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Thread Started by #Trinity-Morpheus

Dear All-
I have an employee who recently joined us from a reputed IT firm and upon thrid party verfication, it was found that the employee has submitted fake relieving documents for his / her previous employment.
Spoke to the employee and found that his/her previous employer was not relieving him/her from services as the notice period stated in his/her agreement was 2months, while the emplyee had completed only 1 month of the said notice period.
Now - I am of the opinion that he/she should be sacked with immediated effect for "Forging employment document".
Would like to understand your view on the same.
Secondly, would also like to request your assistance with a draft Termination letter stating /pertaining to submission of fake / forged employement documents.
21st September 2009 From United Kingdom, London
hi trinity, suggest not to rush through with termination.

there are times when the employers give torrid times to the subordinates - dog in the manger policy, they don't live and don't want others to live.

look at the worth of this guy. if he fits your requirements and is really good, give him a try. just hand him a personal memo.

in one of my earlier jobs, the notice period was 1 month only and when i got a job offer and gave one month's notice, the boss said that he needed to recruit a new guy and i needed to train him/her which was not in the offer letter. the process actually took 3 months. i had to forego the offer and had to go for another job.

talk to him in private. higher position means higher responsibilities and not the power to hire and fire. he came to you because of the good offer and now by your action, you are putting in no man's land. don't blow your top yet. also would you have waited if he had come after his normal 2 month relieving period?
21st September 2009 From India, Madras
Hi trinity,

I did a mistake by "forgiving" a person who gave me forged documents...including a forged salary slip. After finding it, he begged me so much that he cannot afford to lsoe the job and will stay "truthful"

this guy was a pain in the wrong place for everyone and he recently went to his native and has not returned back. The worst part is that he has created a negative atmosphere...

Okay thats a part of my blunder series!

As far as your case is concenred, kindly do the reference check on his performance, and TENURE with all his previous companies.

However if you let this go, he may either prove to be a sincere employee / or take advantage of teh situation.

If you terminate him - it will set as an example to others that the company cannot tolerate any such behavior.

So take a call and see which will suit the need of the hour! Terminate and find another person (thus settign an example) or pardon him

However, if his ex-company gets to know that he is hired by you, you might have to pay his previous employer the notice period salary.

(I know I confused you - end of the day you see... :-) )
21st September 2009 From India, Madras
hi asha,
trinity's company may have given the guy/gal, one month's time to join and pressurised him to join. he might (or not) have informed about the two months' notice period and would have been forced to take up (not defending the action though - forgery is forgery). test his true worth. put him under a tough but fair taskmaster and inform him that you are putting him on notice for this action. if he does his job well, he will be excused one final time. have it recorded in your file and get a sign from him regarding the same. if push comes to shove, you can use this and send the guy out.
your company precipitated this and you are now trying to wash your hands off it !!!
have a cool one-to-one talk and you will get a good result.
21st September 2009 From India, Madras
hi holy trinity,
i go with alwar's message.
nowadays, the IT companies are themselves cooking the CVs of their staff when submitting to the clients. has your company or someone known to you not done that? if that is acceptable to get an order then this is also ok. i know from experience that an honest cv does not give me the job i deserve.
21st September 2009 From India, Madras
In my opinion you can cross check his other documents i.e appointment letter, Doj, last salary drawn with the information he provided in his CV at the time of interview/submission of CV. If it is correct try to give him a chance to prove his caliber else you can show him the door. This is what assertiveness is.
21st September 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Hi, I support Ramesh's view on this case, termination should not be done in hurry.
Kindly inquire properly before initiating any action against him as these days after resignation at times employers really give a tough time to the resigned employee.
Issuing a warning letter may be a good option, rest all depends on company's values and practices on this case.
21st September 2009
In my opinion you can cross check his other documents i.e appointment letter, Doj, last salary drawn with the information he provided in his CV at the time of interview/submission of CV. If it is correct try to give him a chance to prove his caliber else you can show him the door. This is what assertiveness is
21st September 2009 From India, Hyderabad
All of you are really wasting your time & knowledge with a knaggy issue. What u require to run a project? Persons worth or persons paper? You all just think about yourself- in your life, "no one of you are doing anything wrong" or make any wrong commitment to anyone
21st September 2009 From India, Patna
Any forged document should be treated as an integrity issue. For integrity we cant have two ways . What we can do is to encourage the candidates during the interviews to not hide any information, even if the candidate has not had the most pleasant exits he should be able to speak about the same. It should also be told during interviews in not many words that there would be a formal background check conducted.
22nd September 2009 From India, Pune
Dear Arup,
This is what I thought of initially, but when the person took advantage of the situation - we cant afford to let another person also do teh same thing.
Attitude, Integrity to work matters.
What ever you may be in personal life does not matter, how true are you to your work matters.

