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I am looking for some niche training programs for our organisation like
  • 7 habits of highly effective people
  • 6 thinking hats
  • Management grids etc
Can you suggest me some more of these expensive programs?

From India, Mumbai
Sunil Chandra

Dear varshitamahajan,
I am Senior Corporate Trainer based at Noida.
I have the required expertise in conducting the above said Programs.
For more details, you can get back to me on 9818212290.
Sunil Chandra

From India, Calcutta
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Varshita,
Other than the programmes that you have mentioned, I too do niche programmes. Please provide me your contact details and we can discuss about your requirement.
By the way, if you are interested, I will provide training-cum-mentoring. For any training programme, a mechanism is required to check whether learning is implemented or not. This in itself makes the programme expensive.
To make you aware of my training activities, I have attached my Training e-brochure to this post.
Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
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Hi Varshita
We offer some unique programs like:
1. Edward De Bono's Lateral Thinking
2. The Search for the Lost Dutchman's Goldmine (Business Simulation) - we are the exclusive partners in India for conducting the same
3. Metamorphosis - a 360 degree transformational program
4. P6 - Sales effectiveness
5. Critical Thinking Skills (with South Asia's expert facilitator)
and many others.
For details, please get in touch with me on 9619436626.

From India, Delhi
Dear varshitamahajan, I suggest you to have the training of 7 habits of highly effective people.
From India, Madras
Pradipta Kumar Samal

Hai, The best of all these option is Mr. Dinesh V Divekar. He is very much result oriented.
From India, Calcutta

Hello Varshita
Try these -
- Peripheral Thinking - Per force, all managers keep sharply focussed on the activities pertaining to their current business, as per their current mindset. This allows future threats to emerge dimly at the periphery of and gradually move inwards for the kill. By the time they come to the notice of center focussed managers, they have become too strong to be countered. So, we need to develop skills of peripheral thinking, which allow us to keep the focus on the job at hand but alongside post mental sentries at the periphery which alert us when threats emerge there.
- Game theory - How people react in competitive group scenarios, particularly in those where the outcome depends not so much on the excellence of your decision as it does on how well it interacts with that of the other party.
- Tool and situation based creative thinking, particularly TRIZ/ASIT ( the revolutionary Russian technique of Inventive Thinking )
- Situational Leadership - purely by means of screening well known English movies and them discussing them.

All programs conducted primarily as interactive games, validated by strategies of instructional design.
Alok Asthana
Col ( retd )
Home - Innovators & Leaders

From India, Mumbai

Dear Varshita,
You could try "Situational Leadership", "The power of Mind Mapping" for your senior management. Also, a company called Vital Smarts organizes a program by the name of "Crucial Conversations" . I have not attended the program but know it to be good on the content front.

From India, Mumbai


I am an approved/certified Managerial Grid Instructor. This is a copyrighted programme of Grid International Inc. This needs pre-work by the participants and also we have to buy the course material from them to conduct the programme.

The Grid Leadership Seminar is a four-day residential program designed to increase leadership effectiveness. Based on Grid theory developed by Drs. Robert R. Blake and Jane S. Mouton, the seminar is the classic tool for attaining leadership excellence and teamwork skills.

The Grid workshop is popular in 30 countries worldwide in 14 languages.

The seminar puts participants in the driver’s seat. The seminar is designed around a series of team-based activities. Within teams of 5-7 members, participants complete a number of measurable team tasks. A key element of the learning is achieved through subsequent team analysis (critique) of the human dynamics at play within the team. Participants spend 90 percent of their time in hands-on activities that provide opportunities to learn from direct experience and to receive personal feedback based on observed behaviors.

Through a process of ongoing development and review, team members gain a solid grasp of highly effective teamwork and how to realize the best in themselves and others. Both team and individual behavior is examined from the

perspective of six specific relationship skills: Critique, Inquiry, Decision Making, Initiative, Advocacy, Conflict Resolution, Resilience

Do get in touch if you wish to go ahead with this programme. Contact me for more details on this


Praveen Singh


Director & Chief Counselor

Cogito Training & Counseling Centre




Mumbai, India

From India, Mumbai

The new version is 8 effective habbits by Steven Covey. Kaval Vaseer HR Learning and development United Kingdom
From United Kingdom, Nottingham
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