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i am working as HR in an IT company for the last few months, which consist of 30 staff. In our company we have implemented attendance finger print machine in which each employee should mark attendance whever they walk in and out of the premise. But there are few staff who always forget or may be purposefully ignore this marking ,as a result i need to enter their time manually which is really an extra work for me. If its once or thrice in a month then it wont b a problem but they are repeating more than 10 days in a month. I reported this to my reporting officer and even send mail to those staff who is violating this rule. But still the same ,they haven't changed a bit.The reason they are saying that they are forgetting to mark the attendance.
Please advice me what measures can be taken to solve this issue. Everyday i am doing manual entry for this guys.

From India, Thiruvananthapuram
P Ramachandran
Hr & Administrative Manager
Hr-manager, Trainer, Writer
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Babita Luthra
Hr Manager

Joseph J

Dear Nancy,
You have mentioned that a process is in place. This is the automated system.
If this process is in place why are you still following an alternative, manual process?
The best way to build on processes is to take it to its logical conclusion. Either to its complete success or to its complete failure.
But if you duplicate the process, or provide an alternate process then please remember you have already stated that the original process has failed....and therefore must be removed.
Talk to your head, and enable those in charge to witness the pain of non compliance to a process......
hope this helped

From India, Kochi
Thanks Joseph......i would like to know it possible to attach any points/bonus (which can be encashed or can be added to performance appraisal) for the:icon1: attendance inorder to make the process effective.

From India, Thiruvananthapuram
27 viewed and only one reply.............................please HR's help me out...............i would like to know about attcahing any points or bonus along with the attendance which can later on can be encashed or can be added as a bonus points in performance appraisal.................
PLEASE REPLY.............:huh::(:(:?:

From India, Thiruvananthapuram
well I don’t think you need to attach any bonus for a smooth functioning of a company policy....instead you should just accelerate the issue and inform your seniors about it....and if it does not work...mark him absent on the days when he does not put his attendance instead of altering the policy...and before doing alll this just circulate a formal mail on the same


Hi Nancy,
These are some of the areas which gives repeated headache for the HR depts especially in IT companies....As Joseph suggested the process has to be followed in complete details for the defined purpose. As you are aware, these so called people just trying to fool you by saying that they always forget to log in/out...may be just judging your abilities in dealing with such tricks for future "gimmicks" cool...make a list of such habitual "amnesia's" with details of date and time and put in the Notice board....i think within a month you will see a positive result...
As far as attaching any incentives alongwith a mandatory company policy is not a good any case these weekness can be reflected in the performance apprisal..
All the best

From India, Kochi
Hi, I have experience in this and what I can suggest is, you may out with this report and email out to the sections head concern and they must get the manager approval, without the manager approval you may warn them by issuing warning letter if repeated.
From Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Well being team having small member you can do lots of activities from HR side related to employee relation. What i felt your approach towadrs your employee has to positive and HR is there to help them in any way.......Frist you need to change your approach well that would lead to a drastic change i guess!!
From India, Pune
M.Peer Mohamed Sardhar


1) Send a reminder mail.

If still not done

2) Send warning Mail

if Still not done

3) Mark them absent for a single day and make them work

If still not done

4) Mark them absent for three days and Deduct the salary

If still not done

5) Send a Memo

If still not done

6) Send a warning letter for indiscipline

If still not done

7) Send a letter seeking explanation why he/she can't be terminated

If still done

8) Send a Termination Letter

From India, Coimbatore
Action gives no result it gives only termination...... Be positive and approach positive results into result....
From India, Pune
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