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Hello Sir!
I am working as a Human Resource Assistant in a PRINTING and PACKAGING company. I have one project and it is related to BPR. I have some data like the PROCESS FLOW of every department, the CURRENT MANPOWER and some of their workloads.
Can someone help me or advice me on how i can start preparing BPR report. What other information needed and the manner of preparing it, what are the things needed to consider before preparing BPR report.
Thank you.
Jar Arcilla
19th June 2011 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Dear Jar,
Could you kindly tell me what you know about BPR and why are you doing the project? What are the project's aim and objectives?
Have a nice day.
Learning and Teaching Fellow (Retd.)
The University of Bolton, UK.
"It is never too late to learn or improve oneself"
19th June 2011 From United Kingdom
Dear Sir Simhan,
To tell you honestly this is the first time i encountered this BPR. I had the interest to learn more about this process not because it is required in my project but also for my own learning. We want to restudy the process flow of every department. Check if there are un-needed process, duplication of work as well as checking the process if we need to add or to subtract some of the processes in our process flow.
I really appreciate your help Mr. Simhan. Hope to hear from you more about this matter.

19th June 2011 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Then Kindly read some of the material available at Google
If you have a process flow chart of any process and can attach it here, then I will take a look and give you some idea.
Have a nice day.
19th June 2011 From United Kingdom
Thank you Sir. Tomorrow i will be sending you the sample of our process flow.
It is still a study also from our company this re-engineering, that's why i am also eager to learn and to push this project. As what I've mentioned we are targeting various factors like, checking the duplication of work, converting some process into automated (IS Programs), studying workload to control overtime in certain department, also if we can cost cut some expenses This are the things that I am considering in my project.

19th June 2011 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Hi there,
If I may draw your attention if you have a flow chart of your process then you have visual representation of the process and the people involved in the process the only thing you need to make sure that your processes are efficient & affective
Looking forward to your attachment
20th June 2011 From Oman, Muscat
Thank you Sir, but as what i've said in this thread, this management approach is new to me, that's why i'm asking for further advise or guide in preparing a BPR report or on how i can deliver the those targets into a report or analysis report.
Looking forward to your advise.

20th June 2011 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
I strongly suspect Business Process Re-engineering is a specialised area of work and requires the input of a specialist.
You may be better off preparing a business case for management to argue for contracting a Specialist person to come in and assist you.
The beauty of that idea means that you can work with the contractor to understand the process and increase your skill levels at the same time.
Whilst you can ask for theoretical help here, the reality is that CiteHR members do not know how your organisation works nor do we work there. So I think it would be very difficult to give you any practical help in this regard.
20th June 2011 From Australia, Melbourne
Thank you Sir, anyway maybe some of the experts i've talked with early might have some more additional information. I'll just send to them the sample process flow and hope that they can give me more ideas and suggestion.

20th June 2011 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Sir, please find atached sample process flow that i prepared. This is from acquiring the JOB ORDER from SALES department, to Customer Service, to Planning for Production (board availability), to PRE-PRESS (Design), to Production and last for Shipping.
I also attached here the process flow of our PRE PRESS (Design) Department.
Hope this will help.
Thank you and regards,

20th June 2011 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

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Dear Jar Arcilla,
We can help you since we undertake such Assignments and done in past similar projects to identify and reduce Non Value Added Activities with the help of Process Owners.
Please give your Location and the Manpower involved and your intention to appoint consultants for helping you in this Project.
Warm Regards,
20th June 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear Sir,
Thank you for the advise. As of the moment, we are not yet planning to have some external consultant for this matter. I am dealing this project by myself and just asking from some expert their advises a couple of suggestions and tip, and some help.
Should we go further for this project that needed some external consultant i will be considering your advise.
Thank you.

20th June 2011 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Dear Jar,

I just happened to browse thro and found your request. Well...well..there are some good insights, valid and relevant clarifications made by some in replying to you…!!!

Your Industry: printing & Packaging" rings a bell. I wonder whether you are in to Printing & Carton Making or Flexible Packaging..!!

I am a Business & Training consultant and right now in to a similar role in a flexible packaging company. I have over 10 years experience in the flexible packaging industry and if you too are in to the same...then I probably can help. Flexible Packaging is one of more complicated indutries when it comes this sort of assignments.

As someone quite correctly has mentioned, this sort of work may need specialist’s involvement. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be so. If you are an enthusiast to fathom things, improve and need to be in this role for your company with commitment then you would succeed. There is enough and more literature available today on the net and most of all what it needs is commitment and insights in to the business.

