Dear All Pl. provide me Latest HR Techniques to minimize Attrition rate. Regards, Dinesh chandra sharma
27th January 2011 From India, Gurgaon

Hi, For reducing Attrition Rate, the best technique is to use "HR Practice" in the organization. And also by improving the IR - Industrial Relations part, the Attrition Rate will surely decrease.
29th January 2011 From India, Pune
Training programmes are the first affected area when management wants to cut costs. Please help me in providing answer for this
29th January 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear All,
I am working for Manufacturing company in Goa . Our total permanenet workers are around 125 nos. and managerrial staff around 100 nos.
I would like to know the systemetic approach for layoff of workers. In view of high cost of raw material and shortages of raw materials we would like to go for lay off.
Kindly guide me on the following.
1. What is the notice period required for permanent workers ? and what about on Probation ? Whteher staff can be retrrenched on the basis of layoff ?
2. We have union for 125 workers. Should we give notice to Union. If yes when ?
3. Are we supposed to inform regional Labour commissioner also. If so before retrenchement or afterwards .
4. What should be the compensation paid to retrenched workers.
5. Whenther we can give layoff to workers for few months and then can take them back as per requirement.
6. If union disagree for lay off then what should be done ?
Please give your valuable suggestions.
29th January 2011 From India, Pune
there are no 'new techniques'. the basics are the same as ever.
Companies with low attrition focus on 4 things:
1. Employees feel empowered. they get to make decisions that affect their work. they are in some control of their lives.
2. Employees feel that they are progressing in their careers.
3. Employees have good relationships with their workmates and management. the company can promote this through social events.
4. Employees feel that they are 'part of something bigger than themselves'. Ideally the company should have a vision that is not just about making money for the owner. (this is why people will work for charities for years without pay)
Working on any of these things will lower attrition. Working on multiple (or all) of them will drastically improve employee retention.
29th January 2011 From India, Mumbai
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