22nd September 2009 From India, Madras

Regarding this issue, I believe one should first check reputation of employee’s previous organization. Many SMEs treat employees as their slaves and bind them to work forever.

I have been working with small Gujarat based IT firm. My notice period was for 2 months and I served for 1 month and paid 1 month’s salary. I was relieved and was not given Relieving letter. They told that they were busy and will post my work certificate, and relieving letter within a month. It has been 3 months and I have not received any of the letters (neither relieving nor work certificate). On enquiring, they said that they are making loss because they still dint find any replacement. So, they want to harass me and warned me not to take legal actions as they are politically connected. There are many employees in that company struggling for salary, certificates. Also, they give very bad reference to the new employer and one of my friend end-up losing a good offer.

So, in such situation, poor employee has to submit fake documents. I am stuck as I have applied for various jobs showing my actual details and during cross-check, I am sure it will be tough for my new employer to trust me.
22nd September 2009 From India, Vadodara
Dear Innocent Guy,
In such situations dont submit fake documents, but provide all facts (copies of your relieving letter, proof of paying one month salary, etc)
If you follow truth you will have to be bold. If you are weak, then please lie and fall once again!
22nd September 2009 From India, Madras
hi trinity,

i am sure you/your organisation would have taken a call by now. my final suggestion is this - inform the gal/guy that you are giving him one month's notice by which time he can search a new job and quit this one. all the problems for both the ends can be resolved.

the guy can get a new job and you can get a replacement.

we all say that when you quit, go out in good terms. but how many times have companies treated outgoing employees like that? the people involved - hr, the immediate bosses treat this people with disdain and contempt. all this for quitting - if a company can gone in for a good hand, why can't employees quit for better prospects. I don't condone the attitude of employees who fake their resumes to get into a job. what we need is honesty and transparency. we do a few skills test, aptitude test, personal interview and reference back check. the recruitment needs to be more comprehensive where the guy who comes in fits in smoothly into the operation process.

in my organisation where i worked for 10 years - i got the permission from top management and hr to undertake higher studies. but when it came to getting leave for appearing the exam they refused to permit me, not once but thrice. the exams were on sundays and i was deliberately asked to go on duty during these days. i spent from my own and was not sponsored by the company. how do you feel if the attitude is like this - would you expect my loyalty to this organisation?

we talk about human resources management but are looking only at management and not about human resources which is what is the strength of any organisation. that's why there's high employee turnover.
22nd September 2009 From India, Madras
Hello Trinity,
I agree to Tanu Chopra, if you are really doubting the employee better go for other reference check. Do a 3rd party reference check, this will help you get a clear picture about the employee. Also in mean while keep a close cheak on his work, responsibilities and his behaviour with his subordinates.... Do not take a heasty decission... give him as well as yourself time to come on the root couse of the matter.
(Akshay software technologies limited.)
22nd September 2009 From India, Mumbai
Hi Think as a humanbeing and act accordingly. Give him/her a chance and do the needful. Don’t take any wrong decision which affects a lot to that employee life.
22nd September 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Trinity,
Now a days it is becoming quite common to submit bhogus certificates claiming the experience. .It is also the mistake done by your side also. If you have policy of background verification then you need to done background verification first and then you have to do the joining formalities. here you need to understand his importance in the project if he assigned any. If at all you feel there is no damage to the project in which he is working on ,then you can immediately terminate him showing the cause of the verification done from your comapany side and ask him to put his resignation letter.
22nd September 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Forgery is not to be forgiven. It can not be an excuse under any circumstances, it is an attitude/approach of the person. I am flabbergasted to see the responses of our some HR fellows who says that forgery should be given consideration.

If some one cheat on a small thing, can cheat any organization for big thing also. It shows the character / Integrity of a person and should be dealt seriously.

