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Dear All, See the attached file.. End of the world!... Thank you...
From India, Thiruvananthapuram

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I quote below the sayings of Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji regarding the 2012:

December 21st in the year 2012 is the Ascension Day for the evolved human beings. It can be the doomsday for those who have not followed the path of truth. Actually every human being has an individual consciousness. Planet earth also has its

own consciousness which is very clear and pure. That's why the whole Galaxy and

the planet earth are ascending. Year 2012 is the transition period for planet earth

when it will enter in the fourth dimension from the present position in the third

dimension. Planet earth has been continuously ascending since late 1980's and its vibrational frequency has been increasing ever since. In early 1990's, it was vibrating at the frequency of 7 hertz resonance. By December 2012, it shall vibrate at the frequency

of 16.8 hertz resonance. That means the vibrational frequency of Earth will become

double. More vibrational frequency indicates more purity and the energy, i.e. earth heading towards higher dimension. So, this is the period when the our planet is

going to ascend into the fourth dimension, becoming more pure, divine and full of

love energy. Now the question is what will happen to the human beings who are living in the third dimension? People are talking about saving planet earth, but it is not correct. It is because of our ego that we talk like this. Planet earth has its own consciousness and is

already ascending to higher dimension. We should rather be talking about saving ourselves, about saving fellow human beings. All individuals have different consciousness levels and are still vibrating at much lower frequencies. More than 2/3 of our population is vibrating at below average frequency level. That's the reason in every such human being only 3.5% DNA is active and rest of 96.5% DNA is totally inactive, indicating the ignorance

level, spirituality level and the level of truth within us. Baba Gorakshnath, Buddha, Christ and all holy Siddhas had 100% active DNA and had a much higher vibrational frequency. That's why they were much more evolved beings. The low DNA activation influences

thinking of mankind, making them think negatively thus generating negative energy.

Collective generation of negative energy will take mankind towards disaster. As on today 2/3 rd of the population has to be saved from the destructive negative energy field of ego, greed, hatred, resentment, holding on to herd mentality and trying to create herd of people which can be dominated by individuals and so on. The grace of the evolved beings

can activate your DNA and erase your past accumulated karmas. Then you rise above all these negative qualities, your vibrational energy gets enhanced and the DNA activation starts. That's why it is said that it cannot happen on its own. Divine light is needed to initiate this process and at every stage of growth and activation. Therefore, if we also consciously make efforts to raise our energy levels and move towards higher spirituality,

then we too can easily ascend to 4th dimension along with planet earth. But it can be the

doomsday for those who are not growing spiritually. Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism and Islam, all religions say that the doomsday is the day of Judgment

for all those who are unfaithful to the Divinity. But in the Siddha philosophy it is mentioned, as I said earlier, that on this Day of Judgment those who follow the divine

path will be saved by Shiva (Infinite) himself. This means that those who are on the path of purity will ascend to the fourth dimension during their living time, and from the year 2012 to 2028 all these living human beings will be totally submerged in the fourth dimension experiencing the higher level of spirituality powered with unconditional love, bliss and happiness. And those who are still vibrating at lower frequency level of third dimension in 2012, when the earth is entering into higher dimension are likely to perish in the natural and manmade calamities.

From India, Delhi

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All this are fake stories & films...nothing will be happen.. Its just are rumour created by some english movies... regards
From Singapore
Everylife has to end one day. Only thing you can accumulate by living long is money or illness, the later to be with you till death. In a broader perspective end of the world means individual deaths in one go and nothing else which one day or other will come.So why worry about the end of the world.
From India
Dear All,

I am a Magician with around 20 years of experience and for me I evaluate each and every knowledge or idea in a very scientific manner. Well before coming to the point of end of world and Baba Shivanand to those who agrees and disagrees we always should see things in that way which is useful for every one and also how much good enough is our knowledge to evaluate others and their ideas.

1. Baba shivanand say about unconditional love, meditation, positive creative thinking, Energy, vibrating in higher frequency and in his sessions he clearly proves everything in a very scientific manner. so the question is " Is his encouraging words to bring up humanity to higher level a wrong movement" if so where are you people consciousness and conscience when lots n lots of american reformers in the name of motivational sessions come to India and fetch hell a lot of money minimum 25,000 per day when western people or Nasa say about something no one bothers to question they seems to be very authentic and when some saint of India say something which is coming ahead you say that he is fraud. Think over buddies

2. rationalistic thinking if it starts from thinking that a certain idea is wrong and useless then you can never reach that useful and productive truth. If you have an open heart and start thinking " how we can make use of an idea if you start wondering that Is it possible that what a person is saying is possible" then the doors will open where you can find lots of possibilities which will be helpful to humanity.

