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Thread Started by #Deepu

Dear All,
Please find the attached Leave record file. It will be suitable for small organisations.
Instructions for using this file
AL – Annual Leave (Privileged Leave )
CL – Casual Leave
SL – Sick Leave (Medical Leave)
CO – Compensatory off
WP – Leave With out pay
HD – Half Day
It has assumed that there are 8 Casual Leaves (CL), 7 Sick Leaves (SL) and 12 Annual Leaves (AL) (1 Annual Leave will be added every month) for the leave calendar. Also assumed that Saturdays and Sundays are holidays and compensatory off (CO) will be added if somebody present on Holidays (insert “P” if present on holidays – Compensatory off will automatically added). Half day leaves will be deducted from CL.
You can change all these parameters as per your needs.
Just enter the leaves as CL/SL/AL/CO/WP/HD in the respective date columns.
Also you can find a summary of leaves in the “Master Sheet”
Please let me know your valuble inputs so that i can improve this sheet.
Thanks & Regards
26th June 2007 From India, Delhi

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File Type: xls leave_record_2007_143.xls (405.5 KB, 18235 views)

Hi Deepu,
Can u give me the leave policy and tell me the formula of leave calculation,how many leaves we have to give and how to calculate earned leave and paid leave.
waiting for your response
27th June 2007 From India, Gurgaon
Hi Pramita, You can find the formula by clicking on the respective cells of the Excel sheet. Please find attached file for the Leave Policy. Regards Deepu
27th June 2007 From India, Delhi

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File Type: doc leave_policy_203.doc (53.5 KB, 5864 views)

Hi Deepu !
It's nice to know that u r actively participating in the CiteHR !
Thats a very good contribution u have given !
Why don't u join us in the meeting being organised on 1st July07 (Sun) at 11:30 AM at Nirulas CP, New Delhi !
Please check from the latest thread as Ms. Anupama Saini is coordinating for the same.
It's nice to see that both of us from the same Organisation have become the CiteHR member !
Keep it up !
Thanks & Regards,
Pankaj Kumar Sinha
< >
27th June 2007 From India, Delhi
Hi ALL EXPERTS:CLARIFICATION SOUGHT RE PL AND SL (Annual Leave and Sick Leave) Combination.

As allowed by the Company rules, an employee has 32 days of PL to his credit and 27 days of fully paid Sick Leave to his credit....

He proceeds on 32days PL, duly applied for and sanctioned.

After 16 days he informs the company by fax, email and a letter through courier that he has fallen ill and he cannot continue enjoying his PL; he says he has SL to his credit and so from 17th day of his leave of absence, he should be considered to be on Sick Leave and not PL. (He is entitled to 30 days of Sick Leave WITHOUT PAY (unpaid sick leave beyond his accumulated Sick Leave). He reports for duty on the 74th day of his proceeding on leave (PL 16, Paid SL 27 and unpaid SL 30)and says his unavailed PL of 16 days should reman to his credit on the leave record card for future use. ( He did submit initial and final Medical reports.

What should be the legally right thing to do? (My personal view is that sick leave is meant for sickness; and should be allowed; but this is a strange case.)

27th June 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hi Deepu, Good one. This is very helpfull for small companies where the strength is below 100. Keep it up. Harini
28th June 2007 From India, Bangalore

please check if useful....

Leave Rules

Purpose of this document:

This document is aimed to bring in clarity on the existing leave rules and make necessary modifications / inclusions wherever necessary.


 To all full-time associates of XXXX Ltd.

 This document supercedes all the previous releases about Leave rules of XXXX Ltd and shall come in to force from the date of release.

 Changes to this policy will need expressed approval of Executive Vice President – HR & CA.

Type of Leaves:

1. Casual Leave

2. Privilege Leave

3. Maternity Leave

4. ESI Leave

5. Special Sick Leave

6. Education Leave

7. Leave on Loss of Pay

General Guidelines:

 Associate should obtain prior approval of leave from his/her immediate superior.

 Where prior approval could not be obtained due to exigencies, the same has to be obtained with in a reasonable time.

 Associates availing Special Sick Leave or Educational Leave will have to submit necessary documents in proof along with leave application. Immediate superior after considering the genuineness of the issue has to make recommendation to Head of the Group / SBU / Dept. The same shall be sanctioned by the Head of the Group / SBU /Dept and Dy. General Manager HR jointly.

 Year is to be reckoned as 1st Jan – 31st Dec.

 Clubbing of different types of leaves is allowed.

1. Casual Leave:


 All Full-time associates of XXX Limited

 Eligibility starts from Date of Joining.

Quantum of Leave:

 12 days per year.

 Associates joining us on any date other than 1st Jan would be eligible for CL on pro-rata basis.


