hi friends Can any please tell me the basic difference between "competency" and "competences". its urgent plzzz Regards Rima
From India, Madras
Jhuma Tiwade

Competence is the functional /technical traits required to perform a job better.Eg;presentation skills for a mktg person, IT skills for systems guys.
Compentency is the behavioural traits reqiured for the job to be performed better eg; good communication skills, analytical skills, negatiation skills etc.
Jhuma Tiwade

From India, Mumbai

Hi Rima,

The term “Competencies”, “Competence”, and “Competent” refer to a state or quality of being able and fit. The English Dictionary describes the word Competence as the state of being suitable, sufficient, or fit. The work place definition of Competency refers to a person’s fitness with reference to his or her job. In the work context, however, competence has two variations that differ in their meaning, depending on organizational frames of reference.

The two terms arise from different streams of though on the concept of fitness at work. They are:

1. Competency which is a description of behavior, and

2. Competence which is a description of work tasks or job outputs.

Despite the generally accepted distinction in meaning as given above, the terms are still interchangeably used causing them to mean different things to different people. There are also many who wonder if there is any difference between the two terms.

Let me know if you need any more details regarding these.



From India, Bangalore
Ajay Ambewadikar
Hi Rima,
Competency is an underlying characterstic of a person which enables him/her to deliver superior performance in a given job, role or situation.
competencies are seen mainly as inputs. they consistof clusters of knowledge, attitude, and skills that affect an individual's ability to perform.

From Sweden
Ashmi Prakash
Has anyone come across a definition for both these terms(Competency and competence)? If so who has defined them, could you please share the references? I would appreciate if someone could take me through a scholarly article of the terms, where the terms are used interchangeably?
The dictionary says competency is the noun for competence.
Could this be quoted as the base for a research support. Kindly respond

From India, Bangalore
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