Since we've to conduct a training on Johari window, i've got enough of PPts and icebreakers an description of Johari window. However to make it a practical learning, would want to incorporate role plays/activities relevant to the topic. Please cntribute.

15th March 2010 From United States, Boston

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what type of learning u require to discuss. It is the issue, i want 2 know before
I can answer your quesions.
Johari Window is powerful instruments but it should be backed by excellent book on applied BS
Suppose Dark area - 4 th quadrant. It require examples otherwqise real learning will not be made
15th March 2010 From India, Bhilai
Thanks for your msg....i guess every quardarant requires real time examples...however ...not only example but i am looking for certain exercises and role palys to explain all 4.The ideas is to manage different attitudes and handle egos.
15th March 2010 From United States, Boston

'Feedback' and sharing' is two key issue to be understood before understanding Johri Window.

One should have capacity to receive Feedback , otherwise we can not grow as a person.

suppose we make a Role.

Branch Manager of any Bank is not aware that he has not good dressing sense , he went to attend party where he was behaved as if he is messenger of the Branch/ Bank. He felt furious why nobody informed him about his dress. People politely informed that he do not give an opportunity to give feedback.

As he was not prepared to listen any thing. so nobody informed him. Ultimately, cut a very sorry figure.

Similarly we can develop a role play on sharing. How sharing and Feed back enhance the quadrants- Second and Third. Though with very small first quadrant Indira Gandhi played effectively but despite effectiveness she could not make very good image for herself. Reson being creation of coteries who cvould not give right feedback. some of the Chairman suffer from this.Wr should amend the process. Such person will have tendencies to become dictator.

This makes our life much better and effective

We can make role as per the participants


16th March 2010 From India, Bhilai
Hi Pooja,
Johari Window is a powerful model for developing Interpersonal relationship and group process. The model itself can be taken as a sharing exercise in the group process. It would be effective if your group members already know each other. If so each of the participants can be called and asked to share about themselves in few sentences. Their good aspects and a couple aspects they would like to see improvement in themselves. When Self sharing is completed, Others can contribute to what they think about that person. Again few good aspects and a couple areas of improvement. Each person can maintain a chart recording what one feels about oneself and what others feel about the person. The format for recording can be in model of Johariwindow itself.
We have done this exercise in our group processing activities and found very useful.

16th March 2010 From India, Kochi
Hi Pooja
Please find the attachment it will be useful to make understand the participants about the idea Johari window than roleplay
Ashok P Das
CareHR Total Training Solutions
17th March 2010 From India

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Dear Pooja,
It's very nice to see that you have done enough and more research on the Johri window and how you want to apply the same. Pls share with me the type of audience i.e middle mgt people or sr mgt - what industry ie banking, bpo etc so that I may share customized role plays and activites
17th March 2010 From India, Gurgaon
I think you will find the following wesite very useful for your quiery
johari window model - helpful for personal awareness and group relationships
17th March 2010 From Oman, Muscat
Hi Pooja, here is an activity, i often do to give a real life demonstration of the Jo Hari window.
The point of this game is that -the more we get to know about others, and the more others get to know about us, the better is our understanding
17th March 2010 From India, Nagpur

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