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Thread Started by #daitaravi2002

Hi Friends,
I am new to this site, I am in big problem that... I got offer in x company and i joined, after 2 months background verification done by my current company, then this overlapping of joining and relieving dates of my previous companies became big issue. At that time i didn't observe and didn't take that much care about my future... Problem is let me explain clearly...
first company relieving date is 20th october 2008
second company joining date is 5th october 2008, this became big issue. At that time i am in notice period for first company so my second company asked me to join immediately b'coz of resource wanting and asked me to join immediately, How to get back from this issue, if i didn't submit any docs my current company fired me from my company. Not only this, this will be problem for any company in future...
Pls help me....
2nd June 2010 From India
It is better that u ask your previous company for a relieving letter of the date on which you actually got relieved from your previous company. If you have joined your new company on 5th October, then your previous employer cannot issue you relieving letter having relieving date as 20th October.
Thanks & Regards
2nd June 2010 From India, Delhi
Have you company already fired you ? You can say them that u are in this situation because of their urgency.Otherwise you could have joined after 20th Oct.
2nd June 2010 From India, Pune
Thank you for replying, My Company Not Fired me, got a mail from HR to provide necessary docs otherwise you will be fired from Company, Issue is going on... Yesterday(02/06/08) My Second Company Sent an Email stating they are aware of i am in 3months notice period and as per project Emergency we asked him to join immediately... They Sent to HR, is this enough or need to provide any docs... ? Waiting for HR Reply... Today they will finalize this issue...
3rd June 2010 From India
I think your company will be ok with the mail.Lets hope for a good result. Let us know what happens to you.
3rd June 2010 From India, Pune
Dear nilanjanag,
HR is on leave and there is no other person to suggest me what docs i need to submit, when i enquired abt this some people told this mail is sufficient and need to wait for HR... if you have any idea what are the docs i can submit pls tell me, i will try to get those before HR mail...
3rd June 2010 From India
1> Haven't you told to the HR about this date overlap before joining ? Why suddenly are they making it an issue ?
2> Have you taken salary from your previous employer till 20th Oct ? If they have paid you till 5th Oct,then you can ask them to send you one mail stating that you have been paid till 5th Oct.Which will prove that you haven't taken salary from two companies at the same time.
3rd June 2010 From India, Pune
I told to HR reg this and send an email also, at that time they asked only exact dates of previous companies, after receiving a mail also they didn't tell which is not acceptable and against the policies and simply send me offer letter. Even at joining time also they didn't raise this issue....

