Dear Cite HR members,

Its been said , the biggest step is to "problem identification" and if its done , rest can be done easily...

I am typical case , I know the problem , but not getting how can I go towards it...?

below is an abstract of discussion with one of the very senior HR person, after 4 or 5 conversation"

"hi Saurabh,

thank you for your appreciation.

your mail speaks lot... i must appreciate the fact that to understand your cv in entirety, it must go to the right hands... its not HR's cup of tea... and for your info., i too belong to HR fraternity

well, honestly, you need to speak to a person who speaks the same language"

generally Fresh HR's see only (might be wrong....)

1 Work experience in which field....(learnings and can that be applied in different industry too not seen?.

2. they look for specific profile, but there need to be a person who understand the business integration....

3 Everything cannot be written in CV.........(they just look at what's the keywords in CV).

Unless there is a call you cannot prove anything.....

Plz advise, what should be my approach to tackle this problem?

Thanks and Regards

Saurabh Jain

From India, New Delhi

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India's 1st Strategic Strengths Coach, Corporate Trainer & HR Consultant
Hi Saurabh,
What you have mentioned about Fresh HR people being unable to shortlist correctly is right. I am a little unclear about your problem - let me know if I have stated it correctly.
Are you saying that you need help for your resume to be shortlisted, or to be able to sell yourself during your interview?
These are 2 different problems and the solutions are different as well.

From India, Mumbai
Hi Ryan,
Thanks for your concern,
I am having problem in my CV shortlisting.
Unless HR person understand my past work experience and what can be the learnings from it ....
I need my CV to go top level who understand the business integration and not just one profile
I have added one more flow diagram , Not sure can it be a good practice.
I have also taken Resume service from monster, but the calls that i get either of energy audits , or mechanical engg 2 year work ex...
But after that I have done MBA....
If given chance i can correlate , how the past work ex can help me for management jobs ..but for that my CV need to be shortlisted...
Saurabh jain

From India, New Delhi

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Consultant - Strategic HR
Dear Saurabh,
Help me understand what kind of job are you applying for? In most of the cases, candidates have one profile which they send to every company they apply for. But that according to me is not thr right practice. You should highlight your skills in accordance with the jo b you are applying for. It is always advisable to check the JD for the job before applying.
You may need to take off some of the information mentioned in the resume and make it look more appropriate to the job you are applying for. Let me know if u need any further help in this regard.

From India, Bangalore
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Community Manager
Dear Saurabh,

I understand you have been interactiing with lot of HR with no clear answer. When I went through your resume I had questions

1. What are your main offerings which is most marketable at this moment ?Your resume states you have worked in Energy sector and for a month in Gem/ stone , high consumer durabl vertical

2 . Is there any particular sector /role/ place that you have in your mind ?

3. I am sure you have done your market research. A quickest way is to check all the job posting there made in your target role. Please find the core words in them and see how you can build on your competency and your offering.

i agree the HR use jargons and wants to hear them all the time. But before including them in your resume , please make sure you are good enough to be interviewed on it . Else it would affect your integrity . I have not completely researched , but then I had come across similar profile for middle east jobs. Please check those portals , you might find a better fit for yourself

Wish you all the very best.


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From India, Mumbai
Dear Arun & ,

many many thanks for your responses............ let me answer both of you together............

1, As said by you ((Cite Contribution)) I worked in gems stone , let me put off some points...........

For me it was an manufacturing unit with 1500 workers where 8 kg of gold was casted , with investment wax casting process....with a caapcity of 50 k pcs per month....

We had one SKU (stock keeping unit of say 50 to 100 qty) so one can imagine the no of designs running on the floor.and SKU change when you switch from say 10 Karat gold to 18 K gold . or yellow gold to white gold ..even of the stone is changed ..............

I started production planning of this manufacturing unit....

the sale was whole through TV channels in US UK and Germany and few stores like wallmart one of them....

So this planning process can be used in any industry ..its not that its just jewelery
Inventory holding cost of Gold is .much much higher.......
With successful implementation , I was given chance to impart my Planning learnings to overseas manufacturing unit in bangkok..(we had three manufacturing unit , jaipur , bangkok and china)

This I did almost for 9 months ..............

My another deliverables :
Our new president was elected Sir Stephen Rip, in US and the COO of jaipur gave this responsibility to me , to make sure that whatever report is been requested is been sent from jaipur office..with given powers to deal with Mktg , Finance, commercial and HR.heads.

