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I truly appreciate Sahil for expressing himself honestly at this point of time when the employees and people over the world are mocking Satyam. Its easy to complain and easy to forget what Satyam has offered them all this while.. truly inspiring and absolutely a positive approach.. All the very best Sahil..
From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr.Chandru,

Really a very indepth financial study by you! Good!


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Hi all,

I see a mixed feeling among the employees, investors and public. Some say he has betrayed, some loyalists say he needs help. How could this situation suddenly happen without the knowledge of finance position disclosed in the Annual Generalbody Meeting? As per the news reports, all cash balances are believed to be in suspense or in loop transfer within the holding.

See the turmoils and effects of consequences advised by the modern MBAs who had fudged it. For discussion sake, say, if government has to pump atleast crore, then it is a good signal that companies that are going to fall to hell will also get a help. Why should the government help for the wrong diagnosis of the company head? It has to confiscate and attach the properties at the earliest to fill up the lacuna.

We see on TV that due to illicit arrack selling, people die and go blind. If govt gives compensation to the victims, it is endorses the selling of illicit liquor. Why should the govt take this extra burden in the already dull economy? The Finance/PM has to allot atleast Rs.50,000 crore in anticipation of bailout. The worst thing is that all the 53K employees were kept in dark and given a rosy picture. So it will be apt to bring in fresh ceiling on company investment, transfer of fund to holding companies, restriction on recruitment etc; all these may look akward now. Similar to the Cash Reserve Ratio CRR for every bank with the RBI, the Finance ministry should also impose a sizable deposit on major s/w companies to adjust at the time of catastrophe.

Now there is no room for loyalty or emotional imbalance. As a result of Satyam's act, major ill effcts can be witnessed in another 2-3 months when clients would forcibly withdraw the projects or shelve it with other competitiors also.

Our people are solely responsible for the boost in IT growth and downfall. Hope the economy will see a new turn with salary packages among the IT s/w companies to take a backseat. This is the tip of iceberg. I leave the debates and comments to you.



I do appreciate your open opinion, Bhanu! Good!


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I appreciate Sahil you are very loyal to the organization.

But what about others, the innocent investors in the company even the middle class people also invested their hard earned money buying shares etc.

Donated 12000 crores from his personal pocket, from where he got so much money? when he was having so much of money he would has invested that money for satyam instead of showing losses.

Thru out world people have very bad immpression on India specially Andhra Pradesh.

Even other companies will also suffer.

They have done Forgery (auditors signatures) showed all assests which were duplicate, so much has happened without his notice.

He is so smart that he confess the truth to whole world becuase there is no other go he has branches all over the world.




I do agree with your opinon. your questions are right, i feel.


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Dear Sahil,

I salute your loyalty and love for your employer.

But can i ask something? Who asked Mr Raju to be so careless towards his employees and to have such weak HR ploicies. If he would have been so sharp as you said he would have taken a lesson from rival companies.

He gave employment to average student and gave them ample opportunity to be disloyal. He was too busy in faking his stock holders and so was not able to put the internal systems right. At the expense of stock holders he breaded useless employees( as per your explanation).

Is it necessary to participate in rat race?

Hi Sonal,

I feel, your bold comments are GREAT! Very Great! "Fear Not! Fear Not! Man Dies, but Once - Swami Vivekananda" I bow my head before your national interest!

You are very true that nothing is greater than the nation's good.

You have good understanding of psychology and emotions of people. I love this your statement and must be printed in eternal bronze!

"Anything against the national interest should be abandonned together with a powerful voice. Dont do anything wrong and dont let others do it. Dont tolerate anything wrong or unethical."

Good Thinking!


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Hi to all those who are busy praising the article posted by Mr. sahil,

As I have earlier also said in my post, I abandon the effort of saving Mr. Raju's image.
But what is more disturbing is that today's Indian Youth, most of you, well educated, well set in their respective careers, also support this effort.
We Indians are very emotional by nature. people can easily blackmail us emotionally. Soft targets to emotional appeals. Our movies, our media, ads etc. also reflect this same thing and play upon it too.
We forgive the hero of a bollywood movie for cheating the heroin by faking his identity and status just becoz the bottomline is 'He truely loves her'...