In IT organizations, we have customer from all around the world. The work is given to us simply on 1 basis of "Trust". We store/share many confidential informations, which can be leaked by such people. in that case, company will loose the credibility. My organization has one value as "ethics and integrity" out of 7 values.

The persone should be terminated w.e.f. whatsoever reason he has for fake documents, can not justify this.

Innocent Guy, every organization understand that such incidents may happen with any one and have mechanism to deal with it also. You need to disclose this information to the recruiter/concern HR well in advance and submit your supporting documents after getting the offer/before background verification starts. If you are truthful, exception approvals are taken in the organizations from the senior management by the HR/Recruiter.

As "fake/forging the documents" cases are rising, most of the organizations are opting for Third party verification and have robust system for the same. So thinking we will not be caught is a illusion. It will be for the time being only, till you are lucky.

22nd September 2009 From India
Check his other documents if he is lying only on his releiving letter than you can give him a chance as if he would have asked you for 2 months for joining time, you would have hired somebosy else.
Think from evry angle before taking the decision.
Sr. Exec.-HR
22nd September 2009 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Mathew,
They haven't provided me relieving letter. Also, there is no concrete proof for salary paid as according to company's policy my 2 months salary goes on hold as soon as i submit my resignation. So, I worked for 1 month & my that month's salary was not paid. I know taking relieving letter is very important but I trusted them as they said it will be done within few days. Now, I am jobless, with no concrete proof of my 1 year exp. I am scared of mentioning that company's name in my Cv as they give bad references to new employer. My total exp is only 2 yrs including this.Hence, i cannot even show other company's reference. & in interview, i am not sure how good it is to say that the company cheated me. There are around 4-5 of us struggling like this & we cannot even sue them.
22nd September 2009 From India, Vadodara
dear innocent guy,
i sympathise with you. companies need to be fair in their dealings. but by their cheap mentality (of the personnel) all the good is undone. it's a learning experience for you and will help you cope better when you grow in your career.
just remember that we need to be fair when we rise in our career and treat our employees with respect and dignity when they work with us and when they leave us. our legacy should be such that people will respect us for what we have said and done, despite our position.
the higher the position, the more the responsibility. unfortunately, a lot of people think that higher position means they can do anything and undermine themselves and their position.
22nd September 2009 From India, Madras
I agree with Ramesh and others who have suggested to verify his other documents and put him on observation for a month.
We should be assertive and not aggreesive in our dealings with people :)
All the best Trinity!!
22nd September 2009 From India, Gurgaon
Hello Trinity,

According to the basement rule, you have to sack him/her..

You can also check with the credibility of that employee. You have taken him/her because he/she have gone through in the interviews. That itself shows that he/she qualifies to work in your organization. If the issue in regards to the fake documents is Notice period then you can at times permit him/her to work.

Even, legally a valid notice period is acceptable. The court even don't appreciate notice period more than 1 month unless and until the employees role is very important.

I advised my friend to file a case against his company, for they had a notice period of 3 months. At last the company compromised the case. Think is there any possibilities for a company to accept a new joiner to join after 2 months (except fresher)?

At times in big fortune 500 company..we take people in need for some project which will have a huge requirement. We take many employees due because of the frame given knowing that they have put fake experience. Its just the requirement of the client that the employees who work in their project should have at least 3 years or 5 years of experience.

What I check with is the manageable ability of the person in the said project along with other criteria (again he/she would have cleared the technical round before coming to my cabin)..

If the person's level of performance, attitude, track record is good.. Then call him/her to your cabin and let him/her know that you have found the faked papers and ask him/her to give a letter stating the reason and maintain it personally..

Take advices but act according to your own will...