 Intervening Paid Holidays / Weekly Off during the CL’s period will not be counted as CL. In other words, an employee who avails CL on Saturday and on Monday will be debited with only 2 days CL in his credit and Sunday will not be considered as CL.

 Unavailed CLs cannot be carried forward to next calendar year.

 Unavailed CLs cannot be encashed.

2. Privilege Leave:


 All Full-time associates of XXX Limited

 Eligibility starts on completion of 1 year of service with the company.

Quantum of Leave:

 20 days per year.

 Immediately on completion of 1-year service, an associate's leave account will be credited with 20 PLs and thereafter will be regularized to calendar year.

Availing Privilege Leave:

 It is mandatory for every associate to avail at least 10 days (at least one instance 5 consecutive working days) of PL in a year. This provision is brought in to encourage people to take break from the work schedule and also to give the other team members a chance to exhibit their abilities.

 While carrying forward un availed PL, irrespective of the fact whether an associate availed 10 days PL or not, short fall (if any) for 10 PL shall be deducted from the balance.

 This mandatory clause shall not be applicable to those associates who are on on-site assignment for minimum period of three months in that calendar year and on return they did not have minimum three months time to avail 10 PL.

 Intervening Paid Holidays/Weekly Off during the period will be counted as PL.

Encashment of PL:

Voluntary Encashment:

• All associates are entitled to encash PL over and above 20 days once in a calendar year subject to minimum of 7 days.

Automatic Encashment:

 For associates in and up to PM Level - PL balance in excess of 45 days in an associate's account will be automatically encashed.

 For associates in and above AGM Level - PL balance in excess of 90 days in an associate's account will be automatically encashed.

Rate of Encashment:

 Basic pay as on previous 31st December divided by 30 days multiplied by the number of Privilege leave to be encashed.


Voluntary Encashment:

• Duly filled and signed Application for voluntary encashment should be submitted in the month of March to HR and the payment shall be made along with April month salary.

Automatic Encashment:

 HRD Dept. will take stock of all associates' PL balance as on 31st Dec and will process automatic encashment along with April salary every year.

3. Maternity Leave:


 All Full-time female associates who are not covered under ESI Act.

 Eligibility starts after 6 months from date of joining.

Quantum of Leave:

 12 weeks

 All 12 weeks have to be utilized at once and the expected Date of delivery should fall during the period of leave.

 It is advisable to plan the leave in such a way that

 Leave period starts at least 3 weeks prior to Dt. Of delivery and

 Leave period ends at least 3 weeks after Dt. Of delivery

 In case of miscarriage, associate will be eligible for an additional 4 weeks leave.

 Associates having two or more than two children shall not be eligible for maternity benefit.

4. ESI Leave:


 All associates who are covered under ESI Act.

 Eligibility starts from Date of joining of an associate.

Pay while on ESI Leave

 An employee who has availed ESI leave will be paid for that period by the ESI, as per ESI Act. No salary will be paid by IEL during ESI leave.

 For further details regarding the benefits that can be availed, please contact Mr. Parthasarathy, in HRD.

Other formalities:

 Associate who has availed ESI Leave has to submit all necessary documents in proof of treatment undergone by authorized ESI personnel.

5. Special Sick Leave:

As a goodwill gesture, it has been decided to extend Special Sick Leave to all associates (who are not covered under ESI) who were affected by serious diseases (to be read as those which are non recurring) or accident.

Sanction of leave is discretionary and the authority to sanction lie with Head of SBU & Dy. GM - HR.

Quantum of Leave:

 12 days per year

6. Education Leave:

To encourage continuous learning and acquisition of knowledge in their relevant function / skill, It has been decided to extend Education Leave to all associates.


 Only full-time and confirmed associates are eligible.

Quantum of Leave:

 15 days for calendar year.

 This leave can only be availed for attending the classes (in case of distance learning) and / or writing the examinations relating to the course. (The Leave period should match with the date of examination / classes)

Indicative list of academic programs that can be pursued:

LoB / Dept Designations Degrees permissible for Educational Leave



PSD Trainee, Jr. Conslt, Conslt, Sr. Conslt BE, ME. M.SC(Remote Science, Geology, Geography Only), PhD

PL, APM, PM BE, ME. M.SC(Remote Science, Geology, Geography Only), MBA, PhD




PL, APM, PM, Consultant, Sr. Consultant BE, B.TECH, ME, M.TECH, MBA, PhD

Sys Admn All positions BE, B. Tech (ECE, E&E, Systems), PhD


F&A, Admn All positions MBA, CA, CWA, CFA, PhD

7. Leave on Loss of Pay:

 Leave granted on extraordinary grounds without salary to an associate who does not have any leave to his / her credit. This is allowed only once in a year up to a maximum of 10 days.

