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Dear All, Help me out with Some exercises to demonstrate Mentoring Competency. Thank you for the support.
From India, Bangalore
Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Consultant, Writer And Trainer
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Dinesh Divekar

Dear Jayesh,

Study of mentoring subject would reveal that Mentoring is an OD intervention and not a competency. Mentor is a senior person who is amalgamation of guide, coach, counsellor, trainer etc. A Good mentor possesses following skills:

a) Listening Skills
b) Questioning skills
c) Counselling Skills
d) Feedback skills
e) Interpersonal skills
f) Motivational skills
g) Coaching skills etc

In addition to the above skills, mentor should be thorough with organisation's philosophy. He/she should be able to interpret situation and give a judgement whether decision conflicts with the organisation's values.

To implement mentoring programme successfully, first you need to have sound mentoring policy. In this policy you need to clearly enumerate what is to be done, when is it to be done, who will do it, how long to do and who will monitor and who will maintain what records, what are the risk factors etc.

While mentoring is important but organisation should have some maturity also. Once I was conducting training programme on Mentoring. It was for Mentees. Participants had spent couple of months in the company. One participant rose and asked me in the mentor-mentee meeting, whether he can ask to mentor questions that are related to organisational affairs but which are ticklish one. I told him yes. Then he tossed 3-4 questions and told that none of the mentor will have answer to these questions and they all started laughing. Somehow controlled the situation. Therefore, my request to you is that please give primacy to this maturity factor rather than competency factor lest mentoring becomes perfunctory.


Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Hi Jayesh,

Mentoring competency can be obtained by all these:

1.Mentor has a clear understanding of own personality and behaviour and the impact this
has on others. Such as
# Uses emotional intelligence to manage own emotions and behaviours when
interacting with others.
# Role models self awareness by sharing examples and strategies for managing
emotions and behaviour in self.
# Demonstrates the ability to see an others perspective and is able to consider
multiple perspectives.
#Recognises if own perspective is contaminating the mentoring process thus
avoiding transference.

2. Mentor has an understanding of what motivates people and how they relate to each other
#Recognises and explains patterns of behaviour in others using real examples and
#Recognises different learning styles and offers learning processes that are
#Gives feed back on mentee’s behavioural strategies that enables them to develop
more effective approaches.

3.SHould have an understanding of both strategic knowledge and basic knowledge
Provides a corporate overview vision.
# Accepts and expects responsibility for self, others, the organisation and
environment with the greater good of the community in mind.
# Provides specific expertise on procedural approaches that are relevant to the
# Diagnoses, collects and analyses information looking for links, developing and
constructing new ideas.
# Manages ambiguity and complexity with an understanding of the causes of
organisational tensions and paradoxes.

Apart from all these The mentor should have goal clarity, communication skills, Relationship management skills and so on.

In mentoring leadership program we generally show them lots of videos, you can use Chak de movie also as one of the video.

Aldo including lots of role plays works for the mentor program, the role plays could be based on real life situations and solutions.

Hope it works for you...


From India, Delhi

this gives a clear and basic insight in a nut shell on the scope of Mentoring training. good posting from which we can further develop.
From India, Kochi
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