3. If you dare to say something against any one especially about the sessions taken by the saints in India before saying anything first of all attend with 100% participation their sessions feel it have a first handed information rather than throwing out just your self created opinion or relating to second hand information.

4. please dont generalise every one in one category "Fraud" if you dont have time or money or if you dont dare to get the very first info then better keep quite. many are just used to throwing gali to every one and when some one does something good the same tongue wont have any good words to say. well its not your fault that what we are use to for many many generation. we are blind with negative thoughts and words.

Bless you all guys open your heart open your eyes see whats good see what beautiful.

Well wise men take some drastic steps to bring good results. In the fear of Ascension of the world (not actually end of the world) if people can think about where they are standing as a human being, what is the heck in it.

If you are not seeking truth then you are not a rationalist and you cannot be a good scientist also and you can never be a good human being also.

Many truths are hidden let seek that rather than throwing funny words to each other

From India
KS Rao

Soft Skills Training
Mr Magicleo
Your comments are quite emotional. I am not siding anyone. But you see that most of the western idealogy and thoughts center around science, questioning the taboos, evidence etc. Whiel the Eastern thoughts and the so called Saints forecasts etc are based on intution, astrology etc. That is why it will give vent to lot of questions.
In fact, the Indian Hindu mythology calculates the present period as Kalyug (pradham Padhe0. Means if Kalyug has four inner periods, this is the first period beginning. Still it will take few lakh years to face the Pralayam as depicted in various Puranas and mythologies.
I really don't know where from all this gossip has come from. Let us read and enjoy the fun.

From India, Hyderabad
Now Even NASA Admits
YouTube - Doomsday Prophecy 2012: NASA admits it now!!!!

From India, Bangalore
Mere Pyarsapatiyo,

When new world will start begin, You will make it dirty again with your negative thoughts, But I am sure that My possitive thought will kill your all negative thought,, Baba Shivanand is telling truth to increase your +ve Power, It indirectly good for health, Its better to do something +ve rather than spreading -ve thoughts,

Ellieterate human being always covering dirty blanket on self, Because they wanted to see life using two eyes, They can not try to open their third eye to see thruth which GOD has gifted everyone. No one is interested to do selfrealisation, but without that ready to spread fake / - ve thoughts.

We can not do anything for these people, I pray GOD, forgive everyone, love everyone, accept everyone, and give them power for self real eye sation as soon as possible. automatically they will come to know the truth.

one hint for you all.

know yourself, find false & find truth within your own and then compare others & look at others.

Only after self real eye sation you will come to know how to compare others,


You are here


Mediatation - No (Meditation of others & Other attractions)

Lazyness - Yes (Full)

+ve Thoughts - No (Full of -ve thought)

Real Karma Knowledge - No

Real Dharma Knowledge - No

World Level Unique Thinking - No

Third Eye Open - No

Two Eyes Always Open - No

Believe on self - No

Believe on fake people - Yes, if dearest is telling.

Believe on True people - No, giving MAD Designation "Maili Chadar Odhake ke tere dwar chale aaye"

Can see within self completely - No (Always going to doctor for real report)

believe in GOD - Not sure (Illiterate)

Future /present/past - No (Taking help of others/jyotishi, no self confidence, dependents)

Siddha Has below Things


Mediatation - Yes

Lazyness - Yes (Only doing GOD's Duty, not interested to do othewr duties)

+ve Thoughts - Yes (-ve thoughts about wrong things available, challenge anytime)

Real Karma Knowledge - Yes (knows well what to do)

Real Dharma Knowledge - Yes (know well what is real dharma)

World Level Unique Thinking - Yes

Third Eye Open - Always

Two Eyes Always Open - Always

Believe on self - Yes, Equal to GOD belives in their Nirakar swaroop

Believe on fake people - Yes, Known about their Karma's & Bhog's

Believe on True people - Always, "Mai nasheme chur hu"

Can see within self completely - Yes (can see others without telescope)

believe in GOD - Full with Joy

Future /present/past - Yes (self confidence, no dependencies)

regards & best of luck & thanks,

Hemraj... King of Wealth

From United Kingdom, Ilford
another Important message,
baba Shivanand has posted this three years back on television, and after that film has released,
Mere mitro,
If you are cathing train with train speed then Okey, otherwise train will loose you.
Same thing is going to happen on 21st december, If you are not increasing your frequency with earth frequency, Earth will not carry you with self, you will loose earth.
better realise soon and come on the track.

From United Kingdom, Ilford
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