Dear Ravi puppy,

Life is 10% of what happens to it and 90% of what you make out of things that happen. It is not that – things just happen.

Are you not in control of your life? Are you not the person solely responsible for who u r, or who u r not today?
Ravi puppy – There is nothing wrong with that question. Infact – preparing questions before the interviews will not be of much help – only after this question: Tell me abt yourself, the interviewer will find more questions to ask based on what the candidates say. It becomes an “interview” then…

Otherwise – it’s a less effective discussion.

My life did not just happen – I would rather feel embaressed if I have to accept the same like what u accept.

My career was the choice of my interest. I am very passionate when it comes to counseling or handling people issues… and trust me – I love what I do and think it’s the best way to make someone else pay for doing what I love – that’s my Job !!!

Have you had a bad time Ravi? Or have you answered really bad in an interview. Its not abt HR being bad or good. That’s none of the HRs business to be really good and make sure that he/she asks only questions to make the candidate feel comfortable.

Relevance is essential. Be it any role – in life or career: Tell me abt yourself quetion , cannot be neglected.

@ No one expects candidates to say personal issues. My goodness… do u mean that while asking that question (if u were a recruiter?)
Never – and by the way – pls don’t think that when that question is asked you need to talk abt girlfriend, or u being drunk… or life sucking the life out of u. And what makes you think that life sucks for all.

Be careful ravi, if someone asks u this question and if u say all these things – it will be so damn clear even to them that u need to grow-up.

Take care Ravi Puppy!!

From India, Madras
Hi Guys,
I really think "Tell me about yourself" is really a very important question in an interview what ever the level the interview is for. Even though the resume tells enough about ones history, background etc nothing more in sharing in person. Although we should be able to differentiate and analyze what are the points we are going to present. That is What to and what not. A wise head will be able to do this.

From India, Madras
"Tell me about yourself" is a very important question in any type of interview. The interviewer can analyze the following things about the interviewee by asking this question:
1- Confidence Level ?
2- Speaking Power ?
3- Way of Taking ?
4- Personality Assessment ?
5- Assessment of Thinking ?
5- Find gaps from his/her cv ?
6- Intelligent Level ? ( Introduction intelligently or not)
7- Important Areas ? (Which he/she has in his/her past life)
This question makes a bass in the mind of interviewer about the interviewee and this bass is helped to interviewer in the rest of interview.
One thing is very important that we should help to that person or give the right answer to that person who has raised this post while we waste our discussion in other irrelevant topics.
You should give the answer of this question in short but comprehensive and your answer mentioned here is the right way to express. Good.
Rizwan Razi

From Pakistan, Lahore
Dear Rizwan,
How well have you responded to my query! Thanks.
This is exactly what I wanted to know and let others know about the importance of this question.
Dear Ash,
You almost gave my piece of mind to Ravi. Hope he grows up now. And thanks, for giving me tips on improving my answer to this question.
Still, Friends, let us do one thing. Why dont we come up with our answers to this question in quotation marks, and let others comment on it so that the next time our answer are more refined?

From India, Delhi
Hello guys,
I see some real strong reactions to the question asked by practically all interviewers 'Tell me about yourself'. :icon7:
As some have responded, there is more to the question than meets the eye. Many a times it is to create an environment where the candidate is comfortable for the 'tougher' questions which will follow. Also, the interviewer must be alert as on many occasions we find that the candidate is not able to effectively corroborate the data given by him/her.
'Tell me about yourself' automatically creates openings for the interview to probe into desired areas and a shrewd interviewer will ensure that he/she is able to elicit all relevant information.
Just chill Ravi, you don't need to be so reactive. Hope you are not in HR ! :)
Innovation :idea:

anyways what is the need to make the candidate comfortable, because anyways even the candidate knows that he is in an interview and he is already prepared for the round :-D:-D
I have just highlighted the common sense, which seems to be lacking in most HR , and once the candidate is selected by the Department Head HR, cannot and should not reject the candidate.
And if the department head rejects the candidate HR just informs the decision of the department head to the candidate , so in recruitment HR is just an agent or facilitator :):)

From India, Pune
I have also noticed it that when I go for an intervew, that's the 1st question they ask and that's the question where I work also ask. Many a times the HR go through the candidates c.v. during the interview to make sure what you are saying and are doing in your work is written in it. I agree with Asha that many a times your c.v. is not written by the same person but by a proffessional.
For eg. recently there was a video conference with my client and the candidates and when the HR asked one of them to take them through the profile and what has she done. The candidate started turning pages on her c.v., also forgot the places she worked for. It really looked bad. Immediately you could make out that she did not know what was written in her c.v.

From India, Mumbai

so in recruitment HR is just an agent or facilitator :):)[/QUOTE]

I feel sad for you that you have not had teh experience to be a core team member in recruitments.

Maybe you shoud re-think if your boss (u said he is soooo gud) is only being gud to you by not giving you additional responsibilities.
For certain people learning takes place even when others share their experience. In your case Ravi, learning would take place on-the-job. You would agree if I say - You are yet to have more exposure in certain areas.

As of now - just see whether beign contradictory improves your knowledge - or are u trying to improve your stance here. The latter will not benefit you.

and Prashant - "Tell me abt yourself" is something that goes with the flow while talking. I have never been able to talk what I prepare. Its in the way they put it across and their need I analyze, before answerign that: For instance - with my current employer I was being hired as the first during the interview, apart from teh basic info abt me like where I am based out of and my family background, I mentioned abt my keen interest in setting up systems for HR, and how in certain areas I lack knowledge, but still aware of the tools for improvising on the same.

It differs from position to position, and also interest of the person.


From India, Madras
Dear Ravi,
I have seen many of your posts. Its really makes you different from others.
I want to know more about you.
What you think?
My Email id is .
I am not a very senior person most probably would be very junior to you.
I want to know more about your success stories?
What you think?:-P:-P:-P:-P

From India, Kochi
Hai Mr.Ravi

Your views are some thing different but u r replays and views are very straight forward.

Shall i ask one Question?

Have u prepared u r resume u r own at u r starting stage?

You might have done modifications in some others resume?

Resume never tells abt the candidate efficiency or talent.

Especially in resume we can see his/her written skills not more than that.

What abt communication skills?

U can ask y this question only ?

By this question only HR can compare his written skills with com skills at the same time he can analysise the attitude and genunity of the candidate.

I have not that much of experienced person but as per my little knowledge as a HR we can ask this question.

One more thing i clearly understood u have very bad opinion on HRs why because u have concluded that all HRs are selfish,Arrogent,Stupid harase the candidates etc...

There might be some HRs like that but u should not treat all the HRs as same like them.

I read in this site only some one has compared HR with Mother and u also compared with Toilet house both the things are right.See in this u have taken negative example to prove HR is importent but some one else also said the same but comparision is different.

This shows the attitude of the candidate.


From India, Hyderabad

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