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i attended for an interview...
there the interviewer asked me the difference between HR and marketing job........
i said both are like interacting with people then they asked me wat is the differnce in between them???
i had failed to give answer...
so i need you people can help me out regarding this topic..
make me clear differnce between them..
i had some couple of question...
1.difference between hr job and marketing job?
2.why you feel more comfortable in HR job than in marketing job?
3.when the pay is less in HR kind of jobs why you opted for this HR jobs,you can go for marketing kind of job??
4.where the job security is HR related job? or marketing related job????
please people help me out regarding these questions...
i look forward for ur replies.....:icon1:
Thanks and Regards,

From India, Hyderabad

HR and Marketing is not the same but Recruitement and marketing may be same People will more comfortable with clerical jobs (HR) more than marketing...
From India, Madras
1,HR jobs has less risk comparing to marketing jobs,finding right people for the right job is the HR jobs,but finding the right customers for our product is not so easy.And marketing job are probabily target has some risk factor comparing to HR jobs.
2,Those who r searching for office jobs HR is more good.Those who wants to earn more can take marketting jobs
3,Both must have its own risk

From India, Thiruvananthapuram
though HR and marketing have different aspects but still they are interlinked with each if to have a overview..then in both we have to deal with people...for eg:- recruiter needs to hire people then he'll sell his organization to the candidates so that they can be an asset to the co.this is nothing but a of the organization so that candidates like the organization and join it just like a product is liked by a customer and he buys it...
2ndly,HR i.e human is to deal with humans so in this area we do marketing of human resources like within an organization wen we have performance appraisal den also we market our policies so dat employee can be satisfied with the job and stay longer with the organization.
3rdly,marketing is somehow interlinked with our materialistic products which our organization makes...we go outside and market that we have so and so product..we create interest in the minds of the customer...

this what my opinion says...

From India, Delhi
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