But if you closely interact with the westerners, a major big difference in the cultures is that they have the definitions of wrong and right in place. there is nothing in between. But we have a lot of grey areas. Our judiciary system also rfelects that. We fail to see things in black and white.

If we wish to progress, we must change this attitude. I don't see anybody thinking in the wide interest of the nation here. Unless we, today's Indian youth, don't start relating to the nation's good, nothing will change. stop defending Mr. raju or anyone who has exploited the system. small or big, sin is a sin and sinner has to pay the price. Its people like you who unknowingly forgive and forget things which should not be. Unknowingly we carry this attitude and LET GO EVERYTHING....This Chalta hai attitude is harmful for the progress of our nation.
It is time to stand together against every wrong, small or big, else we will never be able to become a developed nation. we will always be a developing nation.
Anything against the national interest should be abandonned together with a powerful voice.
Dont do anything wrong and dont let others do it. Dont tolerate anything wrong or unethical. We can shape our country only if we take such tough stands against people like Raju.

Satyam was the face of India to the worlds biggest and largest companies, and nations. How can one defend Raju by saying that he did all this to save company's image? Dont' other companies book losses? And why didn't he have guts to overcome those losses in coming future by honest efforts and hardwork? he hired people to create a fake identity. I would not blame the employees who are now at mercy of other companies for their jobs and careers. Of course, those who have exploited the loose company rules deserve the punishment but not all.
higher you go up the ladder, your responsibilities also become greater. You are responsible for thousand s of employees, stake holders, shareholders. What Mr.Raju did is for temporary benefit, he played with so many lives, knowingly. I dont think it is courageous when he addmitted the crime. he did not have any other way to sustain the fraud. he was completely helpless and caught in a situation. What is admitted is true or false is yet to be seen.
He has a past proven record of mal-practices in his previous businesses. And still all of you are supporting and sympathising him? If he would have operated ethically and if company would have suffered due to recession, then I would agree that every employee should have been stood by the company and help it gain ts status. But here the case is completely different.
Please understand, that nothing is greater than the nation's good. I urge you to stop supporting such things if you are really the one who wants India to see progress.

No body is saying that there is anything more important than the nations pride and everybody agrees that Satyam has put a daint to indias IT Industry and a big questionmark on the Corporate Governace as well... BUT as mentioned in the mail written by a satyamite there was a time when it gave employment to numerous students when no company was ready to take students who had backlogs without even taking their talent, knowledge in consideration.... Now if satyamites have joined hands to save their company, their home what is wrong in that... media is doing its work blowing matter out of proportion, satyamites are doing there work joining hands and giving a proof that they will not going to run away atleast at this time(i am sure you will agree that there are readyy made jobs for them in the industry today) other external parties are playing their part probing into the matter finding what is what and ofcourse unveiling our apprehensions... one thing is for sure that he along may not be involved intthe scam and secondly the very statement was given in last to last weeks HT on the satyam article that raju broke the 11th commandment which was thou shall not be caught and WE all broke the 12th Thou believed whatever was shown without knowing the truth ever.. and it is all true... and as regards your post saying defining wrong and right in place so i think life can not be lived in extremes... there has to be a middle way always to live life better.

With due regards to all

From India, New Delhi
You know what ... Am right away sending it to all my network i think This message has all that needed to be shared. Thangappan
From India, Madras
This mail is showing a possitive approach towards the company. Great job Sahil...I think if every employee has such kind of possitive attitute, they can create a new way for thier own and for anybody else to acheive thier goals....and as the situation is going on these days, this approach is very supportive to all.
Thanks & Regards
Piyush Bansal

From India, Delhi
Yeh Sahil, Well said. What you have posted applies not only to Satyam but to every other company . . . God bless Allan Pinto
From India, Pune
Another thought just crossed my mind. Raju is being held accountable for what he has done and maybe that is good. But what about the guys who run this country . . . are they not raping it for their personal benefits? they should also be held accountable
From India, Pune

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