It was a big corporate game...(COO of Bangkok office was fired..and Sir told me , If we fail to give any report. I am also out............)
We were thrown lots of puzzles...and around 20 reports were started..
One was Direct vs indirect ratio for HR..and other key performance indicators...

marketing make their individual reports , production their own , commercial own ...though we had ERP systems but it was different for inventory and for production (another story).

So i talked with each team and told them of importance of entering data in right manner , and in the end every day new puzzle look liked a solved solution.
My first time in life , I stayed till 12 mid night... it was need to help marketing ppl and so I was there, though it was their job to make report, I stayed them to assist them and there I got chance to learn and train them of using Vlook up hlook up , pivot tables for thousands of rows..for different reports...

It was a real fun, and reason was I was given powers....
after three months once I came to know "Stephen Rip " the president when came to jaipur has asked me to be in his team... but The COO told them , you can take any one other then saurabh............

This whole episode give me chance to understand the integration of business and key performance indicators.

Again for some hR its just about jewellery for me learning has been the process flow and wholestic view of business process.

At the end of the episode I was given a position of group MIS head to formulation of reports of all manufacturing units together and successfully designed and implemented

being tax holiday ending up at EPIP , we need to start working for new industry in SEZ , I was also taken in project team where we worked on deciding about manufacturing ;layout ... to talk with contractors and other activities.... was designated as Asst manager projects.

Meanwhile I qualified 4th national certificate exam of energy audit and energy management ...(At that time you can give exam earlier and then can get certification after 3 yrs of work ex as Btech or 2 yrs of work ex after ur masters ) With that exam , I got chance to move to energy consultancy firm
where I learnt about sustainability, green systems.... how we calculate Pay back......................(techno economical analysis)

which can also be used in any industry............


and then doing MBA after being part of different roles really give me a platform to interpret the learnings and theoretical concepts....

I have just finished my MBA in oil and gas management and I am fresher MBA graduate

In MBA I have studies subjects like

Econometrics : use of regression , ARIMA , forecasting
Financial management + Project Finance : How to calculate IRR of projects
marketing HR , OB, Research methodology, project management every one has in their syllabus and same we did.

We had two subjects of oil and gas business in each semester and rest same as other management course.

As my Dissertation : Quantitative approach to Risk Analysis in petroleum business , where I calculated Value At Risk for refinery fro Price Risk management .

Summer Internship : I created performance cockpit , Planning sheets, Expense summary sheets in Excel for HPCl , mentor was happy with me ...but when HPCL came in our campus ............they shortlisting criteria was on or after 83 and I was oct 82 born........ so was not able to sit in an interview..........


After recession , don't know what happen none of the good company has come in our campus m the companies that are coming of Mkg for selling their valves , meters ..dont know whats going on..........Last year there had been very good pool of companies... anyways this is another story, not to touch that). Unfortunately My college does not have plans for experience people (Sorry to say , we should not say anything public-ally)
there are only two person working for entire btech and MBA students.. this is their governance , we cannot talk of....


Other then that Home <link updated to site home> the only website for mech engineers in india is designed by me for knowledge management in field of mechanical engineering.

Home is another portal by me started 5 years back


To Arun sir,
How can I think of removing information from my CV. Every point there has its own significance . each task has given me some learning which can be used anywhere....

Which type of Jobs I an looking at

I am open for any job , y to limit.....I am MBA fresher (Concern is hR only think as past experience and even not work only industry they see)

As per priorities...

1 Oil and gas companies : cairn energy , essar oil Adani
2 can also go in power industries like torrent power

3 Management consultancies like DNV Deloite PWC ENY , who give consultancies to oil and gas sectors

3 Projects : Cost control

4 Risk management , equity analysis
5 Location is not a barrier can look for middle east jobs

6 Jobs of Commercial contracts , proposal management, Business development

7 corporate planning

@ namobita , please can you suggest me some portals?

Thanks to every one for listening me.
I will appreciate suggestions , advise which can really work for me ...

My MBA exams have just finished few days back and my results will be declaring on 30th

I have also taken resume service from Momster... and trying to call or send emails but not getting response...

Something is missing :

Another problem is
for eg... My course name is MBA oil and gas management : every month experts from ONGC comes to deliver lectures , Externals come from ONGC.....but when talk of Exam conducted by ONGC , they dont consider MBA oil and gas..... HRs never heard of this course....

Currently I am learning how to do valuation of firm , reading on my own

Thanks once again for listening to me

saurabh jain

From India, New Delhi
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Community Manager
Dear Saurabh, I have just shared few contacts of HR Country heads from Middle East. Hope you find a fitting guidance from them. Regards, (Cite Contribution)
From India, Mumbai
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