalities?"

Prod your brain until you get an answer. Write down a list of skills. Don't just stop at one. Write down at least 20. Let us call this list "List A."

Now, make another list. List B. Ask yourself a second question, "What are the skills that I do *not* have, that can make me insanely successful?" It could be communication, it could be sales, it could be becoming a better listener, it could be anything. Let's call this list "List B."

The important thing is, start right now to work on "List B" but at the same time, don't wait till you are fully over with mastering every skill on List B. Launch your business now. NOW. The very moment you have made the two lists.

4) Launch. This is the biggest obstacle many people face. They make all grand plans and all, but then sit and amuse themselves by repeatedly thinking about them when they are drinking beer. That's all.

To be smashingly successful, you have to launch NOW.

If you have some burn out cash, and you have an intense desire, and you have skills, there is nothing that can stop you.

5) Learn to sell. It's all about selling. Not marketing. Marketing is adding fluff to whatever you sell. Selling is about going door to door and talking to people, making sales calls on people. Selling will make you rich. If you know how to sell correctly, it will make you a millionaire very soon. You *must* read every book you can on selling/sales. Take up every course you can on sales, if you really want to be successful. This is the one core skill everyone must have.

I have a training program on sales. Let me know if your organization is interested.

6) No one is coming to your help. You have to do it alone. You are the only resource you have, and that is just about enough to get you what you want. No one is coming. Don't rely on other people to save you and cook for you and serve you a nice dish in the platter. Success doesn't come that way. It is attracted to the brave warrior who fights like a king.

7) Only an individual that constantly learns will be successful. Those that do not will remain where they are -- in modest, mediocre jobs that they actually don't like, but they think the money is okay and they can't earn more if they didn't have the job. They'll all stay there. But you will soar like an eagle and they will watch you fly with the eagles -- into millionairehood and you'll have the riches of this world if you simply cultivated the habit of upgrading your skills.

So it applies to every organization. An organization that has a culture of learning, and invests in the education and learning of its employees will soar like an eagle where the mediocre ones who are trying to pinch pennies by adopting the false economy of saving up the dollar by not opting for training programs will sit and be boiled in a squat. Their revenues and profits will stagnate. And you can see that in the results of the organizations. All big and successful organizations like IBM, Microsoft, Google, etc. have a very strict regime of training their employees on a consistent basis.

It is not that these organizations have the money to do it and that is why they are doing it. It is the converse that is the truth. They are investing on training their employees and hence they have more money.

So, learn every day. Read in your field every single day.

8) Finally, persevere. Success comes at a price. It's not like someone will give you some contacts and you'll start selling. You'll meet with obstacles. There will be blood, my friend. You will have the door slammed on your face more than you can count, you will have people tell you that you are not good, that you are an idiot and that you are a bad person, and what not, and you have to persevere with all that, and believe in yourself. People will tell you all sorts of things to make you want to give up. Don't.

Remember one thing, the greater the difficulties you face, the higher your success will be. It is like climbing a ladder or taking the stairs. The more the number of flights of stairs you have to climb up, the higher up the building you will be climbing.

So, celebrate your failures. And know that a greater success awaits you.

I wish you success.


Sathyaish Chakravarthy's personal website
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