First Company which i got relieved on 20th October, In August i sent Resignation letter and from that day i am in notice period upto October, they paid the salary in advance and ask me to search for jobs as the company laying off the employees. So my second company consider all the things and due to emergency they asked me to join immediately. My first company paid salary upto 20th and my second company too, Even my second company sent a mail due to emergency we took him this company will accept that or not... Need to wait upto HR mail... :( Because of this issue i am not getting sleep also.... what to do, this problem will come where ever i go, this became my career problem not for this company...
4th June 2010 From India
If you informed this to company before joining then they shouldn't make it an issue now. You clearly show the HR the mail that you sent before joining.
After how many days after joining the company HR told you this issue ?
I think this will be ok and company will accept you.DOn't worry.
4th June 2010 From India, Pune
After 2months HR told me abt this issue... even my manager telling hope for the best wait until HR replies... he hopes no bad news is a gud news.. let us see what is going to be...
7th June 2010 From India
Hi Daitaravi,
Your earlier employer had pleased to pay your salary upto 20th Oct. in advance and gave freedom to search for a new employer.
You got a new job and only on the insistence and immediate requirement of the new employer you had joined with them 15 days earlier to relieving from old employer.
So I dont think any problem from your new employer.
8th June 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Still waiting for HR/Manager Mail or phone... Some of my collegues said if they are going to fire means, they won't wait upto now. So clean ur mind and concentrate on work.... But if confirmation comes then it will be gud...
9th June 2010 From India
I think they are right. your company will not fire you. Let’s hope for a good news. Let me know what happens to you. All the best.
9th June 2010 From India, Pune
Hi nilanjanag,
I think they won't confirm via mail b'coz as per company policies dual employment or overlapping of dates are not acceptable, so basing on the proofs which I submitted, they understood the situation but hesitating to send a confirmation mail, if they send a confirmation via mail it comes under policy violation (I don't know, just thinking). So no bad news is a gud news.... and in the mean time in this week there is not much pressure from HR side on me, so is they send confirmation mail or not I need to wait and see... If they became silent on this issue can I ask to send a confirmation mail stating that i am relieved from this issue..?
10th June 2010 From India
Thank you parasampur for giving replying might be there won't be a problem, but what will be the permanent solution for this issue, leave this company, but where ever i go this issue will be there, I am searching for permanent solution... If u have pls suggest... Even I met a Lawyer for permanent solution, he said if they want we'll give Affidavit stating what I am telling that is true... or if I attend for any interview after completion of HR round I need to tell them that I'm in this issue is this acceptable or not?.... or I need to get get docs which are not having any overlapping(which is denied by ex-employer)... As of now I need to wait for confirmation from HR/Manager....
10th June 2010 From India
Your ex-employer can't give you a new relieving letetr which won't show overlap. So that is not a option.
You can always tell the truth at the time of HR interview and can take a confirmation from HR before joining. I think you told the truth last time but didn't take any written confirmation from HR. Right ?
I can't say about the option of affidavit. Is your lawyer saying that an affidavit will solve the problem permanently ? Has he handled such case ?
You can ask your current employer's HR about it.
10th June 2010 From India, Pune
Ya u r right i told to HR before joining in to Current company, but didn't took Written confirmation, reg this affidavit I asked one of the HR who is not related to my project, she said if u say Affidavit etc. etc., then the issue will become big, so better to convince Hr/Manager reg this issue...
For every company i go, i need to tell the truth to HR and need to take confirmation and then i need to join....
10th June 2010 From India
which industry are you working in ? I think generally HR will not create any issue if you convince them before joining.
10th June 2010 From India, Pune
Hi Nilanjanag, I got mail from my HR that issue was closed and i can continue my services.... Thank u for supporting upto now.... Thank u very much...
28th June 2010 From India
As in many cases, HR may not reply at all. If your bosses felt the urgency in your joining and they are aware of your situation they will inform the HR accordingly. In rare cases, there are chances of first employer picking up fight with your present company HR however it may not reach your department. In all probablility, your present Co HR is trying to figure out whether there is a genuine reason or there is a fraud.
Focus on your work. Dont worry about thihgs you have clarified.
29th June 2010 From India
Thats a very good news. Congrats. So going forward, your approach will be to convince HR before joining..right ?
21st July 2010 From India, Pune
Hi Friends,

I am in similar situation. Basically the reason behind it was that the Employer was not able to provide me the work and designation for which was agreed during the appointment.

After a discussion with Management / HR and myself it was agreed that they will give me 3 months of paid leave and after that I will resign from my post. During the 3 months of period was free to join any company or do my studies as per HR. All the benefits and salary remained same during the period as full time employee.
03 March 2008 was my last day in office and went on paid vacation.
20 June 2008 was officially recorded date of my last day of employment with company.

I joined my current company on 29 March 2008 as full time employee and working with time since then.

No issues so far,

#1. now I am joining a company in next few days which would be doing the previous employment scanning later. I am not sure how this will taken by new HR.
#2. Should I go back to my previous employer and update the record to reflect 03 march officially last day in employment before scanning starts?
#3. Though I know that there was a clear understanding with my previous employer and I didn't physically worked at two places since 04th March but still I do not want to let my new employer know about this mess yet as not sure how they would take it up.
#4. I have the official emails and company letters clearly stating my dates of vacation and final settlement date.
It just that my date employments are overlapping for period from 29 Mar 2008 to 20 Jun 2008.

