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Hi Seniors,
I have around 4 years of experience into Recruitments with Big Brands in Staffing/Recruitment Industry. I am currently handling a team of 6 recruiters as well....but it seems i have reached a stagnation point in my career though my age is just 22. I am a graduate in HR, and I do not have plans to go for an MBA currently as I need to support my family. I would now like to move to a Corporate firm in thier HR division but am not getting any good openings as my CTC currently is 3.2lpa, and the firms say that they cannot offer such a high salary to me as I am too young for them. I wanted to know if a Six Sigma Certification would help me in any ways or not. What are the uses of a Six Sigma Certification for somebody from HR.
Would also request seniors here to let me know if you have any openings for me as well.
Would be looking forward to valuable suggestions from your end.
Saurabh Agarwala

From India, Mumbai
Compensation And Policy
Hr Manager
Recruitment Consultant

Seniors, Is dis what we are supposed to expect, when we look forward to suggestions from Seniors. 11 views and not one senior found it worthwile of answeing.
From India, Mumbai


Most of Indian HR graduates are facing such dilema at the crossrod of their career to boost their chances for better futue. But they are not properly guided about the connection between concept and HR function.

Six Sigma is process driven tool to achieve perfection level in the system and procedure or we may also call it as Zero defect process. Basically there are norms for each level expressed in sigma. After attaining such perfection level in every transaction level certain error in transaction is norm to award level. These levels are six in numbers. therefore therefore therer level One sigma, two sigma, three sigma, four sigma and five sigma levels before attaining six sigma.

this is not qualification to HR but it's one tool that is being used to improve system of business process HR is one among such business process. Therefore you cannot except a fulltime Six Sigma job.

There are many such concepts exist and these concepts are temporaty phenominons like Quality Circules, TQM, Keizen, people-CMM etc these concepts come and go its temporary phenominon.

People-CMM is one similar process improvement methodology very much identical to Six Sigma what differes is there research methodology and end result of both the concepts are same. But these are not HR concept predominantly these are management concepts which applies to all business functions.

In this recession nobody is interested in such time wasting concepts which do not result in revenue generating value addition to business.

Be more focus on your HR Specialization.



From Saudi Arabia

Hi Saurab,
I suggest you to stay in the recruitment firm for some more time , till your family is independent from your income or do some arrangements where they are not completely depend on you. In this early age you are able to come good position and handle a team of 6 is appreciatable, better continue yourself in the recruitment and try to improve your qualification by that time.
Mgr HR

From India, Madras

Dear Saurabh,
You are doing very good work in small age,Why don't you get MBA degree from Symbiosis Institute or IGNOU?Its distace learning and its added value in your qualification.And its not affected your job also.

From India, Ahmadabad
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