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Thread Started by #walunjkar

I want to know about stress management training program for high level managers like ceo , plant head , vp, branch head , also i want to know the various reasons for stress at this level. I want to know what exactly the training program should include , what kind of methodology could be used , should it be residential , what should be the duration of such programs , content for such programs.
18th August 2010 From India, Warangal
Hi there,
Greetings of the day!
We have some specialized senior leadership programs on Stress Management. The list of our clients included reputed corporate houses of India- Reliance Industries, UB Group, etc.
Please log on to our website: Welcome to the Adept Professional for more details.
You can also call for further queries @ (91)-9749556805
Looking forward to hearing from you!
18th August 2010 From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr Walunjkar,

Training programme on stress management for the senior management is quite important. Your focus should be on the usage of stress relievers. However, this level plays important role in reducing the their own stress in particular and stress of others in general.

Generally stress management training includes yoga techniques. But yoga is not required because stress is a result of not just personal factors but organisational factors as well.

This level should concentrate on the eradication of the organisational factors that causes the stress. These organisational factors are:

a) Politicking at top level
b) Lack of organisational discipline
c) Lack of processes for the departments
d) Lack of staff training. Incompatible staffs for the jobs
e) Lack of proper recruitment standards
f) Outdated culture. Organisation looks backward rather than forward
g) Organisation more reactive rather than proactive
h) Reality manages them rather than they manage the reality

The list will go on and on. No amount of yoga techniques will help in relieving the stress if the above factors continue subsist in the organisation.

You start with the training on 7 Habits (of Stephen Covey). Let their staff do the audit of their bosses whether they possess these 7 habits. If these bosses inculcate these 7 habits half of the battle is over. Then come back to the points mentioned above from (a) to (h).

If you want training on Stress Management, you may approach me. I have attached my Training e-Brochure to this post. You may note that my last programme on stress management had generated business idea that could save company's Rs 1 Crore. Please click here <link updated to site home> to read my that post.


Dinesh V Divekar

18th August 2010 From India, Bangalore

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File Type: doc Training e-Brochure for Senior Management.doc (48.5 KB, 512 views)

Such program should be preferably residential, in the hills, where there is no Mobile signal.
Program duration should be 2-3 days excluding travel time.
Can include - meditation - stress mgt talks - discussion - yoga - massage etc.
19th August 2010 From India, Delhi
Dear Riyaz,

Your have written that "Such program should be preferably residential, in the hills, where there is no Mobile signal.
Program duration should be 2-3 days excluding travel time.

Can include - meditation - stress mgt talks - discussion - yoga - massage etc.

I strongly beg to differ with you. Do you have an example wherein top management did all this and after a while their stress was reduced and it resulted in their increased productivity? Increased productivity, did it translate into the increased profits?

What solution you have given is ephemeral and not lasting one. I would like to stick to my gun (stick to my views in my previous post).

Remember one thing if the water in the pot is boiling then to reduce the temperature of the water, you can put ice cubes in it but the permanent solution is to locate the knob and put the fire off!


Dinesh V Divekar

19th August 2010 From India, Bangalore
Thanks Dinesh and all other responders for your contributions. Dinesh has nailed it on the head, as the saying goes. However, I would not even have given any solution without raising questions. For example, I would like to know from Walunjkar
Who (s)he is? What does (s)he do? And why is (s)he interested in the topic?
It could be a student on some management course that has raised the question and may not be in a position to engage any of the consultants.
Have a lovely day.
A retired academic in the UK.

19th August 2010 From United Kingdom
Hi Dinesh,
I don't see what has triggered this outburst from you?
Why do people go for holidays to different places? Because change of location creates change of thought process. The very fact that you travel outside your work place, gives you a chance to think differently, a change in perspective.
Mobile connectivity is a boon and a bane both. So when you are cut off from the thousands of messages, you can think about other things.
Whatever program you plan to conduct at the company's meeting room can have a better impact if it is done at a different venue. Hills is my personal preference.
I am not trying to sell any outbound package here, since I don't have any.
Neither am I trying to distract anyone from your ideas/ proposals, which are also fine.
This is a discussion and not an argument. Since you are an experienced trainer, I feel you should keep your mind open to ideas which might ultimately benefit you.
Best Wishes
19th August 2010 From India, Delhi
I agree with Riyaz.
The top management should plan for these sessions in some outskirts for 2-3 days, preferably in some hill station/ resorts where they are out of reach of the world.
Trainings for them shouldn't be just the bookish learning activity/sitting in a closed conference room.
Usually these kind of trainings involes learning activity along with outdoor games/meditation/yogas etc.
Munmun Bhoir.
19th August 2010 From India, Pune
Dear Munmun and Riyaz,

I am writing to you in connection with the above post.

What both of you have suggested is to cure the symptom and not the cause. Stress is output and not input. Stress is a result of organisational ills and unless you cure those ills, one cannot get rid of the stress.

Since the originator post had asked stress management programme for the top management, I suggested curing the organisational ills first and then going for curing the symptoms.