All experts please advise me how I should proceed on this. Thanks in advance for your time on it.
27th August 2010 From Singapore, Singapore
Hi Mukeshkum,

Answers to your points...

#1. now I am joining a company in next few days which would be doing the previous employment scanning later. I am not sure how this will taken by new HR

After Background Check, HR will raise this question...

#2. Should I go back to my previous employer and update the record to reflect 03 march officially last day in employment before scanning starts?

As PF, Form16 will reflect your salary they won't update...

#3. Though I know that there was a clear understanding with my previous employer and I didn't physically worked at two places since 04th March but still I do not want to let my new employer know about this mess yet as not sure how they would take it up.

This will help you out from this issue, ask your previous employer to provide any document/email like that... Stating that he didn't made any secret of 3 months notice period and as per emergency requirement, we asked him to join immediately....

#4. I have the official emails and company letters clearly stating my dates of vacation and final settlement date.

Releiving Date is different from Resigning Date.. rite.. If you have any mail/letter from HR that in the notice period you can join in any Company you are in 100% safe...

But my better suggestion is, please speak openly to HR in new company about the situation so that what ever the docs they requested u can produce the same... without getting letter/mail confirmation from new company HR don't resign in exisiting company... b'coz as per Policies this will treat as a crime and they won't allow you to work even....
30th August 2010 From India
1. When there is no problem with the companies, where your overlapping period were involved, there should not be any problem with for a 3rd company. You clearly mention in your RESUME that (a) Actual date of Last Working day : 3rd Mar. 08 (b) Official date of Relieving : 20th Jun 08.
2. For better side, if possible, take separate letters from each of the companies involved in the overlapping period saying that the incident took place in the knowledge of the companies.
30th August 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Daitaravi and Parasurampur,

Many thanks for your reply.

In current situation as I have already resigned my current company and would be joining the new company in next week. As mentioned earlier that I do not have any intention to hide anything and I am sure that the current situation didn't arise due any of my wrong doing. Still do not want to un-necessarily highlight this to new company as def. it will create a sort of panic in them.

With your inputs and applying my thoughts thinking to do the following :

#1. Let the new company complete the background check MEANWHILE ...
I get in touch with my previous HR and convince them to prepare a letter stating that :
- I was on not physical/mentally involved in any company related work from 3rd March and the official reveling date is 20th June 2008. AND
- As per the earlier arrangement and discussion Company do not have any concern if I joined any other company after 3rd March 2008.

#2. Will keep the above thing ready, once my new HR get back to me with any question will present this letter to them.

Please advise how it sounds ?

Thanks for your suggestion in advance.
2nd September 2010 From Singapore, Singapore
My friend has the same Problem. For him relieving date of X company is November 3rd 2011 and Joining Date of Y company is November 3rd 2011 i.e., Same Day. He is still working in Y Company. If he goes to some Z Company will that create a problem? I humbly request you to guide on this.
Best Regards,
4th June 2013 From India, Chennai
Hi All,
I am facing the about same kind of situation.
My last employer (Co. A) was asking to serve 3 months notice but I left the organisation & join next co.(Co. B) after sending mail to HR & Seniors that "My Manager not relieving me without giving any reason & my LWD day will be 3rd April", so I left the Co. on 3rd April'14 after information to security, HR, manager & join next on 28th April'14. i.e. left without consent of Manager but after informing to all.
I also informed this to Co. B before joining.
But, Co. A, is showing my last working day as : 12 June'14 & also paid me salary for April-12 June.
So, for period of 28-April to 12 June, I have received salary from 2 companies.
My current employer has no issues with this.
But I am worried about my next change. Please advice will it create problem in future if I show overlappling of Joining date of co. B(28-April) & Last working day of co. A (12-June).
If yes, please advice the wayout.
7th April 2015 From India, undefined
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