Hi Seniors,
Can you pls provide formula to calculate avg annual attrition rate.
I have searched on CiteHR but could find only annual attrition rate which is again different from the one we are using.
Below is the formula that we are using to calculate Annual Attrition rate:
Annual Attrition Rate : (Employees left in Current Month * (12/No. of Month))/((Current employee strenghth+Employees at start of the month)/2)
Satpreet Kaur

From India
Hello Satpreet, You would want to try - Monthly attrition*12/Average manpower for the month Regards, Tara
From India, Sirsa
Hi Tara,
Thanks for your response.. but again the formula you have mentioned above is to calculate avg monthly attrition.
Can you pls help me with Avg annual attrition rate.
Hi Seniors,
67 views but still i have not been able to get the answer for my query. Can anybody pls help me??
Satpreet Kaur

From India
Good Evening,
I believe that this is what you want
Labour Turnover/Attrition=Avg no:of employees left during the period/Total no of employees during the year*100
Annual turnover is computed by adding up the monthly turnover for a 12-month period. Monthly turnover is first calculated as the number of employee separations during one month divided by the average number of active employees during the same period.
Monthly Turnover Rate = Number of separations during the month/Average number of employees during the month
x 100
Mahesh Das-Hr
Binani Zinc

From India, Kochi
Hi Satpreet kaur, Please find herewith attached Attrition report calculation for your information. Hope meet your requirement. Reach me for any specific queries. Regards, Karthick Eswar
From India, Dindigul

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Everyone has different formula what suite them I will try to give you the generic formula

Let me first explain the terms first.
Monthly attrition rate the rate of attrition for that month. It can calculated as

No of people left during the month / avg No of people employed during the month
Avg No of people employed can be calculated by adding (opening headcount+closing headcount)/2

Annualized attrition is term which is described to arrive at projected attrition on annual basis if this trend continues. In this current case you multiply the above with 12 and you get "Annualised attrition" This is projected figure only. If you are doing this month over month then you can take the past months actual data.

Lets take the example that we are computing in May 31st and calendar starts from Jan.

We Sum Avg people employed in Jan+Feb+Mar+Apr+May
Sum people left in Jan+Feb+Mar+Apr+May
apply the same formula but before multiplying with 12 divide by 5 to get annualised No.

You can get actual No. for last 12 months if you have data for last 12 month. When you have data for last 12 months, it is called "Annual Attrition". This is the figure of actual and did not have any projected element into this. For arriving at this you do not multiply with 12 as since you have the actual data for last 12 months.

Hope you have understood the difference of annualised Vs annual attrition as well.

if you still need help catch me on

From India, Bangalore
Karthick made a good speadsheet. I added an extra line to show the total attrition rate for the year. You can change the dates as needed for whatever 12 month total you need. Safetyforall
From United States, Grand Prairie

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HI, wat u use is correct. (Employees left in Current Month * (12/No. of Month))/((Current employee strenghth+Employees at start of the month)/2) Thanks, Karthik
From India, Madras
Hello Satpreet,
Attrition calculation is always annualised. The shared formula gives you the annualised %age for respective month. When instead of 12 you make it 4 it gives annualised %age for a qtr.
Thank you !

From India, Sirsa
Attrition = ((no. of attrition/left emp.*100)/(actual emp. + new joinee))/100
Formulas: =((F6*100)/(D6+E6+F6+G6))/100 this is for first month.
= ((F7*100)/(D7+E7))/100 this is for second month.
= ((F8*100)/(D8+E8))/100 continues like this.
(The formula and correct logic behind calculation of ATTRITION RATE)
=((no. Of attritions x 100) / (Actual Employees + New Joined)) /100.
1) Actual Employees No. Of people left No. Of Joined Total Employees
(Opening BAL) (Attritions) (Current Headcount)
150 20 25 155
So according to the formula: ((20 x 100) / (150 + 25)) / 100
Which comes to 0.1142 i.e. 11%
Now as you had 150 previously and now 25 joined so it makes 150 + 25 =175
Now if you calculate 11.42% of 175 i.e. 175 x 0.1142 = 20
This clearly shows that 175 20 = 155, which is your current headcount and at the same time you can say my attrition is 11.42% that shows you lost 20 employees of 150 and 25 more joined which makes count to 175.

From India, Visakhapatnam

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