I probably can help you if you can send some more specific information along with the exact type of business you are in to.

Business Process Re-engineering is to change your current system/systems to work better reaching higher efficiency & productivity levels bringing impactful improvements to your bottom-line. Thus it needs to study the current systems; (the full business model that is currently in place) in & out so that you would know it to make your proposals for change based on factful reasoning and justifications.

The business owners would be extra careful and at times be reluctant to bring forth certain changes unless and until they are certain and sure beyond any reasonable doubt as good changes would bring good results the bad would make you worse off.

Let us see how things can be sorted and start moving..!!!



20th June 2011 From Sri Lanka, Panadura
Dear Mr. Punya!
Thanks for that wonderful introduction! We are in the industry of CARTON PRINTING and PACKAGING.
What I only aim in this project is to see if there is a need to change the process flow, to see if there are un-needed process or manpower involved in one process, to check if there are duplications of work, and on how it can help cost cut in in some ways.
These are the initial things i am considering in this study. I'm looking forward that you can share some ideas, suggestions or tips in this subject.
Thank you.

20th June 2011 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Dear Jar,

Please let me know where you are based. Did you get my e-mail?

I have had a brief look at your files. In the Pre-Press planning process, in the Zund column "Mock up Sample" is the start of the process. I wonder why they make samples, without being asked!!

Similarly in the Sales Dept flow chart, I wonder why Delivery Commitment/Re Schedule in the Customer Services Dept is required, as there is no incoming loop.

You need to question the need for steps in the process using the 5W and 1H process. While working as an Industrial Engineer in FMCG industry and also in the electronic industry, I had use the 5W and 1H method in improving processes. Using the Five W's and One H Approach to Six Sigma gives a good explanation of that.

Also Kindly see The CPS : A guide to Process Mapping It contains a good guide for Process mapping.

Have a nice day.


20th June 2011 From United Kingdom
Dear Mr. Simhan,
Just now i checked your mail and i'll just reply to it later. Our company is based in Saudi Arabia.
For the ZUND column,mock sample is the end product which will be sent to customer. INPUT there (ZUND) will be the "sample box or Quotation w/ outline drawing of the dimension of box" from the customer, it will be then analysed by the sample maker and draw an outline in the ZUND Machine and cut it also there to have an end product of a "MOCK SAMPLE BOX".
In the sales, I just put that process there (Delivery commitment) since ORDER TO PROCEED will be coming from the CUSTOMER SERVICE dept. so i just put that process under that column.
Anyway Sir, I will also reply from you mail for some more info.
Thank you very much!

20th June 2011 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Hi there,

Please find below how I have analyzed part of your process however,

Request For Quotation Sample:To Who you Raised the quotation t, what document is involved

Estimation Process: Who Estimates the Process and how long does it take to estimate it

Price & Sample Approval: Who Approves this document, how long does it takes

Quotation Sample: Who Samples the quotation

PO & RJB: what does these initials mean, & who does it and how long

Price Approval: who approves the price and how long does it take to obtain it

However, even though you have already put together a flow chart, please find below a softwere which will assist you in developing a better one

Create flowcharts, org charts, floor plans, business diagrams and more with SmartDraw. Download it FREE!

when writing the report you need to consider the following points:

Purpose of the Report

What is the report trying to achieve

Which are the processes mapped

Old flow chart and process and how long it took

New developed processes flow chart and time frame

How much of time has the new process saved for the business

What are the technologies used or introduced to improve these processes

What are the forms/ documents introduced to improve the process work flow

How much material cut was made

Any recommendation to better the process in the future, either by recruiting manpower/ introducing technologies (software/ hardware)

Hope the information provided is of use,

All the best in your project
21st June 2011 From Oman, Muscat
hi dear Jar,
BPR is a kind of project where experts bring about the consistency and relevance in various business aspects and activities to reduce Time and Cost, to maintain the quality standards so as to serve the customer in a appropriate way and to achieve organizational objective.
the above elaboration is a very theoretical but is worth full to work on BPR with a specific concept in mind.
21st June 2011 From India, Indore
Dear Jar ,
GM ,
You are doing BPR first time , its Good , Really it is Excellent Concept , Even in Old days in 1900 the Company Like Ford in USA , has done lot of work , infact we are 100 Years behind to others ,
As you know , you have to define the Process flow of any activity , with new thoughts , with out focusing on the existing process , i have done some course from Japanese Institute ,
It can give improvement up to 20 to 30 % & may be more also .
21st June 2011 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Sir,
Thanks for the interest and for some advise. I am looking forward that you can somehow share me some tips, ideas and suggestions and might as well share some information from the courses made.

