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i want help regarding hr policies on employee travel abroad & employee compensation & benefits. I need this info on very urgent basis. May i please request you all to help me out with this.

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there could be various policies on employee travel based on the nature of travel....relocation policy, overseas travel policy, overseas deployment policy...however , i am attaching overseas travel policy for your perusal..hope this would answer your querry !



1.0 OVERSEAS POLICY : Objective and Enforcement

1.1 Objective:

This document provides guidelines and establishes procedures and entitlement for travel, boarding and lodging for Employees, while traveling out of the country on official work .

1.2 Scope

Applicable to all Employees of the group required to travel overseas for official purposes on Business Visa.

1.3 Enforcement

The Company will reimburse Employees for all reasonable and necessary expenses while traveling on authorized Company business that are in compliance with the guidelines of the Overseas Travel Policy. The Company assumes no obligation to reimburse associates for expenses that are not in compliance with this policy.

1.4 Exceptions to Policy

Exceptions, deviations or reimbursements for expenses that are not in compliance with this policy require the prior written approval of the HOD.

2.0 Travel Authorization Procedure

2.1 All foreign travel has to be authorized by the HOD on the basis of Budget estimates before the Employee proceeds on tour. Employee is required to submit Tour Plan to the HOD /send Email requests which will be evaluated only on a case-to-case basis, for any out of turn requirements.

2.2. In order to claim advance , the employee is required to fill the Travel Claim Voucher and get it approved by the HOD and submit to Finance before the employee proceeds on tour.

2.3 A copy of Travel Claim Voucher needs to be submitted to the Administration Team for booking of Tickets.

3.0 Administrative Support

The administration department ( Front Desk Department ) shall organize the booking and no direct bookings are to be given to the travel agent. Employees shall communicate the destination and the date of arrival at the destination.

Employees shall not insist upon the route to be taken or the airlines one wants to fly.

The administration department will organize the most cost-effective route. However, if any employee can organize the travel at a cost lower than the cost indicated by the administration department, s/he is requested to provide this information.

3.1 Mode of Travel

Employees shall travel only by excursion or economy fare.

4.0 Period of Tour

Overseas Travel Policy shall apply to any foreign travel not exceeding 30 days.

However, if the employee needs to travel to more than one location in foreign

country/ countries, and the stay is not planned for the period in any one particular place, then he/she would continue to get entitlements under the Overseas Travel policy, even if the duration of the entire foreign travel exceeds the predetermined period. This, however, would require approval from the HOD. For travel exceeding one month, the Monthly Allowance applicable in that country shall be applicable for the entire tour period.

Type of Allowances

Overseas Travel Policy shall apply to any foreign travel for official purposes . Employees on a tour for a period not exceeding 1 month will be entitled for Daily Allowance under heads mentioned below .

4.1 Daily Allowances

While on business travel, the employee will be paid a Daily Allowance. An employee is entitled for a daily allowance according to the Overseas Travel Plan as communicated.

Total daily allowance is divide into four components :

4.1a Lodging Expenses Actual expenditure of hotel accommodation of reasonable standards (excluding food and beverage, laundry, telephone, fax, e-mail charges) based on single occupancy and not exceeding the maximum limit. The hotel expense is inclusive of taxes and is subject to actuals. Actual bills / receipts need to be submitted in support of the claim.

4.1b Boarding Expenses will be paid to cover the costs of meals for every 24 hours from the time of arrival up to the time of departure from the official destination at the rates given as per the chart. For a single trip with several official destinations, it will be paid to cover the costs of meals for every 24 hours from the time of arrival at the first official destination to the time of departure from the last official destination at the rates given .

4.1c Per Diem charges like phone call charges to residence, tips at hotels, shoe-shine, periodicals purchased during travel, etc. This can be claimed on personal declaration and no receipts are required.

4.1d Conveyance

The conveyance expenses would be reimbursed subject to actuals for the most cost-effective mode of travel (tube / bus / shared cab / cab) and where cost and convenience justify the expense. This would be based on the statement of the places visited for official work by the employee. Travel expenses to and from hotel to office / client site can also be claimed under this expense.