Its all on your hands dude...You have to decide then..
22nd September 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear Innocentguy ,
Don't worry on your situation. You shall just mention the actual company's name on your resume and shall explain the same to the interviewer.. It is not so easy at times.. but still can work out..
Only thing is the screening round which will have much impact. Don't tell them that you don't have complete documents unless and until you reach the final HR round. Just explain it to the HR, talk bold and trust me I always look for the confidence level in a person.
Again these are not so easy but just give a try rather than thinking about what had happened.
22nd September 2009 From India, Bangalore
If you understand that his relieving documents alone have been faked, am sure there needs to be a genuine reason for the same. since he is also aware that you have found out that the documents are fake, i suggest you ask him to provide references of people whom you can talk to so that we can understand that his reason is genuine. Though his way of approach is unethical, am sure a genuine reason would add weightage to take a call on this candidate.
22nd September 2009
Thanks guys,
Your replies have created confidence in me. I will carry on with my actual details and will try to tackle once i get selected. The good thing is, local IT companies are aware of that company's reputation and they don't ask for detailed documents. The problem will be only with non-IT and companies out of city.
I am not interested in spoiling company's reputation but is there any HR network where HRs of various companies would be intimated regarding this company. Many of my ex-colleagues are planning to leave this company but as soon as Resignation is given, hassle starts. Could there be any permanent solution for those employees?
22nd September 2009 From India, Vadodara
I agree with the opinion of Ramesh & Alwar.
You should give him/her chance to prove to himself/herself.
As you say that:"who recently joined us from a reputed IT firm and upon third party verfication,"
I think the Fault in third party verification also, gave warnings to third party too.
22nd September 2009 From Singapore
dear innocent guy,
change now into an IT company which accepts you and later on move to greener pastures. then this present issue would be null and void as people will be concerned with the latest role you have performed.
never stop believing in yourself
22nd September 2009 From India, Madras
Dear All,
As per me, performance has nothing to do with ethics and integrity of an individual. If an employee is unethical and low in integrity, will you compromise on performance, na matter whatever his level of performance. I do not thing any professionally run organisation would do that. What if the employee tommorrow, sells company information or data to a competitor? Then HR Department will be put to question, knowing that such a incidence has already happened with the employee in past.
Opportunity to give him a second chance is only when his performance is in question, and we know that such things can be corrected or improved. No compromise on ethics and integity of an organisation. Most importantly, it sets example for others to follow.
22nd September 2009 From India, Mumbai
I am working as a HR cum Admin officer in Export House in Mumbai. In my co. management recently started HR department from last 1 year. I am ther since last 4 months, but i am not happy with this co. In my co. notice period is 1 month after confirmation. One of the employee has given the notice period & taken the salary but now she is not coming now. So my boss send her a notice. She has a personnel problem because of that she is not coming. Now my boss is saying it's my duty to ask her to come & serve the notice period. otherwise he will send the notice to her.
I am confused now what to do???
Please help me in this.
22nd September 2009 From India, Mumbai
Hi All-

I appreciate your responses to the query i had raised. While i do understand that being a human, i need to ensure that ample chance is given to an employee to prove himself, but any breach in any area of employement is not warranted for.

In this particular case - the employee forged a document and the same got reflected in her Background Verification. The employee took pains in procuring a letter head - drafting a letter - signing the document on behalf of the HR Head of the previous firm. If i did let her go, i will be responsible for violating QMS procedure and would be held liable if the employee errs (again). My point is, if the employee can fake a document today, she can fake other things out as well. Mgmts perception is same and is in accordance to future threats that could be envisaged from the erring employee.

I spoke to her today and have dismissed her form her services with immediate effect and explained her that a) salary for this month will still be credited b) No notice pay will be rolled out c) we will keep a record for any future reference checks d) we wont go to the police and lodge a FIR for forgery d) we wont intimate her previous employer about the fake document she created, thereby reducing any chances of legal implications.

I also spoke to the internal teams and explained the reason for dismissal of the erring employee.

The dismissal letter I rolled out is as under:




Date: 21st September 2009

Subject: Dismissal from services


As you and I have already discussed, your receipt of this letter represents your official dismissal as an employee of ABC Pvt Ltd, effective today. A company such as ours has an obligation to adhere to the most exacting standards of employement integrity. Since you have demonstrated a willingness to compromise these standards, we cannot in good faith accede to your continued employment with us.

Realizing the delicate nature of this situation, I nevertheless need to inform you that ABC Pvt Ltd will maintain a confidential file detailing the events that have led to your dismissal. This file documents your manipulation of employement documents with the aim of gaining employment with us. While we will not attempt to hinder your future career in any way, protection of GamCom IT Services Pvt Ltd’s legal interests and sound reputation requires us to preserve an internal record of all your actions relative to your dismissal.

