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akhilesh dubey

Some call it 'Hardly Required', while others prefer 'Harassing Resource'. Some take it as HIGHLY ROSKY but I Suppose its HIGHLY RESPECTED.
All HR Preffesionals please read and take it seriously.its a blame on us.and its nothing wrong,we have created our image in this way.
What are we talking about?
HR = once known as 'Human Resources'. With changing times, the Human got lost somewhere and the Resources are no more accessible. We've all had our rather unpleasant experiences (99% of the time) with this species that every company hires to bring some method to madness.
Source:Silicon India

From India, Indore
Hrm, Ir & Adminstration
Darshak Mehta
Hr Head Gujarat
Recruitment & Selection, Compensation
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Pramod Singh

My people in my company, my people ... and trust now is the stage were we deserve .. we are a strategic partner here...i ask you who disrespect them? there are rarest of rare cases where top management doesnot know the value of HR and its link with Productivity.. feel sorry for such management and their employees..

From India, Mumbai
Hi akhilesh, I was reading this particular posting today in Silicon india. Its really disgusting. I strongly agree with you , HR-HIGHLY RESPECTED.
From India, Hyderabad
darshak mehta

Depend on person to person thinking but being a HR Person my diplomatic ans. is We should give best to our employees. Darshak Mehta
From India, Mumbai

Good one. its like saying one part of the picture without hearing other side of story... regards,
From India, New Delhi

Someone once told me HR equals to 'Harmful Resources'. But its high time we clear the myth. Without HR the organization cannot function the way it should. Regards, Sujeesha
From India
Someone asked me is HR a Helpless Resources, but it is so highest speed, longest time, memorable resouces. Regards, Jogindra
From India, Mumbai
People in the industry says HR is always a thank less job, but in my company it is one of the higly respected deartment, we as a HR department it is very important how we handle our employees.
From India, New Delhi
K. Gopalakrishnan

Dear HR Fraternity,

Whatever you do in your Company / Establishment, as a HR professional in any capacity whether you are biggggggggggggg President (HR) or a smaaaaaaaaaaaaaal HR assistant, it is thankless job.

The Management atlast treat you like a Outside Trade Union Leader and join hands with other department fellows and HARASS you HR (High Risk) taking personnel. We have to deal with all kinds of human beings in the Company (especially in a Factory) victimised and at last to die like one Mr.Joy (VP-HR) of Coimbatore.

You ask the other department fellows whether they are dealing with people, they deal with Accounts Fellows- with Computer Tally does all the work), Production (just raw materials & machines), Marketing Fellows (With finished products), Quality fellows (just to verify the work-in-progress & finished products), Maintenance Fellows (with Tools, Machines & Electricity) thats all. All the things will behave softly but not the human being. Each and everybody in this world differ in their own opinion and we have to deal with them regularly. If any accident occurs, we are the first fellows to be answerable to Inspector of Factories and we have to rush to the hospital alongwith the employee who just not following the Safety rules work and met with an accident.

We as a HR person always depending on outsiders behaviour only, for example, Canteen Contractor, Manpower Contractor, Transport/Travels Contractor, Government officials like CIF, JCIF, DCIF, IF, EPF fellows, ESI fellows, Div Fire Officer, DD(Health Services), Commissioner (Prohibition & Excise), Controller of Explosives & Joint Controller Explosives, TNPCB fellows, TNEB fellows, Revenue Department fellows, Police, Telephone fellows, Local Political fellows, Panchayat / Panchayat union fellows, JCL, ACL, Advocates, Trade Union outside leaders, of course in some Companies to take care of ST, IT & Service tax authorities, etc. etc.

Henceforth if anyone of your colleague or somebody call you and give you an expansion for HR, no other department fellows have the risk of life like we face every day in and day out.

Thanks for patiently reading my outburst.

K. Gopalakrishnan

M(HR & Admin) / MNC / Hyundai Vendor


Tamil Nadu

From India, Bangalore

I fully agree with your opinion, and vouch for the elaborate points raised by you, for the HR fraternity.
All the employees in any establishment, behave with HR as if we are non existant, and when it comes to saving them for whatever deeds, they have done, they come and thank us. It is silly, but we have to be proud of our job and continue to serve employees as Human Resources even though they are Hasselfull Rouge's.
We have chosen this profession by our choice, and we have to be continue to do our job and not bother about the image other's have about us.
Preeti Nar

From India, Delhi
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