Are the following process same across the companies. How can we simplify the complexities in these process.
1. Recruitment.
2. Training and Development
3. Gratuity and Payment
Thanks and Regards
J A Xavier
27th June 2005 From India, Madras

Human Resources
Hr Manager

Hi Antony..
No the processes are not same across the company except perhaps the 3. Gratuity and Payment. It is similar in all the companies as is governed by the Law
as for
1. Recruitment.
Diffirent companies utilise different means of sourcing candidates at the same time companies have different interviewing techiniques, levels... Some recruite from the campus while others prefer centralised campus.. Some prefer walk-ins, while others prefer consultants... There are lots of ways that company handles its recruitment and most of times the company utilises more than one method of recruitment for its requirement
2. Training and Development
Again this depends on the training requirement of each individual company and the department... So it cannot be same for all the departments let alone the companies...
As for the How can we simplify the complexities in these process. It needs to be done individually for each process, problem.
28th June 2005 From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Ajmal Mirza
Thank you for your ideas. In my survery and analysis, I find that most employers waste time and money in interviewing a wrong candidate. Is it because the interviewer was not sure whom is he / she going to meet or the process fails in the consultant level itself in not updating the profile clearly both to the inerviewer and the interviewee.
I feel like fine tuning on these process will surely help to identify a potential candidate without wasting much time and money.
J A Xavier
28th June 2005 From India, Madras
Hi Antony
For this I have a suggestion...
  • 1. Make a special form for the vacancies. [common form can be made with various fields]
    2. Ask your potential candidates to fill up the form before the interview is conducted. That will ensure that you have all the information required of the candidate..
    3. Filter the candidates based on the requirement. This is enable you to interview only limited number of candidates with defined criteria.
    4. In case the candidates are through the consultants, give the consultant the required form and delegate the work of filtering the candidate [based on the form] at their end...
This should save lot of the interviewer's time as they will be interviewing the filtered candidates only
28th June 2005 From India, Ahmadabad
We have been following a similar process. At first the shortlisted candidates take up a written test, and then 2 rounds of interview. I have short listed thousands of candidates for 8 positions, but nothing seems to work out.
Plz advise me.
1. Could my pattern of shortlisting be wrong?
2. Are the written tests too difficult that very few nos come to the interview round.
3. Are the rounds i.e test and interview in the right order or have i misse d out something.
4. What is the market trends of pass percentage in such written tests in the IT industry.
Soumya Shankar
28th June 2005 From India, Bangalore
Hi, Can anybody send me a flow chart of the recruitment process in the Insurance Industry? Regards J A Xavier
29th June 2005 From India, Madras
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