I am new to the admin field. Can some one please guide me regarding the growth oppurtunities in admin field starting from the smallest position to the topmost designation. Thanks in advance.
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Hi Mehman,
There have been various definitions of growth in Admin fields. What sort of growth are you talking about.
One is growth in position like becoming an AM from an Executive, Manager from an AM etc.
The other growth is Monetary growth. Admin People maintain cordial relations with their vendors and make lots of money in the process.
I am not saying all are like this but most of them that I have come across.
The bottom line is everybody is here to make money and I also dont see any harm in utilising your position to a good effect.

From India, Gurgaon

Dear all,
I am working in an organization, in my firm the policies are different from other concerns. I need to know the policies of the company. Is that good or correct for me to ask the company about their policies (atleast employee policies) else I have to prepare official letter to obtain the policies of the company.
Please help me regarding to this. If I would have known the policies,I can serve to my company in a better way.

From India, Bangalore

HI Auroace,
I am looking at growth in terms of designation for e.g say you start as an executive move on to AM then a Mgr then a AGM and sono.
Would you be able to tell me the growth in terms of desginations.

From India, Pune
:?:I am new to the HR field. Can some one please guide me regarding the growth oppurtunities in dis field.
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From India, New Delhi
Hi Mehman, i think this will help u Executive Sr. executive Astt manager Dept.Manager Manager Sr. Manager DGM GM VP president now the corpoarte concept ..Corporate-HR and Head-HR Thnx Hima
From India, Delhi

Hi Kumar,
It is the right of an every employee to know the policy of the organization. Policies are set to be followed. Unless and until employees are not aware then what is the use of those policies formed.
Explaining about the policies of the organization is a part of Induction program. I wonder how come ur HR has actually not done that so far. You better mail ur hr for the details ASAP.

From India, New Delhi
ashish tyagi
Hi Mehman, i think this will help u Executive Sr. executive Dy. manager Asst.Manager Manager Sr. Manager AGM GM VP president/ Chairman


Dear Mehman,
As desired by you, I would like to give you hereunder the hierarchical administrative positions (From Top 2 Bottom) in any organization.

Here is the Administrative designations

1) President / Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Chairman.
2) Vice-Presidents (VP).
3) Executive Director (ED).
4) Director (Deptt.-wise).
5) C- level Executives.
( E.g. Chief Operating Officer (COO) / Chief Financial Officer (CFO) /
Chief Security Officer (CSO) / Chief Information Officer (CIO) /
Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) etc.)
6) Chief General Manager (CGM).
7) General Manager (GM).
8) Joint General Manager (JGM).
9) Dy. General Manager (DGM).
10) Asst. General Manager (AGM).
11) Sr. Manager.
12) Manager.
13) Dy. Manager.
14) Asst. Manager.
15) Executive.
16) Sr. Executive.
17) Jr. Executive.

If anyone having any suggestion (s) / clarification (s) in respect of the above are always welcome. Thanks & all wishes to you.

Biswajit Pani,
E-mail Id. : [IMG] ==[/IMG]

From India, Bhubaneswar


Find below the Job responsibilities of Admin

Maintenance & record of office Stationary
Cleanliness of office equipments & premises, House keeping
Dealing with travel agents for ticketing (Domestic & international)
Sourcing and negotiating with the vendors to get the best possible quotations.
Renewal of contracts, AMC of contracts, Bills verification, Bills certification, Followup of Bills.
Forwarding details of all expenses to the Accounts department
Coordinate with Accounts department for various payments to vendors
Purchasing stationary and other materials for office
Security, A/C, Fire Fighting and Electrical maintenance
Regular physical verification of office assets.
Dealing with Hotel Accommodation whenever there is a visit.
Ensuring that the workplace is safe and secure environment. Conducting safety inspection and maintaining safety records.
Responsible for the VISA processing of the employees.
Responsible for cost reduction on monthly expenses.
Submitting various monthly / weekly admin reports to the management.

Incase required u can even add few more as per ur requirement. Hope it is useful for u

From India, New Delhi
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