In addition to the daily allowances, the employee would also be entitled to the


1. Conveyance from residence in India to airport and back.

2. Airport taxes, wherever applicable.

3. Conveyance from airport to hotel and back at overseas locations.

4. Visa processing charges.

4.2 Client Sponsored

Where the client or the Company provides accommodation, daily allowance will comprise conveyance expense subject to actuals and board as well as miscellaneous, as per the limits mentioned below :

Particulars Entitlement

Lodging $0

Boarding $15

Travel(local conv.) $15

Per Diem Allowance $30

$ 60

5.0 Procedures and responsibility:

Travel Advance and adjustments

The employee will carry his / her entire daily allowances for the duration of the planned travel in advance. On his / her return, the entire advance will be adjusted with the actual expenses claim and out standings will be returned.

When checking out of the hotel, the executive must clear all his bills. Where credit facility in a hotel is available, expenses on personal account have to be settled directly by the executive when checking out.

All official calls within the city and long distance will be reimbursed.

Expenses on consumption of cigarettes and alcohol will not be reimbursed by the Company .

The Daily Allowance is based on number of nights spent excluding the nights spent on the flight.

Any actual amounts ( supported by bills ) for extra-ordinary business expenses like Inland air travel in the country of the visit etc. can be claimed with due approval from HOD.The employee must claim reimbursement after adjusting any tour advance, along with the tour report in a Travel Expenses Form within seven days on return. Failure to do so within 7 days will deem the amount un-claimable.

In the event that on adjustment of advance the employee has with him an amount returnable (unused advance), failure to file the Travel Expenses Form within 7 days and return the adjusted amount within 15days will result in the entire advance amount being adjusted against the employee’s salary for the month.

RBI Guidelines

All employees shall follow the RBI guidelines related to foreign exchange while on overseas travel.

Medical Insurance

Overseas insurance of a short period covering the tour is mandatory before proceeding on tour. The insurance must cover an executive for personal accident and baggage loss/ damage while on tour. The premium paid for such insurance shall be borne by the Company.


Particulars Asia, CIS, Middle East (no company base) Asia, CIS, Middle East (company base present) Western Europe, USA

Lodging $75 $0 $100

Boarding $25 $15 $30

Travel(local conv.) $25 $15 $30

Per Diem Allowance $30 $30 $40

$155 $60 $ 200

While on Business travel, if an employee has own arrangement to stay and the company doesn’t incur lodging and boarding expenses , then he /she will be paid 50% of the Total Entitlement ( including Lodging, Boarding, Travel & Per Diem)

In case of International Travel to more than one location, with no planned period , the employee will be entitled to daily Allowances.

However this would require approval from the Business Head.

For Travel > 30 days upto 60 days

Monthly Allowance : In case the employee goes for monthly allowance , he will be entitled to a consolidated monthly amount which is the consolidated amount of Lodging , Boarding , Conveyance & other Misc. expenses as well as applicable taxes .

7.0 Salary in India

For the period of the tour, the employee shall be paid salary, including all allowances, and reimbursements in India as applicable.

8.0 Leave while on Tour

Employees shall not be entitled to any leave during the tour except in the case of medical exigencies, which will require a certificate from a registered medical practitioner.

If the employee desires/needs to take leave, s/he shall have it authorized before proceeding on tour and shall not be paid any allowance for the leave period.

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If you need assistance in securing a Overseas Travel Insurance policy for your employees do contact me on 9769214608 or . I head the employee benefits part of insurance and assist in Mediclaim (local & overseas) & Group Accident.
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Malathi BR
Hi I am looking for salary information for work permit travelers to Netherlands.Appreciate if you could provide any information Warm Regards Malathi
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Could anybody tell me what are the Indian tax limits for travel allowance?
In certain countries (such as Australian tax determination TD 2009/15 - Income tax: what are the reasonable travel and overtime meal allowance expense amounts for 2009-10 income year? (As at 24 June 2009)) the travel allowance is subject to salary level

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poojam 908

hi I need employee travel policy for my employees, who travel to client place and they stay 30days on
clint place i want to tell them if they stay more than 30 days they will be returned after 15 days on their city, on this travel expense paid by the company ( the If travel plane will be extant above 30 days the employee should be returned after 15 days on their city, this travel expenses paid by the company

From India, Ahmedabad
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