Dear all,
First of all tank you everyone for posting such helpful threads and articles.
I really dont understand how can i search candidates from job portals. I ve been through net but invain.
Please suggest me the way.
Thanks & Regards,
Amritha Nair.

From India, Mumbai
It is same as how we search jobs in portals.
It depends the category you search.
Example: if you need MBA fresher.
1. you can choose by the location.
2. As you decide (because you will have N number of profiles.)
where as if you need programmer.
you will give the required qualification. So, that profiles will be less.
With regards,
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From India, Coimbatore

Dear Amritha,
First thing is that are you new for the job or you are new with the portal? If you are new in your job and you don't know how to search, then you have to go with the user help tab which would be given in the portal.
If you have taken a job portal for the first time in your office then there would be a person who would come and give a demo on to how to operate job posting, managing, searching, refining, screening, etc.
Again the account manager of the portal are open to help anyone on to operating the portal at any point of time even the portal has been in service to a particular organization for a long time.
Good luck!

From India, Bangalore
Its very simple...!!!
For simple search............... log in to any portal.....say to employer's Zone... login by using your user id and password........... You will find various options.... go for residex..... search resume...... fill up the desired inputs/specificatios and searched.
I hope you will be able understand everything by looking at the page. To go for more customised search you might have to ask for demo to the portal representive, I am sure they will never mind coming and giving u the demo.

From India, Visakhapatnam
Dear Ms. Nair,
I do understand from your query that you have not subscribed for the job portal but instead you are searching in the job websites to get the resumes, if I am not wrong. (this happens sometimes in case if you are new to the job). To search for resumes in the job portal you have to get employer membership from the job portal sites by paying the prescribed amount. The amount depends upon how much logins you opt for your company. Once you get membership of the job portal an executive comes to give you demo on how to use the portal and your job becomes easy.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Ms.Nari,

Mr.Shreekanth is right.

Step 1 : First of all you have to decide which job portal you intend to subscribe for.

Step 2 : Call the job portal sales team and discuss with them, but before you discuss you need to assess the following.

a. If your company's name is popular and is located in a leading city/ metro then job posting would help. Job posting means you post the Job description and a brief introduction about the company. Jobs posted remains on the portal's web for specified periods and candidates respond to you and you can view their profiles and then call them for interview.

b. If your company is not very popular then you need to go in for data base access wherein you locate the candidate yourself by accessing the database by giving specific inputs in the search criteria. The search criteria generally contains keywords for the job, experience, salary package you are looking at, location preference (are you looking for candidates around the globe, in any part of India etc). Some job portals charge for overseas resumes. For accessing the data base there are two types 1. Specified Resume views 500, 1000 etc (You open up a resume to view it) for a specific period 6 months, 1 year etc. In this case you can login any number of times during the period but the license expires either when the number of resume views you opted for expired say 500, 1000 etc or your specified period expires whichever is earlier 2. Nr of days access. In this your license is dependent on the number of days you access during the year but you can download any number of resumes during the specified number of days. If you opt for 30 days in a year then the licence will be valid for 30 days or 1 year whichever is earlier.

Step 3: Once having finalised on the method discuss with the job portals sales team and finalise the deal. Ask them for a demonstration and they will help.

Step 4 : They give you a login and password. Remember there will be two login on the job portal one for the employer and other for the employee. Login to employer's zone and I think you will be able to do it.

But let me tell you locating right candidates in the job portals is quite deceptive. There are instances wherein the candidates write wonderful resumes through resume writers but have no clue of matters mentioned in the resume on the other hand some resumes are self written and they seem to have better knowledge.


Any queries feel free to write to me at .


From India, Madras

There are many job portals now. Few well accepted portals are,,
First of all, you have to decide which one you are looking for. Then buy them for one year. If you opted
buy their resdex facility, for one year. Their charges for one year package shall be Rs.72000/-(approx).If you negotiate,
they will bring it down, as a special package charges.
Curretly lot of additional features are available in
R K Nair

From India, Aizawl

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