Can a call centre job be called as work experience, if one wants to change from the call centre field to get into another field, such as, marketing, HR, etc., ?
24th October 2009 From India, Delhi

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Even working for Social Service organization without salary is considered as 'Experience' in Western, European and even in African countries.
The Answer is 'YES'.
The next part is subjected to the attitude of your next employer.
Good Luck!
24th October 2009 From Djibouti
Working by itself is not enough; however, if you can reflect on what you were/are doing and how it relates to the organisation's missio and goals and how your actions help to satisfy your clients/customers, how you could have improved the effectiveness and efficiency ot what you and your co-workers did/do, etc., will be considered as experience. But whether the experience gained is relevant to the field you are applying dpends.
Have a nice day
A retired academic in UK.
25th October 2009 From United Kingdom
Dear Sharonvij,
The experience of working in bpo/call centres is not calculated for your next job profile. Bcos the entire working scenario and other aspects differs. So only even the freshers from the B'schools do not turn up for bpo sector. Only experienced and who wants change accepts the bpo offers.
SK Giridhar
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25th October 2009 From India, Secunderabad
The experience would count if that is in the same field. If call center experience is in operation (Like CCE, CSR, Associate, Executive) calling profile, it would not be counted in HR, Marketing, Finance field, etc..
If the experience is in same field, it would definitely be counted.
25th October 2009 From India, Delhi
Experience is expericen however in current era it is again bifurcated in two parts Relevant Experience & Ir-relevant Experience..........Which ever field you choose to enter you will be prey of these two kinds of experience
25th October 2009 From India, Pune
YES, BCOZ whereever and whatever u work,,, there u work for an organization and u deal with people and different issues,, and the people who realy think about personwise analysis they will obviously consider your experience...
25th October 2009 From India, Nasik
Dear It depends upon organisation whether they want to consider it as a experience related to the field they want to recruit the person Regards Abhijeet Sawant
26th October 2009 From India, Ahmadabad
Call Center experience can be taken into account when it would match the type of work which we will be doing next.... if a guy with 7 years of call center experience (customer care) comes and tells he wants to be the HR Manager, and he has 7 years experience which is invalid for the job. but on the other hand if he goes into customer service it is valid...
26th October 2009 From Qatar, Doha
Call centre experience is considered in the BPO /call center industry only.

If you are looking for a change, you need to capitalize on your excellent communications skills coupled voice and accent. Try looking for a trainers role as a voice and accent trainer. There are loads of opportuities in the market. Your Call centre experience will definitely help you.

Try to move to the training and development team within your company .

In case of no opportunities, atleast get mentored by a trainer to enhance your training skills.

In case you don't wish to work in the night shifts, you might have to come out of the BPO industry and try to start working in smaller organisations as a VnA trainer( Voice and Accent Trainer) and slowly move on to recruitments. Again, your communication with different clients in your call center job will help you .Thus you can move to your desired role.You will have to adapt to culture change, facilities , pay cheque etc... which depends on one's attitude and adaptability. Trust me . Its not easy.. but its not tough either.

Well, in case you have a Masters degree in Marketing or HR etc... you need to market yourself with your communication skills , fluency in English and your degree.

I am sure you are very well aware that Communication skills doesn't mean good english and nice accent. It depends on how one can communicate to convince others and to come to win win situation.

End of the day, Change is something one should be adapting. Let me know in case you need anything.

Good Luck.

26th October 2009 From India, Hyderabad

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