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Dear all,
Shall anybody give me a idea to relive from the following problem?
My carrier growth is getting stuck with my boss.
Some personel problems with my boss before two years back. He is not giving good rating to me (If my all performance are good).

From India, Bangalore

When he is relatively free, sit with him and calmly explain to him about your achievements. You can also ask him what are your shortcomings and problem areas from his view point. Also, use the opportunity to ask him, what are your grey areas for improvement.
It is always better to talk openly, frankly but with controlled emotions, than shouting, shedding tears... You can also, if you feel like, praise him as your role model and you are emulating him in your career.
Many bosses like his subordinates or team members to be free, frank in voicing their grievances directly, instead of hearing that through some other sources in the office.
Best wishes
NK Sundaram

From India

Good Day,
As advise of Mr. Sundaram is very good, if you already have been passed with that, then there is no choice except to involve third person, get HR involvement and have an open mind meeting, where you can resolve this at earliest.
Thank you,

From Kuwait, Hawalli

You have one more choice left. You can contact your boss's Immediate Superior, who in turn is your Next Superior to intervene and resolve the issue.
It is always advisable that the three of you meet across the table and sort out the issue. The problem is confined to your office and between two individuals. Hence no outsider can help you in this respect. Further, it is advisable that you dont delay such issues and allow it to escalate.
Best wishes
NK Sundaram

From India
Rajiv Madan

I am agree with Sundaram. Involve HR or some one more superior to ur immidate boss. Go with your achievements during last 1 year so that at each and every negative marking u can prove your capability.
All the best.........

From India, Bangalore

Mr. Sundaram has correctly suggested even the next step. I wonder on a couple of things.

How is your management: A Sensitive Management, A Professional Management or A Pro-active Management.

What kind of organization you work with, Government (where there ois job security) or corporate? Is it big? Whether transfer is possible? A proactive management can help in transfer if it is feasible. I have seen quite a few instances of this kind even in corporates.

Involving HR or going upwards to your boss's superior is a good idea. However, such bosses keep good relations with these personnel. Find out that before going upwards.

Rightly it is said that People Do Not Leave Companies, People Leave Managers. 90% of Employees Leave Companies Because of Mental Harassment.

Is your boss a bully? Does he harass other employes working under him?

Then you can think of change in your Basics Approach:

1. Be the best in your job

2. Be Assertive

3. Bullies Thrive on less assertive, highly emotional and vulnerable people.

4. Think of Upfront Conversation, However, No Confrontation!

Keeping silence does harm but Confrontation does not help or would do more harm.......

What type of job it is? If you can keep qualified data of your work, that would help when the time comes.

Is it possible to communicate through intra mail with your boss to keep progress of work with cc upwards? Such a communication over a time becomes a solid document. Documentation of facts is important if one day you have to defend yourself as repeated bad reports is bound to invite higher management in picture some day.

Dr Ulhas Ganu

From India, Mumbai

I think you have reached a stage where there no compromise formula work owing to ego problem and superiority complex in your boss, no matter how better you perform. You are also getting humiliated and getting a feeling of career block. This will certainly reflect on your work later or sooner. Such ruthless people are not modifiable.
Why put yourself in trouble for none of your fault. Remember "HARI SADU". You may consider a transfer from your present assignment within the organization where your boss's interference is nil or try getting a better job elsewhere.

From India, Chandigarh
Hi ,

You have 2 options here.

1st option,

Make a list of your achievement for the last 2 years , from a Minute one to the best , relate it on how it has contributed to the company's benefits / Progress

with this list speak with your HR Manager and then you both meet your boss and try to resolve the issue , In most of the cases the issues get resolved immediately.

In some cases the issue may not be resolved and the HR may support your boss due to their personnel relations, In that case you boss is bound to harass you further , so you need to go with option 2

Option 2:

Make a minutes of Meeting you had with the HR and Your boss, attach it along with your achievements and send a mail to your top management keeping the HR and your boss in CC.

The Bottom Line is clear , If your boss treat you well , you are a part of his team. If he is acting smart and trying to ruin your growth , then make sure even that fellow meets the same fate. You may not be benefited by this but atleast he will learn a lesson .

All the best


From India, Bangalore
You said that you have already discussed the matter with your Boss but how often have you done it?
Even if you have already discussed the issue with your Boss please do it again & again. Just make sure that someone from HR or Senior Management knows that you ware trying to resolve the issue related to your performance.
No Senior want to be projected as a person who is not able to guide his/her juniors in right direction.
Secondly ask someone from HR to evaluate your performance for you this way you will also know what is the real issue. Third party evaluation holds a strong credentials in front of the Senior Management.
Also start looking for a Job because no matter what you do your actions are going to comeback to haunt you in your future with the same Organization.

From India, Mumbai

Every body seems to be driving Sethumanoharan to a point of humiliation. The measures suggested will harm his self esteem and he will lose his wit to work honestly with a zeal. Why an honest person has to beg for his modesty?
In the given situation, I reiterate my earlier suggestion of getting isolated from this danger man (his boss).

From India, Chandigarh
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