Dear All,
Please clarify me that we need to pay the minimum wages of skilled job or the least minimum wages, when a worker learns that particular skill by engaging them in the production.

From India, Madras
Hi Ganesh
Ur query is not clear to me. Still i'll try to answer. As a statutory requirement every employer has to ensure that workers are getting minimum wages as per the latest Gazzette notification applicable to that state. If the worker is semi skill, skilled or unskilled he has to be paid as mentioned in the notification.
Notification gives clear guidelines for the minimum wages applicable. If u have any confusion in understanding their terminology then u can consult Labor commisioner's office.

From India, Pune
Hi Ganesh,
Its mandatory to pay the min. wages as per the skill set they possess, if you engage a employee with BA or any non-technical background, you can engage him/her as a unskilled employee and pay min. wages as prescribed for unskilled. But you can't engage a ITI/technical diploma qualified person with some experience, in unskilled category. You need to check the technical background and skill set they posses, before fixing the min. wage slab for them.
Suresh Ramalingam

From India, Mumbai
Hi ganesh
Minimum wages act enacted by the central govt. strictly emphasis on paying the wages accordingly to the wage notification issued time to time by the concerned state government.
The act does clarify the different wages to be paid to the different categories of work force, but doesnot define which work come under which category, it is in the good interest of the employer to consider the particular work in particular category. But one thing is clear you cannot pay a person less than what a circular issued by the particular state government for the unskilled worker.

Hi, Can anybody send me wage policy, i would like to have detailed study? Pl. provide me in the below mail id Regards, Kumar

Dear All,

It is very nice to see you replies. But still clarify me on the following.

For example the Govt. Min.Wages notification shows that the Min.wages for helper/trainee is Rs.4000 which is the least min.wages of the industry.

The min.wages for a skilled machine operator is Rs.5000 for the same industry.

The trainee/helper are frequently trained in "on the job training" to develop them as skilled labour i.e. Machine operator. These trainee/helper are direct workers and all the legal benefits are given whichever is applicable for them as worker in a factory.

During on the job training, the trainee/helper are supposed to engage in the production to train and get some output (for measuring the performance of the trainee/helper) but not as much as a skilled labour.

During the period of on the job training (1-3 months) some production/output are taken from the trainee/helper to measure their performance in the skilled job.

Please tell me.

1. During the training period the factory should pay them the min.wages of the helper or machine operator since they are engaged in the production and performing some skilled job but not meeting the standard of a skilled labour?

2. Is there any legal or statutory requirements with regard to the above.

Thanks and Regards


From India, Madras
Dear All, I am waiting for your valuable thoughts and informations. Please share with me. Regards Ganesh
From India, Madras
play safe ie pay as per the jobactivity which the employee performs.
dont pay helpers salary for people who have 4-10 yrs of exp.
let me give you an example:
refer to Private security agencies regulation act 2005.
security guards are paid at unskilled level throughout India, this problem has been addressed in the act and soon we are going to see imrovements
the correct scale is "Matriculate"
The bottom line is none of the fortune 500 companies engage in penny piching when it comes to worker salaries whereas the indian counterparts start cost cutting by getting contractors/ deluding minimum compliance.
feel free to raise questions

From India, Delhi
Dear Suryvrat, Thanks for your reply. Please clarify me when the workers are freshers or unexperienced what should be the pay? The helper wages or operator wages? Regards Ganesh
From India, Madras
in case of fresher you can give them unskilled worker salary however for how long/ many years is the question ? 1-2 years is a fair period but not beyond.
do you file employement adverts regulary ?
A safe idea would be to refer to similiar standards set by ITIs or vocation training centres.

From India, Delhi

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