Hi, any one send me good warning letter for drink Alcohol during working hours. regards. krishna3898

21st January 2011 From Congo

Krishna, did you get a nil response or did someone send you a good sample of a warning letter for drinking alcohol during working hours. I am dealing with the same issue. I am doing a lot of research. Seems as though managers have an easier time dealing with absenteeism as that is mostly what I am finding. I have had two good meetings with the employee on this very topic and need to follow it up with a memo of warning and can't find a thing either. I am finding that there is a lot of looking the other way and ignoring other staff feedback when it comes to topics of a more serious nature such as this one. That is too bad because such an issue affects the whole team. I hope you find a sample and if you do and want to share it that would be great. I am currently trying to draft one for my purpose. I hope to have it done by the end of the week end because by now it is more of a nagging thought.
8th April 2011 From Canada, Winnipeg

Does your appointment letter mention that 'the consumption of alcohol and other substance abuse, during the work hour is punishable amounting to termination '?

In case you don't have it so far, please include it as early as possible. Reporting to work under the influence should be included in this clause.

Please perform medical checks to bring it under control. We used to arrange sudden medical checks at the workplace. It doesn't take too much, but helps in bringing a control over the discipline at the company.

Each time anyone is reported to work under the effects of alcohol, please take stern actions. A consistent program to eradicate this habit will show a result in the long run. You may face initial dissent, but stay at it. You will be creating a substance abuse free workplace.

I am attaching few warning letters as contributed earlier. You need to include the Alcohol and substance abuse clause in it. Please consult with your reporting managers on the actions to be taken and create three escalating level punishment, for non-adherence.

Furthermore, please consult your company lawyer on this. It should not create a safety hazard and defect in your workplace standards.

Warning letters doc


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9th April 2011 From India, Mumbai
Hi I want to give Circular drink while on duty is to be strictly prohibited & it should be in marathi Regards Shital M
18th February 2017 From India, Mumbai
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