Dear All
I have some confusions regarding per day salary calculation on the basis of 26 days.
salary = 6000
1- how we can calculate when total days of month are 27 without rest days and worked days are 20.
2- how we can calculate when total days of month are 25 without rest days and worked days are 20.
can u please tell me in detail
4th November 2008 From Pakistan, Lahore

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we can not change calculation as per no of working days in a month.in this case feb working days are 24 only.
law says one day salary is calculated by dividing 26 and multiply by no of days office attended.this is applicable if someone is appointed on daily basis .
why u are calculating on daily basis, once u have appointed on monthly basis.
this difference will be there if u will calculate like this.
j s malik
28th February 2009 From India, Delhi
Hello sadiq
In our company we caculate in the following way:
Salary per day = 6000/(No of days in a month(30/31))
* No of days in a month does not depend on the paydays or present days.
For Example:
No of days in a month = 30
Present days = 26
Salary per day = 6000/30 = 200 (i.e 200*26 = 5200)
Monthly Salary = 6000*(26/30) = 5200 (same as above)
28th February 2009 From India, Mumbai
Dear Sadiq,
In my opinion, wheh we appoint an employee on monthly basis then we are to divide the monthly gross salary by 30 for deducting one day wages as month means 30 days & other reason is that we are also paying weekly off days of the month. While in case of daily wages we do not pay wages for weekly off days & hence we divide wages p m by 26 days. Thus we pay daily wages only for the days an employee works in the month. In this way we also enforce Minimum Wages Act by giving weekly holiday with wages in both the cases.
Submitted as requested by you.
R N Khola

Skylark associates, Gurgaon
9th March 2009 From India, Delhi
hi to calculate monthly salary suppose the is of 30 days then total number of working days + total rest in that month. example suppose A 's salary is 6000 and is present for the month 26 days and 4 rest days are theer as per his shift schedule . then salary will be calculated as6000*(total days present i.e 30/30(total days in a month).
if for Audit purpose you need 1 day salary then (6000*1/30)
hope it will solve your problem.

9th March 2009 From India, Delhi
How to calculate salary per month of "31" days and How to calculate salary per month of "30" days and, My doubt have any changes of salary calculation no of days in month 31/30
9th September 2015 From Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
Sir, I've got a query, I am working as HR Executive under payrolling in Hyderabad. I have aroung 50 manpower whose salary is to be disbursed on 26 days cycle. i.e monthly wages divided by 26. In the Month of March after removing week-offs total days no. of days worked by all our employees is 26 Days + 1 Public Holiday total no. days is 27 days. Now how to calculate Salary in this case?
Please send me reply to as well Sir.
JRK Prasad
10th April 2016 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Sirs,
Please update about the query of Mr. JRK Prasad. Is calculation made on working days ( Deduct Weekly off + Public Holidays) or other formula.
Please send valuable feedback.
Thanks in advance
Gaurav Shukla
9th February 2017 From India, Delhi
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