For Riyaz: - My reply to you was not outburst per se. Just couple of days ago, I met my friend who is now VP. Just couple of months ago he was GM and his company, a Public Limited company had called a outbound training specialist from Mumbai. Training for all the VPs was conducted in the resort owned by the company. The outbound specialist conducted outbound games from 07:30 am to 21:00 pm. IN one of games he made the participants to walk on the fire also!

All the participants went gaga over the training. But none including VP (HR) thought of ROI on the training. Within just 2-3 weeks things were back to square one.

As a HR or Training professional, my request is to diagnose the organisational disease correctly. After diagnosing, we need to offer the correct solution as well. To shoot from hip one need not be a manager, leave aside being a HR Manager!

My dear Syed you have suggested me to be open-minded. Yes I will accept anything and everything but with proper evidence. Neither you nor Mumun have given evidence of what you have proposed. However, what I have said is a deduction out of past experience and not surmise.


20th August 2010 From India, Bangalore
Dear Riyaz,
You are right and this is one of the ways to create ambiance to combat stress... Don't feel hurt... at times even Doctors fall sick and not only top management but trainers too might need stress management.
20th August 2010 From India, Calcutta
Dear all,

It's a humble request from a non HR member. We should not be responding to members by criticising them or their views in public. Instead, send them private messages.

I have found Dinesh usually posts very sound advice. Even in this case, he has done the same. It's easy to give a medicine to cure a symptom but it won't cure the disease. I knew a person suffering from itch all over. The doctor prescribed some creams to apply. However, only when the patient changed her diet, to eliminate some food that she was allergic to, the itching stopped.

Also when giving advice, it would be useful if we give our background and credentials; other bloggers can assess on what basis we are making suggestions. For example, I clearly state that I am no HR expert and I am a retired academic. However, I search the web and give opinions based on evidence gathered. For examle, see http://stressfocus.com <link updated to site home> to see the amount of work involved in conducting EFFECTIVE STRESS MANAGEMENT TRAINING. This was found at Google

Have a lovely day

20th August 2010 From United Kingdom
Hope this presentation will be useful for managing stress through emotional intelligence, Managing self and others is called as emotional intelligence, where you will overcome stress, we need to get things under our control, rather than allowing the stress to influence us.
20th August 2010 From India, Madras

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File Type: ppt Stress Citeman.ppt (597.0 KB, 201 views)

Stress Management Technique
Be Conscious Of Our Breath
Taking deep breaths and counting is a popular stress management technique. In this particular one, my variation is to be conscious of my breath. Whenever I feel stressed, I excuse myself if I am in the company of others and walk away. While walking away to the washroom for example, I concentrate on my breath touching the tip of my upper lip. And I consciously slow my breath down while concentrating on it. It takes the negative thoughts out of my mind.
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20th August 2010 From Pakistan
Both Riyaz and Dinesh are right in their perspective but what needs to be learn that all methods are right even if you do out side or within company it requires a strong will to change . The stress is caused because you are unable to solve it and always thinking how to do it . In that process thigs gets piled up and than it explodes. So it is better that senior managers should have a thinking as'' what'' , '' how'' , '' when ''. If he is in stress than how can he control others . A certain amount of stress is neccesary for the action. His position demands other thing than the stress. But being in stress cannot be denied but one should look to priorities.
Consultant, Trainer in soft skills, Placement services pharma specific

20th August 2010 From India, Pune
Dear Sir,

I introduce my self Stress and lifestyle Management Consultant and have attached my profile for your kind considerations. I mostly conduct the training workshops on

-Stress, Behavior, Motivation and Soft skills.

With the help of my experiences in the medical field, I have included all the related medical facts for better understanding of Stress and Behavior related Problems we all generally face in every day life.

As far as the reasons are concerned , the basic medical facts suggests that the Stress is the basic part of life, and we cannot expect life without having stress, but the problems starts when it becomes unmanaged due the personality , work life balance or any other matters.

Training program should include all the relevant facts related to the medical studies- easy adoptation programmes in the form of diets-behaviour modifications and of course corporate yoga,( as buzy executives does not have the time to perform other exercises)

Kind of methodology could be used should be simple and easy to related to the daily life affairs, should it be residential or the any other premesis as the main focus is on the subject , duration of such programs can be a full day ment for the 20-25 persons at the time for better 2way communications.

I have conducted such types of programmes and the results are welcoming .

Being a Medical consultant of this specific subject and having a medical experiences of around 12yrs.

If there is any scope for my services for your organization, I shall be highly thankful to you.

I look forward for an early and favorable response from your side.

Please feel free to contact me.

Yours truly,

V.Kumar Garg

Cell----9868242267 / 9971934121

21st August 2010 From India, New Delhi

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File Type: doc lifestyle managment.doc (66.5 KB, 91 views)

I am an Internationally certified Sound Healing Therapist and I conduct workshops fr companies that help employees balance their stress levels. The entire procedure followed is holistic and scientific. I have conducted workshops in companies like CIMB, INFOSYS, BPCL etc.. This is one of the most upcoming and the unique modality accepted worldwide by not only the corporates but also a common man. And the results seen are marvellous. for more details you could contact me on +919920874423 or visit https://www.facebook.com/divinesoulholisticstudio.in/
In Peace, Love & Harmony with You
29th June 2016 From India, Thane
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