Jaya Chandran
I would like to implement to Play soft instrumental music in my Factory production floor,canteen,office during specific times. Will it help to improve productivity.Please send your suggestions
From Nepal, Pokhara
That's a tough one....
In my experience of delivery MBTI programme, Extraverts may prefer external stimulus such as music etc as background noise, creating a more social environment, and Introverts may prefer an environment which is free from distraction. As an Introvert, I quite enjoy background noise, and similarly I some Extraverts dont like it.
For me, anthing that helps to create an environment that is fun and increases motivation, increases performance.
I might recommending simply asking those with whom you work what they think. Perhaps trial it and notice the results you get.
My mind also asks the questions:
* By how much do you want to increase productivity?
* What are the current barriers to increased productivity?
Enjoy experimenting.

From United Kingdom, Manchester

I do not know about productivity....
But one thing for sure, it will create an enjoyable experience!
There will be something more soothing to hear rather just the shrill & monotonous sounds heard from machines!
You can definitely have music in the the afternoon that is peppy and can invigorate the people! Moreover you can ask the factory workers to list their favorite songs/music that they enjoy and create a compilation of it! It will really boost morale!
Go ahead...let them sway to the groove!
Kenneth Lewis

From India, Mumbai

Ofcourse Jaya, Just go ahead an implement the same and ensure you have enough stock of instrumental music. Times groups have already done that many years ago. Just do that... Ukmitra
From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Hi Jaya,
You will get different….. different.. Feedbacks and finally everybody says that its good ..but please maintain proper sound system with low sound..... Initially start with only one hour on weekends...take the feedback from senior team members and go ahead for further...good idea...go ahead and experiment it... All the Best...

From India, Hyderabad

Hi Jaya,
Ofcourse i feel that music will increase the productivity...its like wen we go to the gym, and if the music is on....we tend to hit more than what we normally do......!!! it creats a fun element in the surrounding...but it could be great if u cd tk d suggestions of the employees too.... Again it depends from individual to individual/mood swings/type of job etc.

From India, Mumbai
Arooj Javaid

No...we have applied it and now stopped. It did not worked out. It only created noise and not gave calm and relaxation. So all said not to play music although it was soo melodious and soft and not too loudy.
From Pakistan, Lahore

My suggestion is.........employees may be distracted,it may so happen that while njying their favourites,they may commit mistakes which may hamper the production more.but yes.... U may carry it only during the time of lunch or dinner in office canteen or u can make a relaxation room for those who want to listen music for a while&go away.
From India, Bhubaneswar
it will improve a lot in professional set up . music turn all negative feeling towards positive feeling. when time pass never know, if you are free, it is more enjoyment. pleasant moods increase productivity and it is one of tool of art of living now, it has to apply all over the working environment. if it is for old songs and soft music which situmlate me during my working hour i sit enjoy and relax.

From India, Ludhiana
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