21st June 2011 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Dear Ms. Jar,

As you have great interest in learning this Reengineering process, I will share information which could help you in making this report.

Process reengineering focuses on simplification and elimination of wasted efforts. A central idea of process reengineering is that all activities that do not add value to a product or service should be eliminated.

Several jobs are combined into one. Work normally performed by a number of specialists in different functional departments can now be performed by one individual or team.

Reengineering starts with a high-level assessment of the organization's mission, strategic goals, and customer needs.

Basic questions are asked, such as "Does our mission need to be redefined? Are our strategic goals aligned with our mission? Who are our customers?

Re-engineering identifies, analyzes, and re-designs an organization's core business processes with the aim of achieving improvements in cost, quality, service, and speed.

BPR is often used by companies on the brink of disaster to cut costs and return to profitability. The danger is that during this process the company may slash its capacity for future growth. One of the hazards of BPR is that the company becomes so wrapped up in "fighting its own demons" that it fails to keep up with its competitors in offering new products or services.

While American Express tackled a comprehensive reengineering of the credit card business, MasterCard and Visa introduced a new product -- the corporate procurement card. American Express lagged a full year behind before offering its customers the same service.

Principle obstacles to BPR include the fear among employees that their jobs are endangered and that years of experience will account for nothing. To overcome these apprehensions, managers must constantly communicate their plans and expectations.

How to reengineer?

 Develop vision & strategy

 Determine customer requirements

 Goals for the process

 Create desired culture

 Map and Measure the existing process

 Develop technology solutions

 Design a Reengineering process

 Implement the Reengineering process

Reengineering Recommendations:

• Place the customer at the center of the reengineering effort.

• Case teams must be comprised of both managers as well as those will actually do the work.

• The IT group should be an integral part of the reengineering team from the start.

• BPR must be sponsored by top executives, who are not about to leave or retire.

• BPR projects must have a timetable, ideally between three to six months.

• BPR must not ignore corporate culture and must emphasize constant.

Once all the past mistakes and resistance are identified and overcome, the successful completion of the BPR effort is very much possible.

Best Regards,

21st June 2011 From India, Dehra Dun
Dear Sir,
It is basically a thorough study of the working process, the time taken for different jobs with an inclination to improve the efficiency. This results in removing the repeated actions and increasing the number of people in the jobs which are a bottle neck in the whole process or introduction of machinery to reduce the time in those jobs.
In totality it can result in improvements in time taken for completion of the processes and resulting in cut in cost. This includes a time and action study.
This is an expert's job and can only be accomplished by the people who understand the working of the industry very well and are aware of the new trends. Hence it is better to engage consultants from the industry,as rightly pointed out by the super moderator. This will give you better results and train/educate you how to take up the similar projects in future.
Sincerely yours,
Prithvi Pal Singh
21st June 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr. Deepak,
Good day!
Thanks also for the interest of following this thread. As what I've said earlier in this thread, this process is really new to me, and i don't really have even a single idea of how to prepare such study or report, but thanks to the HR EXPERTS who undyingly give support and help in my project.
Your ideas and advises are very healthy, and i guess it will be pushing through the advance stgaes. Right now i'm still in the study, redefinig and cheking of the process flow, as soon as i go further in this project i will be reconsidering your points Sir.
By the way, my tittle is "Mr" just for information.
Again thank you very much Sir.

21st June 2011 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings from Middle Earth Consultants

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21st June 2011 From India, Hyderabad
BPR will need involvement of people .Who have hand on knowledge and who are inovative.HR personal to identify and quickly make a group of such persons .Kept eternal experts also as they will give fresh ideas of reengineering.
Once the team for each process is made.The process to be studied by the team and come up with new reengineering models. Keep the top management involved for overall progress monitoring.Keep time bound targets . I am sure you will be able to get success and good job for your company.
21st June 2011 From India, Rajkot
[QUOTE=jararcilla;1587511]Hello Sir!
hello jararcilla ...

i m also working in a printing & packaging company as a quality supervisor ...u can ask me any question regarding production dept. & work flow....i will be happy to help you in your project.....
21st June 2011 From India, Shimla
Kindly also look at
BOLA: Operations Management - Work Study and More at Google
Have a nice day.
22nd June 2011 From United Kingdom
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