Dear Sirs,
Actuly I want to ask you a question that we have already puted a First Aid boxes in plant then after injury of employee, employee will done his dreesing in plant beside the First Aid boxe but those blood contaminated dressing where he will put & how it dispose, can this question will ask auditor.
Thanks in advance for your reply.

From Czech Republic, Mlada Boleslav
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Raj Kumar Hansdah
Shrm, Od, Hrd, Pms


Dear Mr Bhosale

This pertaining to your query regarding what to do with the contaminated dressing material and specially if the dressing material is contaminated with blood and pus.

In hospital set up and health clinic set ups we make a provision of disposable bags with different colour codings. Where yellow colour bags are used for disposing the blood and pus contaminated dressing material and other human secretory wastes.

In your case it depend upon how big is your set up and if the frequency of injuries are much then there will be more chances of getting these kind of wastes and in such cases you can make a provision of covered waste bins with covered with yellow coloured disposable bags. Such bags are to be disposed off and incinerated ( burning) on daily basis. Person handling such bins are required to wear gloves to prevent any infection.

Next to your query of whether during audit will the Auditor lokk for such issues then i will say that its very unlikely because auditors are generally not having such knowledge and they are not from medical backgrounds. May be if the Auditor is having specialisation in Indsutrial Hygiene then it may be possible otherwise i have advised the things from preventing and avoiding infection point of view. Yeah an Auditor like me surely will invite troubles for you if he finds the blood contaminated dressing material kept in open bins and along with general waste bins. Please do not dispose dressing material in normal waste bins. Bins containing such material should be marked hazardous and always kept close.

I hope it will be of some use for you

RP Singh( Ravi)

American Heart Association Certified Advance Cardiac Life Support Trainer and Industrial First Aid Trainer, Health Educator

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From India, Bangalore

Dear Bhosale
As advised by Mr. RP Singh you purchase some covered dust bins and use in your First Aid Room and wherever you placed the First Aid Box in your factory. Daily instruct your scavenger to clear the receptacles and destroy the same under supervision.
This is what I am doing in my company (Construction Industry).
With Warm regards
S. Bhaskar

From India, Kumbakonam
Raj Kumar Hansdah

Dear ravelove On behalf of the members, I thank you very much for giving such an authentic and factual response to the query. I also thank boss2966. Warm regards.
From India, Delhi

Dear Mr Rajkumar
Its a pleasure to write here for the queries pertaining to the medical and health issues. I request all members to please do post many more queries related to health and medical issues and i will try my best to provide the best amicable solution.
Just to add to the same issue here again please make a provision of black color plastic bags good if the bag is biodegradable for the general waste and blue color bag for plastic waste, red/ yellow color for human biological waste such as pus/ blood, used dressings etc.
RP Singh
American Heart Association Certified BLS and ACLS Trainer, Industrial First Aid Trainer, Health Educator


From India, Bangalore

@ RP Singh
Dear Sir
Very nicely you explained... Thanks a lot...
Few quiries arised in my mind after gone through the entire write up as follows. Hope to get the answers from yourside:
1. What should be the disposal method?
2. The colour coding which you mentioned is as per which standard? The same is applicable in India?
3. How many coloured waste bins to be kept in an Industry/Facotry as per status?
Thanks in advance...
@SSB: Thanks for raising such a topic for discussion in the forum... Lets keep on participate and share/gain knowledge...

From India

Dear Sir,
In any kind of factory or hospital there are four type of colour coding used in India
Red Colour - For Solid Waste
Yellow Colur- Human Anatomical Wsate
Black Colour- Discarded Medicine
Blue Colour- Waste Sharp

From Czech Republic, Mlada Boleslav

Plz find atachment on waste management.
From Czech Republic, Mlada Boleslav

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Dear Mr Dipil

Thanx for your comment and before i could have written something about color coding of disposable bags i think Mr Bhosale has already written about it.

Few things he has not mentioned and i am mentioning here is that for industry if it is having MI Room or OHC then all the four colored bags are essential otherwise if only matter of disposing dressing material and that too occasional then only yellow colored bags are needed. A waste bin having a lid preferably foot operating should be used and inner of this bin to be lined by these bags.

Daily disposal with prior care taken by handler by wearing gloves and these bags are needed to be incinerated ( burn) only.

This standard is as per the guidelines and they are international which are adopted by pollution control board of India and more precisely for the disposal of biomedical waste disposal. Its huge topic because all the hospital are facing so many troubles since there is no leniency from PCB side for disposal of hospital waste.biomedical waste can not be mixed with general waste since it can be a serious health hazard.

Rest color coding is exactly what Mr Bhosale has mentioned

RP Singh(Ravi)

American Heart Association Certified Advance Cardiac Life Support Trainer,Industrial First Aid,Health Educator


From India, Bangalore

@RP Singh(Ravi)
Dear Sir
Thanks for your valuable inputs...
Thanks for your reply. The attachement you have uploaded was actually a contribution from myside only under the below thread. However thanks for your comments.

From India
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