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Dear All, What is the role of HR in Recruitment Process. Why HR Take initial round. How HR Can control the excess Recruitment in the organization.\ Regards, Arti
From India, New Delhi
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Elisante Yona

Dear Arti - Chopra,
HR can play multiple roles in recruitment process,first to identify the vacant post,prepare job description for the post,prepare advert,and post on the newspapers,receive applications and file them in the interview file,review applicants resume,participate in the shortlisting of candidates for the interview,organize and conduct interview,prepare interview report,inform the successful and unsuccessful candidates,prepare offer letter,prepare orientation programme.
With best regards,
Elisante Yona

From Tanzania

Hi Arti,
please elaborate why are you seeking the answers, is it some assignment? As you haven't given any information regarding the company, your experience, your role in the company it becomes difficult for us to give response to such questions.
also, as you are 60 posts old member in the forum, you must be aware of the research tool, and the similar topics column that comes in the right side of this page.

From India, Delhi
Dear Aarti
In recruitment Hr plays a major part mainly in identifiying right candidate for the right job.
Why we take first round?
There are many reasons
!. We dont want to waste the time of the technical people by sending unscreened candidate
2. To make sure that this candidate suit our organization.
3. Candidates silly questions are cleared in first round.
How HR Can control the excess Recruitment in the organization.
You have a good understanding of business of the organization u belong and should be involved in all aspects of Managment planning.
Eg: Manpower Planning,Yearly Target and in financial meetings etc.
Then you will know what kind and how much people required to run the company.
Anand Mahendran
Sr.HR Executive
Fleurdelis Technologies Pvt Ltd

From India, Delhi

Dear Archana,
Actually One of the new joinee HOD in mine organization do not want to involve HR in recruitment process that is why I was asking how I can conveyance the management How HR role is necessary in recruitment process, why HR takes the initial round.



From India, New Delhi

Hey Arti,

Thanks for the response dear!!

See there are always two facets to a coin, similarly in recruitment role of HR is like that, technical people see just one facet that recruitment is all about interviewing and then hiring the candidate.

How ever the other side is for HR, to judge candidate on the parameters such as:

-Communication skills,
-Presentation skills
-Their attitude and confidence
-Adaptability to the culture
-suitability to the role
-to answer queries of candidates regarding role, company, timings, leaves etc

These are the things we generally try to find out in initial rounds before sending the candidate for technical rounds.

As Mr. Anand also mentioned that technical people will blame HR then for not sourcing right candidate if HR would not be a part of recruitments.

from Sourcing the candidate to giving final offer letter and designing their compensation structure is all part of HR. Its only for technical interviews and gelling with their departmental heads one or 2 rounds are in between for technical/functional departments.

Now the other question - How HR can control the excess recruitment?

Manpower planning is the solution to curb and control any excess selection. HR plays a key role from designing organogram, to drafting JDs, evaluating the requirements, when and how much is required, succession planning, positions requirement in the whole organisation, looking in details if there is any duplication of work/position, budgets for recruitment and so on.

Hope it resolves your query...,..:)


From India, Delhi
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