It is also appropriate for me to inform you that we cannot recommend you to potential future employers upon their inquiry. For this reason we ask you not to present our company’s name or the names of company personnel as references. Please contact Ms. FNQ (HR Executive) for further information concerning your severance.

In spite of your unfortunate false start here at ABC Pvt Ltd –and because we recognize your very real talent–we genuinely hope you find a bright new beginning for your career.


22nd September 2009 From United Kingdom, London
hi trinity,
handled with tact and guile. i suppose not endangering the employee's future will be good. this should serve as warning to all those who involve in such activities. i guess the matter has been settled amicably.
first impression is the best impression
22nd September 2009 From India, Madras
I go by what you say. But the employee "Forged her official relieving letters" and that is a punisable offence amounting to a Police FIR and intimation of the same need to be given to her previous org, so that they can initiate a enquiry + legal action.

22nd September 2009 From United Kingdom, London
HI Trinity,
Its a common mistake most people do nowadays.
Have a ref check with his previous employers for his performance, If he is good, then give him one months notice to submit the original papers.
Else.... you can go for termination which stands as a moral for all new comers in future.
22nd September 2009 From India, Madras
Hi everyone,
I have one opinion. Why don't we do ref check before we hire a candidate.Prevention is always better than cure.Why waste your time and money on his induction, training and so on.
The candidate may not join after ref check but atleast you know you have hired a wrong guy.
Well I also feel that we as an employer should promote transparency from the candidate. I have seen cases that employers reject candidates if he/she is open about his mistakes like gaps betw two jobs, termination etc. I think we should judge candidate not only by wat he has done but his ability to do things.
22nd September 2009 From India, Mumbai
Hi Trinity,
I agree with Jyoti. And as I mentioned earlier, its not always that employee is at fault. She might have problem with previous employer and would be afraid of disclosing as she might end-up losing your offer.
You should work out with her salary, probation period or bond.
Talking about Reference Check – How far can you trust on a 3rd party, of whom you are also not aware? (Here, as she has already left the company without notice, I am sure; you will receive bad reference).
In this case, I think she should be judged on her educational qualification, personal background and interview.
And regarding legal steps, it would be like turning a person who made a mistake to a criminal. Warning should be enough for her.
22nd September 2009 From India, Vadodara
Yes! u can relieve him immediately with the note that he has given false information and fake certificates to the management. If you want to prove yourselves, please avail the certificate by accommadating pvt. detective agencies
22nd September 2009 From India, Madras
Hi Everyone,
have been reading the post and have been wondering as to what are the means by which one can do a follow up - I have just joined this firm in Healthcare, wherein we do not have any process' - could the seniors please suggest way's in which I could go for verification (apart from calling the company)???
I would appreciate if senior's from the IT sector could put in some thought's - because I believe when in comes to background check's IT has evolved a lot - could senior's help please???
22nd September 2009 From India
Hi Meenu,

If your org has budget, Third party verification is always advisable as they specialized in this field and have contacts to get the information from various govt/authenticated bodies.

Incase no budget :-

Ask for all relevent documents from the candidate and send it to respective org for verification. Always take verification on mail and from company mail id.

Check the company listing in nasdaq or local govt authority.

Physical verification of the company address. (1 case we had where person has provided all relevent certificates and references but when third party verified the office existence, the security guard said that it existed 1 year back but now closed, so verification feedback was amber/could not verified. In such scenerio, its your company discretion. We chose to let go candidate as we were paying a cost to the consultant, so why to pay a cost to a amber one.)

There are some training institute who charges certain amount from the candidate, provide training and give exp certificate of employment. If you call them up, they will verify it also. In such scenerio, its on management/HR discretion in alignment with the company policies to discount the exp or not hire the person.


