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Hi, I did LLB and after that i decided to Pursue MBA , so many peoples Generally Asks me why i chosen such a career options ,but nobody satisfy.. can anybody gives me a logical answer..
From India, Jaipur

MBA opens up doors of opportunities for you. When you go for doing a Money Recovery Suit, you look at it as a breach of the Contractual right which needs to be addressed by complaining in the right forum. But what is the business implication of the Money recovery Suit? Its the formation of the Ecological clout of your organization among its Vendors. When the vendors get to know, M/s XYZ has cheated Company A and Co A could not do anything about it, could not leverage on its rightful claims, inspite of having been bound the vendor by Contractual obligations, they too start adding up to the list of debtors and some more accounts end up being Bad Debts, reducing the market valuation of your organization. This is where MBA knowledge steps in.

It makes you understand the relevance of having a Legal department, enforcing the Contractual obligations and forming the ecological clout in the industry and environment.

HR: There are certain organizations, where Employees Bonds are very seriously enforced. The employees who have intentions of breaching the bond would be averse to joining such organisations, or in the hind side leaving them breaching the bond. What we perceive to be rights coming out of organizations, in the business sense it is not only rights but also enhancing the growth prospective of companies by attracting those talents who will not leave the organisations in the short term, which will in turn reduce costs of training and talent acquisition and reduce the brain drain with knowledge gained, business know how and most importantly key accounts.

The understanding of Corporate Governance, transparency and its value to the share holders, vis- a-vis the prices of shares are all connected a loop and an essential requirement in today's date for the Government, SEBI, Investors, Rating Agencies and Shareholders. India is weak in the implementation of rules and regulations. An understanding of the law of the land will be an added advantage to the Company, in today's date when a whistle blower can report against your organization any time and there is no 2nd chance to get back your ethical stand.

From India, Chennai
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