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Are you having trouble boosting morale of your employees? Are you finding it difficult to get the maximum output from your team? Do you think your team can perform much better if only they all worked together? Are you planning to prepare a training strategy for your internal employees? Can you measure the ROI of your most effective Training programs held?

Well. If you are like most business Management, you may have trouble finding the time to keep your team supercharged. This is why it is important to have a specialist take care of your most important assets people.

At Commsure Knowledge Solutions, we specialize in transformation of average teams or employees in to super performers. We have the skills and experience to come in and help you. We have designed our own e-Mpowered learning model -a blend of physical and continuous e-learning concepts. We just don't deliver the generic training but we customize our content in alignment to the operations and processes of your company.

From India, Hyderabad

I am a corporate trainer from Coimbatore, with an experience in training for near around 14 years and about 60 companies primarily in manufacturing units (HYUNDAI, TITAN, LMW etc.,). My exposure to training basically is on behavioural aspects which primarily focus on team building and team work, and of-course in most areas of management. Many times even team building has to be custom made to suit the need of the industry, failing which the training will not be effective. Example, in a project construction there is a lot of understanding required between the site HR and corporate HR. they hardly get to see each other, but need to work as a team. Similar challenges are almost present in every industry which needs to be primarily understood by the trainer. Often the organization who wants their professionals and executives trained, treat training as a ritual and hence the ROI becomes a factor of mockery. Invariably blaming the HR department and the trainer.
Now, regarding measuring the ROI on training, as most trainers are expected to keep the participants completely sporty and delighted, eventually the results are not felt / there is a huge pep up of energy for next few days and the feed back is too good for the day. but is that all true?
The behaviour that needs to be measured has to be listed. say
Areas of behaviour change expected:
Analytical ability
Pointing out mistakes at work clearly and not the person
Attitude towards quality of work / productivity
The same needs to be measured by the superiors and peers over a period of 3 months.
Kindly see the attachment below.
In many organizations the effectiveness of atraining program is difficult to be evlauated at the shop floor. However the training was focused in delivering certain expected behavioural changes and the same needs to be measured. In the first one week to a month the enthusiasm and the energy of the program is felt by the seniors who monitor the staff who had undergone training. However the energy slowly vanes and creates a feeling of hollowness and makes the organization feel whether such training programs are essential. The failure to harness the best of the employee is a major flaw in the system. There are small work practices which can keep the enthusiasm and the behavioural changes alive. Such practices are given below for the benefit of Murugappa group.
HR Practices:
Say, we expect a behavioural change relating to better team work / quality of work life, the following factors can be observed;
Factors for evaluation Week 1 Week 4/month 1 3 Months later Training needs
Trying to be more friendly with peers and superiors
Willingness to take tough jobs and share the work load of a peer without complaining
Commitment to honour the work taken
Better quality of work done / concern for the quality of work and work environment
Being more participative and suggestive
Sense of pride and happiness towards work

The degradation can be seen if evaluated in a 5 point scale (of 5- changes felt are v.good, 4- changes felt fairly good, 3- changes are fair, 2- no changes, 1- negative effect . ) over a period of three months. In order to sustain the changes, there must be appreciations and acknowledgments towards the changes that are seen and exchange happiness in making the values remain.
Some Practices in my client organizations:
1. Attendance incentive for being present for three months consistently without a single leave - Rs 500 given with appreciation.
2. Incentive for tool maintenance by the operator and for good production practices is evaluated by the supervisor and the tool room supervisor and the prize is– Rs 1000/- for the best operator every month and the appreciation is kept in the notice board. For consistency a double increment at the end of the year of service.
3. For house- keeping and cleaning of the machinery every day while leaving the shift evaluated by the supervisor and the next shift operator – an incentive of Rs500/- for the best operator every month.
4. For reaching productivity as scheduled with nil rejects and less than 2% rework is rewarded with a family holiday pack for 2days in aweek end worth Rs 10000/- If consistent for a period of 3 months.
5. There are many such practices which include gift voucher for a dinner / movie tickets for two / small gift packs which have something useful for the family.
Given above are some practices which have been very effective. In case of absenteeism after a long holiday, double the wages are paid for being present the last working day before holidays (Say pongal) and being back on the opening day. However the selfish ones would try to defeat every system employed. But it is the conscious and continuous effort by the HR dept, required in bringing the necessary / expected work environment with expected values. It is a never say die attitude that is required to handle manpower resources and get the desired results by the HR.

From India, Tiruppur
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