22nd September 2009 From India
Hi Trinity, Please ask for his Form16 which is legal document to prove, if he is genuine he would surely have it handy or get it from the previous employer.
22nd September 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Trinity,
I agree with your comments on most of my arguments.
Regarding verification, certificates and other docs are good to verify. But reference-check, I think many times its not true for SMEs with 10-50 employees as Owners are involved in all minute issues. A month back, I saw a similar case. The employee was quite good and company wanted to retain him. He was selected by one firm but during reference check, his previous employer gave worst recommendation And he was rejected.
Though later on, the firm came to know truth about that company and employee, they already selected someone else.
This is one case. I have heard of 2 more such cases in other companies. So what is to be done here? It was loss to employee as well as new employer.
22nd September 2009 From India, Vadodara
Dear all,
All the person has faked is his relievign letter, now if v go by tyhe rule, this x employee who has now joined your org n has not been relieved by his previous company meaning he is still on thier payrolls and this is illegal, the employee's previous organisation can file a litigation against your company n u wud not be able to prove his resignation... my personal opinion donot terminate him with immediate effect expalin him the situation... and the gravity, ask him to talk to his previous org and try and convince him to releive him if that doesnot happen i think u shud't go ahead witrh his candidature... after all its an integrity issue....
22nd September 2009 From India, New Delhi
Dear friends,

1. I do not agree with dazzles view because once the employee submit his resignation his responsibility is over and employer is having only concern with relieving period. Further the said employer/company can not sue/file case against the other employer/company where the said employee joined. The previous company only file civil suit against left employee for recovery of notice peiod and not else. It is constitutional Right of each individual to serve any where in India.

2. I also not agree with the views of Kumarswamy becasue Form 16 is legal document under I.T. Act. it is mirror of your earnings, deductions and savings so Form 16 is only help to new employer to know genuine salary/Income of emplyee from previous employer. Denial of Form 16 is an offence towords an employer.

I think it is better to discuss with said employee and to decide whether to keep or not said employee in an organisation. For termination you must have concrete proof/reason to terminate his service.
23rd September 2009 From India, Pune
Submitting fake documents is a serious matter . It puts a question mark on ones personal integrity & values.
Since you have already verified the facts from his previous employers , you may simply state the facts and terminate him.
23rd September 2009 From India
Thanks Dear Trinity. I need that copy... On a lighter note... :-) wish I terminate myself on the following grouds "Ash you are over worked... on citehr, so move! ;-) "
23rd September 2009 From India, Madras
I have gone thro' most of the replies and I am surprised that being HR personnel, mercy is shown to the guy who has misused the letterhead
of the previous Company. Misuse is entirely different misinformation.
We can tolerate misinformation but definitely not misuse. He can misuse
your company also like this. This should not be justified at any cost.
If the candidate has opted for truth regarding his notice period, companies
which can wait for one month can also wait for two months. I stronly agree with Ash's view somewhere in this thread.
Hi trinity, while there is no doubt that this employee is to be shown the door, before giving termination notice, please counsel him and opt for
voluntary resignation please and if he does not accept for voluntary resignation, then you can go for termination.
23rd September 2009 From India, Madras
since he had submitted the fake documents he is working in your company against law. But already since u have him with ur organisation , according to my opinion it would be better to verify his background thoroughly and also u can suspend him from his work with a memo for a period of one month also as a punishment for the act he had performed. This will also serve as a measure which will atleast make him to do this in another company again. If he wishes to rejoin with ur organisation well let him and also screen his performance thoroughly ... if not within this one month time if he is able to find another job tht well and gud be happy tht you have done your duty...
This is only my opinion. May be it would have flaws.. please correct the mistake if any body feels so.
HR Executive.
23rd September 2009 From India, Kochi
hello everybody.
i would stongly recommend that instead of sacking the candidate, you shoukd give him onother try.
let me put one point b4 u all.
i am drwaing x sallary , and according to the standard norms if i switch over to onother job , i will be paid 30 % hike.
but if i really deserve more than 30 % hike, then what sholud i do ?
this is very practical problem and very genuine reason ,why people create false sallary slip.
we can surely ignore such forges and we should see if the candidate is really useful for the firm.
23rd September 2009 From India, Mumbai
IHi Trinity,
agree with Ramesh and others , termination should not be done in hurry. Kindly go for a 3rd party reference check for his performance; verify his documents properly before initiating any action against him. You may issue him a memo, put him on observation for one month & in the mean while you can monitor his work, responsibilities and his behaviour with his colleagues – superiors & subordinates, if he fits your requirements and is really good, give him a try else…. you can go for termination which will stand as a moral for all new comers in future.
23rd September 2009 From India, Hyderabad
The problem is we all tend to over estimate ourselves...
However - if you think you deserve more than a 30% hike, be bold - ask the employer.
I know people who have received a 40% hike too... when asked for!

23rd September 2009 From India, Madras

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