Dear Seniors,
I have to send a circular stating that henceforth LTA amount will be transferred to the employee account only once in a year . How do i draft the same in a professional way and send a mail to all employee.
Please help me in drafting the mail

From India, Madras
Dear Prema,
No one other than you know the requirement of your company very well. You should write the draft on your own and post it here. Seniors will correct it. 100% spoon feeding by seniors is not in your interest.
Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Agree with Dinesh Divekar. Prema please compose a draft & publish it on this forum for further corrections from seniors.
From India, Mumbai
Dear All,
Please find the draft below:
This is to inform you that the LTA for the calendar year will be credited to your respective bank accounts by tomorrow evening and for those who joined in the middle of the year, a proportionate amount will be credited taking into account your date of confirmation or joining respectively. Henceforth similar like bonus, LTA will be credited in one particular day for all by end of April. In the course of time if you want to take LTA leave as usual you can send me the intimation, but the LTA amount will be transferred only by end of financial year. For those who had not taken LTA leave we will deduct 5 Earned Leave from your leave account.
Is this fine or any changes to be made........pls advise

From India, Madras
Dear Prema,

The draft could be as below. I have prepared it as per my understanding. However, you can make changes as per your requirement.


Date: -

Office Circular No ---/2011: Disbursement of LTA

1. All the staff members hereby informed that the rules for the disbursement of LTA have been revised. Hitherto, the LTA was paid as and when the claim was received. However, it has been decided to streamline this process.

2. Hereafter, irrespective of the receipt of the LTA claim, the claim will be settled in the month of April. Last date for the receipt of claim to HR Department is 31st March. Claims received after this date will be settled in the subsequent financial year.

3. On receipt of LTA claim, HR department will vet and process the claim and forward it to the accounts department. Accounts department will scrutinise the claim and keep it pending for its payment.

4. In the month of April, a designated member of the accounts department will initiate payment process. Claim amount will be directly credited to the bank account of the employee and no separate cash or cheque payment will be made.

5. Employees who join the company in the the middle of the year, they also can make the claim but they will be paid pro rata amount. However, employee must have completed 90 days of continuous service (including Sundays and holidays) to become eligible for this pro rate amount of LTA.

6. Rules for submission for the original copies of tickets of rail travel or boarding passes for air travel along with the LTA Claim Form will remain same and there is no change in these rules.

7. Staff members who do not avail of any leave will be paid fixed amount as LTA as per their designation. They need to submit the LTA claim form even for this blank claim also. However, for the payment of blank claim their five days earned leave will be deducted. If they do not wish this deduction of the five days leave, then they will not be paid any LTA amount.

Authorised Signatory


Point No 7: - By the way I did not understand exact meaning of the statement "For those who had not taken LTA leave we will deduct 5 Earned Leave from your leave account." I have written as per my understanding however, you can make necessary changes as per my requirement.


Dinesh V Divekar


From India, Bangalore
Dear Ms. Prema
At the outset, I sincerely thank Mr. Dinesh for posting OFFICE CIRCULAR, professionally drafted. I am sure, Mr. Dinesh would have invested nothing less than 30minutes to draft such CIRCULAR because its not easy job.

I would be glad if you could get yourself trained in BUSINESS COMMUNICATION/LETTER/NOTICE/MEMO/OFFICE ORDER - DRAFTING SKILLSby hiring a coach/consultant or Mr. Dinesh Divekar.

Unless you pay a price, you'll never understand the importance of a skill in your life, else you need to learn yourself by exploring the net followed by aggressive practice sessions(continuous self development process)

I don't understand as why individuals are taking this site for granted. This site is not a READY MADE SOLUTION FOR QUERIES neither any member is committed to solve individuals query/problem/issue. We can only guide you but cant do the SPOON FEEDING JOB.

There are many members who don't even have courtesy to thank for getting their job done through this community.

With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Shaik,
Thanks for posting your comments.
Please note that i am not taking this site for granted, thats the reason i drafted and asked for the suggestions. I am the only HR person in my company and no senior to guide me, in this case asking suggestion is not wrong.

From India, Madras
Dear Ms. Prema
I am glad to know that you are the only HR PERSON in your organisation but felt really when i learned that, there is no senior to guide you.
Within your organisation, have you ever tried to seek guidance/help from those who has got good command in language or possess letter drafting skills. I am sure, there should be someone who can help you out. This is the best way to explore your employees and build employee relationship, within an organisation, which is most sought in every organisation, irrespective of its size.
Please do correct me if i am wrong.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Shaik,
Ours is a small company, I can't approach them for this kind of help, because they themselves are not that great drafters of mail. Only person i can approach is my CEO, i do take his help but if i go for every mail, he will start thinking that i am inefficient. Thats the reason i joined this site. Anyways let me try improving myself in written communication.

From India, Madras
Dear Ms. Prema,
Kindly dont underestimate yourself. Its not the question being of inefficient, its all about SELF IMPROVEMENT. We learn by doing mistakes but, its not mandatory for us to repeat mistakes or commit mistakes often just to learn something.

Your CEO must be matured personality and i am sure, he will never hesitate to support your growth, honestly. Try seeking his advice in those areas where his support might be of great of help to you. Good news is that, there are professionals in every organisation who love to help their employees/co-workers in developing/gaining certain skills, but, bad news is that they are found in very less numbers.


You will find, plenty of books on LETTER DRAFTING. Kindly buy one and please go through various formats. Practice everyday and i am sure, within 30-60days, you will gain the skill which you deserve and it is mandatory for you.

Have a nice day..

With profound regards

From India, Chennai

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