Dear Friends
Can any one help me in creating "Annual HR Report". What are the activities should i consider while preparing the "Annual HR Report". As of now i have included the following
1. Division wise headcount
2. Attrition Report
3. Pictorial representation of Attrition report
4. Brief description on attrition
5. Recruitment cost
Can you give your suggestion what else can be included in this report. Also if anyone has "Annual HR Report" template kindy send to my id
Thanks & Regards
17th August 2011 From India, Madras

Hussain Zulfikar
Hris Implementation, Payroll, Recruitment,
S.M.A Robin
Senior Executive, Hr & Admin
Sr.hr &ir Executive
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Hi Rajasekar

If you are submitting the Annual HR report to Senior or top Management to present the overall scenario of HR activities and developments in the branch / company You may include following reports too :

Training & Development : Cost of Trainings, List of Trainings (external or Internal), division wise, designation wise, Comparison between standard and Actual.

Analysis of Employees Hired during F Y : Desingation wise, age wise, division wise, manager wise etc

Compensation & Benefits reports : Salary Distribution, benefits, additional cost towards salaries, reimbursements, comparison between Previous and Current F Y.

Employee Movement Report : Transfers, Promotions, Rotations

Rewards & Recogntions Report : Employee Engagement programs, Scholarships, Sponsorships, Awards etc

Annual vacation, leave analysis reports

Performance Evaluations reports : Division Wise, Manager wise, result wise etc

Keep reports as simple and numeric as possible, prepare them mostly in excel, every report shall convey meaningful and conclusive information in order to plan ahead.

Every report shall highlight positives and negatives in the mentioned activities.

Hope this was helpful
17th August 2011 From Kuwait, Salmiya
Dear Hussain
Thanks for your suggestion. I got a clear idea now how to prepare "Annual HR Report". you have presented more clearly than what i expected.
Thank you very much for your timely support.
If you have any template kindly share with me.
17th August 2011 From India, Madras
Hi Rajasekar
You most welcome, I m glad to help.
Yoour requirement are specific to your industry and company, having general idea, and on basis of your understanding you can create reports in excel sheets, graphs etc.
I dont have any templates for such reports, you need to work it out, use your imagination and creativeness.
17th August 2011 From Kuwait, Salmiya
Pl add the employee development part also ie., how many employees are promoted, transferred and what are the critical positions, who are all the critical people and what is the succession planning.
Employee productivity part also brings lot of respect & focus for the HR as it shows the HR's readiness, alignment and value towards the core business.
Thanks and regards - kamesh
17th August 2011 From India, Hyderabad
HR Budget inclusive of following component 1 Manpower Budget 2.Recruitment Budget 3.Training Budget 4.Annual attrtion report
18th August 2011 From France
Dear Rajasekar, 1. About the Company brief introduction 2. Last year Hr achievement 3. Employee motivational activities - awards and rewards 4. HR budget last year - coming year Regards P.Packiaraj
18th August 2011 From India, Bangalore
Dear all,
Did any one have head count report format for corporate? if yes, I kindly request you to share with me. I am new to HR reporting and every time i am struggling getting the proper format. In this case I need your kind help to over come my problem.
Also if is there any other format related to HR Reporting? if it is please send to my mail id vjsann3@gmail.com
Please help me out.
Thank you,
Best Regards,
19th February 2015 From India, Chennai
Dear Seniors, Will you please provide any materials of Annual Report or any draft that could be helpful for beginners like me. Thanks, Robin
17th November 2016 From Bangladesh, Dhaka
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