Dear Prashanth. why do u hurry ....... it is not a problem .. u relieve him one day before or after and pay according to that......... Regards Chandru
From India, Bangalore
In my opinion the person concerned is to be relieved only on due date.
For this, all formalities can be completed and relieving order can be handed over to him one day earlier, if the last day is official holiday or weekly holiday.
In such cases. in the relieving order it can be mentioned clearly as "XYZ shall stand relieved w.e.f. afternoon of 30th or 31st or as the case may be".
In any case it would not be advisable to relieve a person on the next working day, because in that case legal complications may arise.
Hope this will be acceptable and applicable.

From India
Dear Prashant, You can relieve the associate before day and make the relieving date as 31st so that the associate will not loose any salary. Regards, Meenakshi .B
From India, Hyderabad
Dear May i have ur opinion on - what ideal % could be of promotion or special increment in the assessment of overall workforce. We are discussing about workers only. Regards, Rajesh Sarao
From India, Velluru
In case of monthly rated salaried employees a company can relieve on the nonworking day. There is no harm in that.
From India, Mumbai
The law says an employee should be given a day's off after working for 48 hours (6 days). Hence, will it be not ok to pay the leaving employee for his last working day that happens to be his off day?
Please comment.
Dear Ruchika,
Agreeing with someone's view is fine, but mere mention of it serves no purpose or adds no value to such discussions.

From India, Delhi
Prashant sir anyways can you tell me what you did, because you seem to be too confused,,
anyways just pay him his regular monthly salary as u used to pay every month,,, and first see what rules your company follows.,..

From India, Pune
Dear Prashant,
For example a company promises me Rs. 3100 a month, and just because there are 4 sundays - they cant cut Rs. 400.
The Offical day - is a Holiday they have earned.
And - do you calculate - for 31/30 days or 26 days. The latter is correct.
And my first ansswer was based on thinking that you meant the last working day was a public holiday.
Its ridiculous to hold teh salary because its a Sunday! or cut that one day salary off.
Anyways, if you have made ur mind not to pay, then I guess its no value on anyone suggesting.

From India, Madras
but how could you just decide to cut off the pay, prashant u need to answer me, that how could you cut the pay for the employee:-x:-x:-x
From India, Pune
If the last working day is a company declared Holiday and the employees was not on probation and a permanent employee .He can be relieved one day prior or a day later but salary should include the Holiday also.The way last day of any month if it is sunday and some body is relieved on saturday.then his salary should also include sunday.Same way it is applicale in case of Holiday also if it is in the listed Holiday of the company and the employee had given a notice period to upto the end of the month in written mail or letter,since the last working day in this case is the prior day of Holiday not the Holiday.
Seniors correct me,if I am wrong .

From India, Kochi

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