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Hi, What is the difference between training Vs development? What is Programmes of Management Development about?
Is Training & Development for influence and power in an organisation?
Please advice. Thanx.
From Singapore, Singapore
The main difference between T&D is that training is for short period & development is a continuous process.
Training is related with mostly technical knowledge where as development is based on theoretical & philosophical.
Training is done by middle manager while DA is done by top management.
Training improves knowledge,skills,abilities and attitude of an employee while development besides improving these learn how to face any situation.These are the basics differences.All the aspects of training is present in development so, these are interrelated,correlated and integrated.
From India, Hyderabad
Training is to provide the knowledge and improve technical skill. it is easy to get and measure.
while development is to cultivate competency. it is a long term and fairly difficult to master. Not easy to measure.
for your ref.
From China, Beijing
how to design an effective induction program. If anyone can share a ppt with me, i will be very grateful.
From India, Bangalore
Rachel, training is focused on the employee’s current job to give them the knowledge, skills and attitude to perform well. Training can include technical, interpersonal, management and leadership skills, depending upon the person’s current job. For example, a customer service officer may need training on the technical aspects of the products he/she is supporting as well as the interpersonal aspects of dealing with customers.

Development, on the other hand, is more focused on the person’s career progression and so looks to the future. Development activities may include classroom training, temporary reassignment, coaching and mentoring, reading books and journals and participating in networking events and seminars.

I’m not sure where your question about influence and power is coming from. Can you explain what you mean?

As for management development programs, these are designed to develop management skills in current and upcoming managers. These can be a combination of classroom training, team building events, psychological profiling and workplace-based projects.

Vicki Heath
From Australia, Melbourne
Training is a step in the long journey that is development. Training is one of the things you do to achieve development.
From India, Ghaziabad
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