I have joined an IT company last year in Nov’10 as a Assit.Manager –HR.. Strength of this co is only 30-40 employees and there is nothing much to do.I am the only person in HR Earlier I was in the Co. which was having the strength of 800 employees. Whatever I have learned in that Company (earlier one) implemented here e.g

Recruitment process,
Induction ppt,
Employee handbook,
Payroll sheet,
Performance Review format.
Other useful formats

I didn’t find more learning here. I can’t leave this co. because I have not even completed 1 yr of my service here.

Can any body suggest me what should I do ?

From India, Lucknow

HR , Personnel & Admin
Hello Pretti ,
Working as a single person as HR that too after coming from a company
where 800 people were there is a very difficult work.one feels degraded.
Get the complete knowledge as a whole regarding every aspect of HR.
especially legal part of HR and then shift to a better job.
Rajeev Dixit

From India, Bangalore

HR & Back end Operations
What was your objective for joining the Company??? obviously you would be aware of the Company & its area of operations & employee strength before joining ........................................rgrds
From India, Mumbai
Everyone joins the company with some objective if your objective is fulfilled then start searching for new company otherwise have patience and try to achieve your objective and fulfill the objective of company as they have also hired you with something in their mind......... :)
From India, Lucknow

HR Manager
Dear Preeti,

I could step into your shoes to realize the saturation point you are at now. Well, I feel that number of staff does matter towards your activities and responsibilities. However, at the same time, I should also look for the company's growth in the near future by doing my own analysis...

What type of company it is?

How its been constant in the market since its venture?

What it will it be by next two years?

If the growth is visible and practical, how my role will be?

Do I foresee any team that I can lead? At the same time, how this will impact my compensation factors/benefits.......... etc.

It's easy to advise you but I strongly recommend to do your own analysis on these points. It's just been 8 months since you joined and compare your experience with your analysis.

If you are spending time there with a calculation of completing one year, trust me ... you are not going to stick there for a long time.

HR performs a strong role in employee management towards attrition and retention. Being into this profile, I am sure that you understood the hidden contributed factors for this statement.

You will just get answers based on assumptions for your thread, but I recommend you to work on your own goal against your career and field of interest.


From United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Dear Preeti, It is very big opportunity for you to work in such company. Regards, Vineet Deshmukh
From India, Yavatmal
I am in the exactly situation as Preeti is currently, however I switched the company because the contract with the previous company got over.so I had to look for another option and join in immediately without having any gap...but I feel the same way as Preeti is feeling..

From India, Pune

Thanks for prompt reply.

Earlier I was in Insurance co, where most of the employess are not well educated (Graduate or Undergraduate, immature) I wanted to shift in an IT co. where I could find more intellectual people.

Moreover at the time of joining I was told there are around 100 employees all across India. But it was not like that and because I have left my earlier company, didn’t have any option. I thought to streamline their all the processes. I have worked on the following with in this period

Employee Database (Master Data)

Employees Leave/Attendance records.

Recruitment Process

Induction ppt

Payroll Database

PMS forms and process.

Association with new client to deployed our resources (employees)

Now, I am working on HR Manual and modifying it and I think within 8-9 month looking for another job …can be a question on my stability.

My major concern is that m working here as Asst. Mgr and how I justify what I have learned in this year as I need to look forward to next level after year. There is no senior in HR who can guide me. I am doing whatever I have learned in my past job


From India, Lucknow
Hi Guys
After a long struggle I have got a job in an MNC where I Feel hesitation in talking and sharing my food with my staff members
As they are from the rich families and from the convent school
Please advise as I am loosing my identity on daily basis

From India, New Delhi

HR Manager
Tanya ... a very nice question from you. We generally observe this at many workplaces.

First you should understand one thing ... you are no more in a school/convent... a company hired you based on your skillset... here richness doesn't matter, your 'performance' matters.

If those rich gals don't perform well, you may not see them down the line and where you could see yourself as a 'manager' .... then you have to deal with people who may feel the same as you are feeling now.

So, this is the life of cycle ... never give your weakness to speak out and shape up as 'inferiority complex' ... if it happens, others will have a reason to tease you.

Many people have the tendency of speaking too much or with fake show-off .... dnt go by words or looks. Try to comfort yourself with everyone with a cheering smile and have good dressing sense...

Off track .... gals get good attention than men by their clothes, smiling face, and way of talking ..... :)

Just buck up and get geared to explore a new Tanya ...... Your name carries so much confidence and maintain that in person. Make your presence attractive and awaiting. Enhance your process knowledge so that people come towards you for other details.

There's nothing left in sharing food or sitting with rich class ..... sit with people who give value to you and see the pleasure you feel.

Carry on.........

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai

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