 Leave on Loss of Pay may be granted only in genuine cases where the sanctioning authority is convinced with the reasons given for the leave.

8. Unauthorized Absence:

The following absences shall be treated as unauthorized absence:

 Absence for which no leave application has been submitted for sanction of leave.

 Any absence for which leave application has been submitted (irrespective of the type of leave), but not sanctioned by the authorized person.

Unauthorized Absence constitutes a major misconduct and attracts disciplinary action.
2nd July 2007 From India
Depu, it is wondeful and a very useful sheet .But i didnt find the maaster sheet.. Anupama Saini
3rd July 2007 From India, Calcutta
Hi Anupama, Master sheet is the last sheet in the work book, which summarise all the leaves taken by an employee. Regards Deepu
3rd July 2007 From India, Delhi
deepu, are you taliking about he Nov month sheet as the master sheet ...??? :?: :?: :?: :?: Anu
3rd July 2007 From India, Calcutta
No Anu, there is total 13 sheets in the work book. Jan to Dec 12 Sheets and an additional sheet named 'Master Sheet'. i think you have to shrink your sheet tabs in excel, or click on the last sheet arrow at the left bottom of the excel sheet.
Thanks & Regards
3rd July 2007 From India, Delhi
Hi Deepu,
You have done a great job by posting your files. If I have to make such a file it would have taken so much of thinking and time.
Your time spent and willingness to share the hard work is highly appreciated. It helps startup companies like ours which doesn't have a separate HR department as of date.
This kind of gestures gives us motivation to share what ever knowledge we have for the benefit of the society and that way everyone benefit from the same.
Keep the good work going and motivating us to share!
Best regards
6th September 2007
sir, it is good one , but need for 2008, our company has 30 days annual leave policy, exceeding to this will be LOP. i have a team of 24 people and finding it difficult to maintain and send the reports to payrole. please help.
5th June 2008 From India, Mumbai
Good one but I have a doubt regarding number of leaves to be given. Whether we can give in total 10 days per year without any classification of leave. Ours is a small software company.
Please help me.
7th July 2008 From India, Bangalore
Hi Deepu !
i know you posted this last year already but i just started with keeping records for the employees, please let me know how to use this sheet, when i type in 1 under the date column nothing happens please help me to undrestand how this work.
23rd September 2008 From South Africa, Johannesburg
Hi Deepu,
Can you advise me where I would change the amount of leave days? eg my work has 5 weeks leave a year 14 sick days etc. Also is this VB code as well? I am wondering if im able to to change the names of the leave types?
Thankyou so much from a user in australia

2nd December 2008 From Australia, Sydney
Hi all,
Here I have a querry
"After completing the probation period should the leaves of the probation period be added to your leave entitlement for that year?
Also please tell me that if the pay is cut for the days absent during the probation period should be reimbursed or adjusted after confirmation?"
Thanks & Regards
16th July 2009
Hi All, Can someone suggest me a way to come out with a report on staff leave /leave report for an organization with 270 staff.
19th August 2009
18th September 2009 From Pakistan, Islamabad

Attached Files
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File Type: xls LEAVE ENTRY FORM AND LEAVE BALANCE.xls (19.5 KB, 977 views)

Dear All, I am going to promote as a HR Manager in My company. so I need all HR Forms so Please send all HR Forms which can usefull for HR Manager. Regards, Gangapuram
30th September 2009 From India, Hyderabad
hi Deepu,
I know this is probably an old post, but Im at a new job and I need some help as a part of my duties I have to handle HR and keep records of Leave days. Im not great with excel and im from east africa so leave days and sick leave and other leave is not the same as india.
Is there anyway you can help me?
13th July 2015 From Kenya, Nairobi
Dear Mr. Deepu..

Hi...this is John here. Kindly provide me a .xls format of leave record data with the following topics...

20 employees..

following leave

CL -------------- 7

SL -------------- 7

PL -------------- 2 pl added automatically every month from end of 3rd month onward and at the end i.e, 12th month

3 pl will add. total 21 PL.

C/Off ----------- when work in w/off and holidays (1 comp off will add automatically)

Absent --------- as and when required

Present -------- as applicable

Any other Leave.--- as applicable

Moreover holidays as per requirement can be adjusted which will reflect indicating the column colour.

the sheet should be like, i am maintaining the record monthly and a separate sheet for each employee

will create automatically where I can display the summary of each employee at the end of year.

Thanks & Regards,,John
26th December 2016 From India, New Delhi
Dear Deepu, How to show absent in monthly leave sheet. Thanks & regards. Kan Singh Rathore
30th June 2017 From India, Ahmedabad
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